F1 Miami Grand Prix results: Lando Norris takes first career F1 win over Max Verstappen; full results

Norris is finally a winner after 110 career starts in Formula 1

In a race run around a football stadium, Lando Norris utilized a hail-mary strategy and some timely yellow to claim his maiden F1 victory. This came after he set a rather dubious record of 15 career podium finishes without a win – the most ever.

Norris’ McLaren was rapid on the medium compound tire all weekend and when the team opted to leave him out much longer than the tire’s recommended operating window, a timely safety car allowed him to pit from the lead and not lose it.

Max Verstappen had the race well in hand prior to Logan Sargeant’s crash on lap 29 brought out the safety car. Verstappen had just pitted and would have re-inherited the lead after all pit stops had cycled through. But since the field has to reduce speed once the safety car is called for, Norris was able to duck into the pits, not lose as much time as normal racing conditions, and retain the lead.

Norris got a great launch when the race resumed on lap 33 and gradually pulled out a 8-second gap to Verstappen by the time the race ended.

  1. Lando Norris (4), McLaren-Mercedes

  2. Max Verstappen (1), Red Bull-Honda RBPT

  3. Charles Leclerc (16), Ferrari

  4. Carlos Sainz (55), Ferrari

  5. Sergio Perez (11), Red Bull-Honda RBPT

  6. Lewis Hamilton (44), Mercedes

  7. Yuki Tsunoda (22), RB-Honda RBPT

  8. George Russell (63), Mercedes

  9. Fernando Alonso (14), Aston Martin-Mercedes

  10. Esteban Ocon (31), Alpine-Renault

  11. Nico Hülkenberg, (27), Haas-Ferrari

  12. Pierre Gasly (10), Alpine-Renault

  13. Lance Stroll (18), Aston Martin-Mercedes

  14. Zhou Guanyu (24), Kick Sauber-Ferrari

  15. Daniel Ricciardo (3), RB-Honda RBPT

  16. Oscar Piastri (81), McLaren-Mercedes

  17. Valtteri Bottas (77), Kick Sauber-Ferrari

  18. Kevin Magnussen (20), Haas-Ferrari

  19. Alexander Albon (23), Williams-Mercedes

Not classified: Logan Sargeant (2), Williams-Mercedes

  • Lando Norris, race winner, has arrived

  • Scary Max Verstappen face

    This feels like a million years ago TBH...

  • After Lando dropped the F-bomb...

  • Lando stage-dives into the McLaren crew

    And now he's crowd-surfing. This is amazing.

  • More Lando in-car quotes

    "I knew it. I knew it walking in today. It was a day full of opportunity (voice breaks)."

    "Thanks, mom. Thanks, dad. This one is for Grandma."

  • Lando Norris: 'I love you all. I love you all. WE DID IT!'

    This is going to be a very popular win in the paddock and emotional celebration on the podium.

  • Methinks McLaren's social media team was ready for this

  • Maiden win for Lando Norris!

  • Official timings

  • Lewis Hamilton: 'If you have any power, give it to me!'

    The seven-time world champion WANTS to reel in Sergio Perez for P5. Gap is down to .8s

  • Everything's coming up Lando

  • Disaster for Oscar Piastri

    He's overtaken by two cars (Perez, Hamilton) in one corner and now has wing damage and has to pit for a replacement.

  • Max Verstappen: 'I can't turn the car'

    The Red Bull man is complaining of understeer. He continues to gradually lose tenths to Lando Norris, who leads by 2.7s with 17 to go

  • Lando Norris' gap is 2.2s

    He leads Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc with 21 laps to go

  • Carlos Sainz is furious

  • Norris gets a good launch

    He's pulled a 1.2s gap after the first lap

  • Norris has the advantage

    Lando has six-lap fresher tires than Max Verstappen, so if he gets a good launch from this safety car (which he has full control of), he could be in prime position for his maiden F1 win.

  • Kevin Magnussen is summoned by the stewards

    After yesterday's three-penalty performance, don't expect this to be a friendly chat. He's been all over the place all weekend.

  • Lando Norris

  • 🤦‍♂️

    If Ferrari didn't have bad luck they wouldn't have any at all

  • This cannot be better for current leader Lando Norris

  • Verstappen pits from the lead on lap 23

    He's stationary for just 2.2s to bolt on the hard tirand releases back into the pack in P4 ahead of Leclerc


    The VSC is called on lap 23 to allow a race marshal to retrieve the bollard and quickly deactivated

  • Verstappen hits a bollard!

    He has to leave the track in the Turn 13 chicane and takes out a cone.

  • Lando Norris: 'I'll go get him'

    After being told to focus on taking on the Ferraris, the young Brit sounds game to attack Carlos Sainz in P4

  • Charles Leclerc making gains on Oscar Piastri

    Leclerc just turned the fastest lap of the race and has pulled within DRS range of Piastri in P2

  • Max Verstappen is being told to push

    He holds a three-second gap to Oscar Piastri on lap 16

  • Full running order

  • Alex Albon is first to pit

    He swaps a set of mediums for the hard tire on lap 11.

  • Oscar Piastri has the fastest lap so far

    That's the good news. The bad news is Max Verstappen is maintaining about a 2.9s gap.

  • After 10/57 laps

    1. Verstappen

    2. Piastri

    3. Leclerc

    4. Sainz

    5. Perez

    6. Norris

    7. Hamilton

    8. Hülkenberg

    9. Russell

    10. Tsunoda

  • This is how close Perez came to taking out Verstappen, et al

  • Uh-oh

  • Oscar Piastri to P2!

    With DRS aid, Piastri gets around Charles Leclerc's Ferrari in the hairpin at Turn 17 and has already pulled a gap on Leclerc and Carlos Sainz. The McLarens were rapid in the sprint and grand prix qualifying sessions on these medium tires.

  • Nico Hülkenberg overtakes Lewis Hamilton

    A Haas Ferrari and Sir Lewis? That was spicy yesterday!

  • Oscar Piastri is on the move

    Up three spots to P3 nearly two laps in. Fernando Alonso, a bit farther down the order has also made three passes, he runs P13.

  • Dream start for Max Verstappen

    His Red Bull teammate overcooked it into turn 1 coming all the way across the racing line, effectively creating a barrier to the rest of the field. Though, he did almost clip Verstappen, which would've been a nightmare. He's already up 1.2s out of DRS range.

  • ⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️ LIGHTS OUT

    "And away we go!"

  • Formation lap is underway

    Just a couple minutes till lights out.

  • Sky (notably) did not televise driver introductions

    After all LL Cool J's version was widely panned last year, perhaps that was a tactical choice.

  • Former president Donald Trump leaves the grid

  • Almost time...

  • Marc Anthony is your national anthem singer 🇺🇸

    Doesn't get much more Miami than that.

  • Drivers trying to stay cool

    Nearly every driver lined up for introductions has some sort of a cooling vest or towel draped around them. It's scorchingly hot in Miami, temperatures in the upper 80s.

  • Mario Andretti pleads his case

    The American racing legend talked with Martin Brundle about Andretti Autosports' ongoing saga with the F1 and its current teams.

    "Our intention is to be on the grid in 2026. ... Come to Silverstone, we'll show you we're ready."

  • Fred Vasseur hints at Turn 1 fireworks

    The Ferrari boss wants to be in front of Max Verstappen at the end of lap 1.

  • Mercedes prank Brundle

    As he was inspecting and describing the exhaust system of an F1 car, the Merc mechanics make it backfire.

    "It's a good thing it hit my knee and nothing else!"

  • Camila Cabello is Brundle's first guest

    "I'm addicted, I love it, I need to come back."

    She also says she's a Lewis Hamilton fan.

  1. Max Verstappen (1), Red Bull-Honda RBPT

  2. Charles Leclerc (16), Ferrari

  3. Carlos Sainz (55), Ferrari

  4. Sergio Perez (11), Red Bull-Honda RBPT

  5. Lando Norris (4), McLaren-Mercedes

  6. Oscar Piastri (81), McLaren-Mercedes

  7. George Russell (63), Mercedes

  8. Lewis Hamilton (44), Mercedes

  9. Nico Hülkenberg, (27), Haas-Ferrari

  10. Yuki Tsunoda (22), RB-Honda RBPT

  11. Lance Stroll (18), Aston Martin-Mercedes

  12. Pierre Gasly (10), Alpine-Renault

  13. Esteban Ocon (31), Alpine-Renault

  14. Alexander Albon (23), Williams-Mercedes

  15. Fernando Alonso (14), Aston Martin-Mercedes

  16. Valtteri Bottas (77), Kick Sauber-Ferrari

  17. Logan Sargeant (2), Williams-Mercedes

  18. Kevin Magnussen (20), Haas-Ferrari

  19. Zhou Guanyu (24), Kick Sauber-Ferrari

  20. Daniel Ricciardo (3), RB-Honda RBPT

Formula 1 makes its first of three visits to the United States this weekend as it takes over the Hard Rock Stadium complex for the third-ever Miami Grand Prix. Red Bull’s Max Verstappen has won each of the first two runnings of this race en route to two of his three world championships and again enters as the overwhelming favorite.

Here’s what to know ahead of the Miami Grand Prix race weekend:

All times Eastern

Friday, May 3
12:25-1:30 p.m.: Free practice 1 (ESPN, F1TV)
4:25-5:15 p.m.: Sprint qualifying (ESPN, F1TV)

Saturday, May 4
11:55 a.m.-1 p.m.: Sprint (ESPN, F1TV)
3:55-5 p.m.: Qualifying (ESPN, F1TV)

Sunday, May 5
2:30-3:55 p.m.: Pre-race show (ESPN, F1TV)
3:55-6 p.m.: Miami Grand Prix (ABC, F1TV)

Track: Miami International Autodrome (Miami Gardens, Florida), 3.36-mile, 19-turn temporary street circuit
Length: 57 laps for 191.58 miles
Lap record: 1:29.708s (Max Verstappen, Red Bull, 2023)
Tire compounds: C2 (Hard), C3 (Medium), C4 (Soft)

(Courtesy of Pirelli)
(Courtesy of Pirelli)

Max Verstappen is statistically in the midst of the most individually dominant era in the history of F1. Since the beginning of the 2022 season he has won an incredible 38 of 49 races. That inevitability is reflected in BetMGM’s odds for the Miami Grand Prix.

Verstappen has a staggering -550 moneyline, meaning a $100 bet would yield only $18.18 in winnings. The next best odds belong Verstappen’s teammate Sergio Pérez at +800, which is eight dollars won for every dollar wagered. For comparison’s sake, last year Verstappen entered the weekend at -200, while Pérez was +300.

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - MAY 07: Oracle Red Bull Racing Honda driver Max Verstappen #1 enters turn 1 during the running of the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix at Miami International Autodrome in Miami Gardens, FL. (Photo by Jeff Robinson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
Max Verstappen has won each of the first two races at the Miami International Autodrome. (Photo by Jeff Robinson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Best odds to win
Max Verstappen (-550)
Sergio Pérez (+800)
Charles Leclerc (+1600)
Carlos Sainz (+1600)
Lando Norris (+1600)

  1. Max Verstappen (1), Red Bull-Honda RBPT

  2. Charles Leclerc (16), Ferrari

  3. Sergio Perez (11), Red Bull-Honda RBPT

  4. Daniel Ricciardo (3), RB-Honda RBPT

  5. Carlos Sainz (55), Ferrari

  6. Oscar Piastri (81), McLaren-Mercedes

  7. Nico Hülkenberg, (27), Haas-Ferrari

  8. Yuki Tsunoda (22), RB-Honda RBPT

  9. Pierre Gasly (10), Alpine-Renault

  10. Logan Sargeant (2), Williams-Mercedes

  11. Zhou Guanyu (24), Kick Sauber-Ferrari

  12. George Russell (63), Mercedes

  13. Alexander Albon (23), Williams-Mercedes

  14. Valtteri Bottas (77), Kick Sauber-Ferrari

  15. Esteban Ocon (31), Alpine-Renault

  16. Lewis Hamilton (44), Mercedes

  17. Fernando Alonso (14), Aston Martin-Mercedes

  18. Kevin Magnussen (20), Haas-Ferrari

  19. Lance Stroll (18), Aston Martin-Mercedes

  20. Lando Norris (4), McLaren-Mercedes

Max Verstappen (1), Red Bull-Honda RBPT
Sergio Pérez (11), Red Bull-Honda RBPT
Charles Leclerc (16), Ferrari
Carlos Sainz (55), Ferrari
Lewis Hamilton (44), Mercedes
George Russell (63), Mercedes
Pierre Gasly (10), Alpine-Renault
Esteban Ocon (31), Alpine-Renault
Lando Norris (4), McLaren-Mercedes
Oscar Piastri (81), McLaren-Mercedes
Zhou Guanyu (24), Kick Sauber-Ferrari
Valtteri Bottas (77), Kick Sauber-Ferrari
Fernando Alonso (14), Aston Martin-Mercedes
Lance Stroll (18), Aston Martin-Mercedes
Kevin Magnussen (20), Haas-Ferrari
Nico Hülkenberg, (27), Haas-Ferrari
Daniel Ricciardo (3), RB-Honda RBPT
Yuki Tsunoda (22), RB-Honda RBPT
Logan Sargeant (2), Williams-Mercedes
Alexander Albon (23), Williams-Mercedes

The forecast calls for hot, muggy conditions with better than a 50 percent chance of rain on Saturday and Sunday. The tarmac for the Miami Grand Prix already provides very low grip, so the combination of high temperatures, a slick track and mid-range tires could potentially make for some exciting racing.