Fantasy Football: Top-12 rankings in early look at first round of 2023 drafts

Each of our analysts reveal their early looks at the first round of 2023 fantasy football drafts and explain the player who is most likely to change from their list between now and peak draft season.

While there is plenty of debate among our analysts how the first round should play out, there was unanimous consent that Minnesota Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson is the No. 1 player on each of their draft boards heading into the season.

Let's get to how each of our analysts rank their top-12 players for 2023 drafts.

Offseason will dictate running back landscape

1) Justin Jefferson, 2) Austin Ekeler, 3) Christian McCaffrey, 4) Cooper Kupp, 5) Tyreek Hill, 6) Jonathan Taylor, 7) Travis Kelce, 8) Stefon Diggs, 9) Davante Adams, 10) Ja'Marr Chase, 11) Josh Jacobs, 12) Saquon Barkley.

I'm pretty thrilled we don't have to actually draft a 2023 fantasy roster right at this moment, because I have almost no idea what to do with Jacobs (or Barkley, or Tony Pollard) as he heads into free agency. But what I can tell you without hesitation is that nothing about the season he just completed was fluky. Jacobs is absolutely one of the best backs in the game and a rushing crown was always well within his range of outcomes. He's been a missed-tackle machine since he entered the league and he won't turn 25 until February. If he finds the right landing spot, he can jump several spots up my draft board. — Andy Behrens

Josh Jacobs' landing spot in free agency will play a big part in his fantasy appeal next season. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Getty Images)
Josh Jacobs' landing spot in free agency will play a big part in his fantasy appeal next season. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Getty Images) (Jeff Bottari via Getty Images)

Pollard could have first-round appeal

1) Justin Jefferson 2) Christian McCaffrey 3) Cooper Kupp 4) Davante Adams 5) Jonathan Taylor 6) Austin Ekeler 7) Tyreek Hill 8) Stefon Diggs 9) CeeDee Lamb 10) Ja’Marr Chase 11) Tony Pollard 12) Breece Hall

The Cowboys would need to opt out of Ezekiel Elliott’s contract for Pollard to become a first rounder, but he might vault into the Top 10 if that comes to fruition. Josh Jacobs could obviously enter the mix depending on where he signs, and Saquon Barkley is right there too. — Dalton Del Don

Kupp comes with some risk

1) Justin Jefferson, 2) Christian McCaffrey, 3) Austin Ekeler, 4) Ja'Marr Chase, 5) A.J. Brown, 6) Stefon Diggs, 7) Tyreek Hill, 8) Travis Kelce, 9) Cooper Kupp, 10) CeeDee Lamb, 11) Jonathan Taylor, 12) Tony Pollard, 13) Breece Hall, 14) Davante Adams

Kupp broke football for a year and a half, but an ankle injury cost him two months and Matthew Stafford is coming off a terrible age-34 season. Is Sean McVay going to hang around? Could a new coach fix the seemingly-broken Rams? Every January I whisper to myself "draft younger players." Kupp could easily smash his 2023 ADP, but I don't blame anyone who'd rather go younger at the non-quarterback positions. — Scott Pianowski

Willing to trust two veterans with QB questions

1) Justin Jefferson 2) Austin Ekeler 3) Christian McCaffrey 4) Stefon Diggs 5) Tyreek Hill 6) Cooper Kupp 7) CeeDee Lamb 8 ) Derrick Henry 9) Ja’Marr Chase 10) Jonathan Taylor 11) Davante Adams 12) Travis Kelce

I’ll go with Davante Adams here because he’s the only wideout in my list who doesn’t have a quarterback paired for 2023. I’m assuming, perhaps foolishly, that Tua Tagovailoa is a lock to play next season. Adams has the ability to lead all RB/WR players in points next season if paired with a high-end starting quarterback. He didn’t lose an inch off his own ability last year and actually got more high-value targets than he did in Green Bay. Also, looks like I’m the only boomer here who still has Derrick Henry top-12. I’m hard-pressed to see a scenario where he isn’t the focal point of the Titans offense once again in 2023. But he probably deserves an honorable mention here as someone whose value could crater if Tennessee has a bad offseason. — Matt Harmon