‘F***ing explain!’: Eddie Jones hit with X-rated rant from ex-Australia star after loss to Fiji

‘F***ing explain!’: Eddie Jones hit with X-rated rant from ex-Australia star after loss to Fiji

Former Australia wing Drew Mitchell has launched an X-rated tirade against Wallabies boss Eddie JonesRugby World Cup plans.

Mitchell took aim at former England boss Jones’ selection policy with the Wallabies in danger of not reaching the quarter-finals for the first time in World Cup history.

The 39-year-old’s foul-mouthed salvo might have struck Jones, but also caught Fiji in the crossfire.

Mitchell lambasted Australia for losing to Fiji, in Sunday’s 22-15 defeat in St Etienne – only to cop criticism from Flying Fijians head coach Simon Raiwalui.

While 71-cap former Wallaby Mitchell questioned Jones’ decision to omit veterans Quade Cooper and Michael Hooper from his World Cup ranks, Fiji wound up as collateral damage in the rant.

Raiwalui represented Fiji but was raised in Australia, and quickly admonished Mitchell on social media for his “condescending” remarks.

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“Let’s not take away from the fact that Fiji played really well, but let’s also not take away from the fact that we f****** shouldn’t have lost to Fiji,” Mitchell told The Good, The Bad and the Rugby Australia podcast.

“Eddie sits there and goes ‘it’s my fault I take full responsibility’, what the f*** does that mean though? He doesn’t get dropped this week. He’s not not coaching next week. It’s just like an empty f****** line in a press conference. ‘Yeah I take full responsibility’, what does that equate to? Nothing.

You’ve made some glaring decisions around Quade, around Michael Hooper. Like, f****** explain some of these decisions to us. Because as fans we’re all sitting here scratching our heads, and a lot of the time we can sit there and defend Eddie or the Wallabies because we can understand logic in some of these decisions.

“But there’s none of it. And he’s sat there, and he’s not actually given any explanation as to why Quade’s not there, why Michael Hooper’s not there. He’s said it was because Michael Hooper was injured. Other guys are injured though, so that’s a redundant point.

“Why the f*** have you not selected Michael Hooper, Quade Cooper. Come out and actually tell us as fans, why have you not picked these guys. Because now we’re seeing the result of you not picking some of these guys.”

Australia will face Wales in Lyon on Sunday in a do-or-die clash in Pool C.

Fiji are right in the mix for quarter-final qualification, with their win over the Wallabies moving them ahead of Jones’ side in the World Rugby rankings. The Pacific Islanders toppled England 30-22 at Twickenham on August 26, and boast a talented, focused and dangerous playing squad.

Jones regularly shouldered the full burden of defeats across the acrimonious end to his seven-year stint as England boss last year. The tactic wore thin with England and those commenting on the Red Rose side, and yet no one saw fit to loosen their tongue in quite the same way as Mitchell’s unfettered podcast whine.

Jones has repeatedly justified his selections as looking to build for the Wallabies’ future, in a bid to fast-track experience into a squad with one eye on the 2027 World Cup that will be held in Australia.

While that rationale clearly does not hold water with Mitchell, the former Toulon wing’s comments have been met with a withering dismissal by Fiji boss Raiwalui.

Raiwalui posted on X: “...We f****** shouldn’t have lost to Fiji” and why is that?

“Let’s not take away from the fact that Fiji played really well, greatest day in Fiji Rugby, nothing against Fiji’s performance, but, but, but.

“It starts to get a little condescending. Do our young men deserve that?”

Mitchell was quick to defuse any animosity by replying to Raiwalui.

Fiji will look for the last laugh by chasing wins over Georgia and Portugal that could propel them to the last eight.

In the meantime, in their Australian-Fijian boss, the Pacific Islanders have a leader who will not stand for any nonsense. And that can only be for the good of the world game.