Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher explain what must change for Arsenal to win a title

Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville
The Sky Sports duo reckon it could be a waiting game for Arsenal -Credit:YouTube/Sky Sports Premier League

Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher both think Arsenal might need to wait for Pep Guardiola's departure from Manchester City before winning the Premier League title.

Despite a valiant effort, Arsenal's hopes of ending their 20-year drought seem to be fading after City's victory over Tottenham Hotspur put them two points clear at the summit with just one game left. History is not on the Gunners' side, as no team has ever failed to win the league from such a commanding position at this stage.

With City poised to claim an unprecedented fourth consecutive title under Guardiola's leadership, the consensus between the Sky Sports pundits is that patience may be key for Arsenal's aspirations. On The Gary Neville Podcast, the former Manchester United defender pondered the path forward for the Gunners, saying: "You think 'what is the only way for Arsenal?'"

Reflecting on missed opportunities, Neville highlighted the significance of Arsenal's failure to defeat City, stating: "When they didn't beat City I thought it was probably a moment where you could've damaged them, you've got to do something spectacular. And that's easier said than done."

Carragher chimed in, pointing to the 2-0 home loss to Aston Villa as a critical setback, reports the Mirror. To which Neville agreed, remarking: "Everyone will go for the Villa game and rightly so, but in a normal run in you may have one mistake.

"I just look at it and think do they have to wait for Pep Guardiola to leave in the next year or two? Or do they just have to somehow get that extra two points from somewhere? But you can't talk about that because Arsenal have been amazing this season, the amount of points they've amassed is fantastic."

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Liverpool legend Carragher weighed in on Arsenal's title chase, suggesting that wage bills also play a major part. He praised Arteta's work, saying: "I think that's an interesting point because the job Mikel Arteta's done is absolutely fantastic.

"He's spent a lot of money but the biggest indicator of where someone finishes in the league is the wage bill. And when you look at the wage bill of Man City, and Liverpool, they're not far behind, compared to Arsenal's it's a massive gulf and that more often than not decides where the Premier League title goes."

The pundit also touched upon the potential need for Arsenal to bide their time, adding: "You might have a situation where you have to wait for Pep Guardiola to go, but if Mikel Arteta doesn't win anything again next season that might be four seasons without any trophy.

"But for me, I'd almost think 'he's a top manager, we know we've got one of the best, we might have to wait until Pep goes. Don't do anything silly, don't panic. This guy knows what he's doing'. We've seen that in the last couple of years. You've just got to hang on in there."