Golfers interrupted by a stampede of kangaroos that ‘went forever’

Some Australian golfers were forced to step aside and allow a stampede of kangaroos to run down their fairway, through sand traps and over the green in an encounter that seemed to last forever.

“Look at this,” Stephen Roche said as he began filming the amazing sight. “It’s a stampede. It is a fair dinkum stampede.”

The unusual interruption occurred Monday on the fourth hole of the St John course at the Heritage Golf and Country Club northeast of Melbourne. Roche posted video of the encounter on X.

Michael McCarthy shot video of the same encounter from a different angle, stating on X, “Felt like it went forever.”

Sure, kangaroos are common on Australian golf courses, but in these numbers?

“We have kangaroos on our two courses at Heritage Golf and Country Club,” Roche wrote on X. “But I’ve never seen this before.”

Someone asked if the kangaroos were tough on the greens. Roche replied, “Surprisingly no. Soft-footed animal. The only sign of them is footprints in bunkers.”


Story originally appeared on For The Win