Gay gymnast Sam Phillips wows at the NCAA championship and pushes for more inclusion

sam phillips gay gymnast NCAA championships
sam phillips gay gymnast NCAA championships

Being the only openly gay male athlete at the University of Nebraska can be a daunting and isolating experience. But gymnast Sam Phillips knows just how important it is to be that voice of representation leaning into his position as a positive role model for younger gay athletes.

During Pride Month 2023, Phillips addressed this in an interview with Nebraska Today, where he said, “It’s so, so important to be a positive influence in this world that currently has lots of intolerance and ignorance producing hateful actions… I choose to be a lighthouse for those younger than me but also those next to me who aren’t ready to come out and live their lives on this lit-up stage.”

Last weekend, Phillips took his voice of representation one step further at the NCAA championships in Fort Worth, Texas, where the Nebraska Huskers finished fourth overall. Phillips finished seventh on the high bar and eighth in the overall competition. During the entire meet, he wore a Pride Flag pin to remind everyone of his stance on inclusion.

A few weeks ago, the Huskers’ outing at the Big Ten Championships in Columbus, Ohio, ended in a letdown. They'd entered the tournament as the number 1 seed but ultimately lost out to the Michigan Wolverines, who secured their fourth crown in a row.

Phillips stepped up to the plate as team captain to help his team impress the judges over the weekend. This championship closed out his time at the University of Nebraska, ending his college career on a high note.

Perhaps this will increase his chances of representing Team USA at the 2024 Paris Olympics. Team trials and selection take place from June 27-30, one month before the Olympics kick off.

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