Good Doctor Kills Off [Spoiler] in Final Season Twist

The Good Doctor suffered a major loss Tuesday.

Promos for Season 7, Episode 5 promised a “heart-stopping moment” — and boy, did it deliver. In the closing moments of “Who At Peace,” Noah Galvin‘s Dr. Asher Wolke was beaten to death in an antisemitic attack, as his boyfriend Jerome sat a nearby restaurant, waiting to propose.

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The scene in question came at the tail end of an episode that saw Asher reconnect to his Judaism. After assisting in his patient’s wedding ceremony, Dr. Wolke drove Rabbi Benjamin back to his synagogue, which had been desecrated by a pair of vandals. Asher told them to go and there wouldn’t be a problem.

When one of the assailants deduced that Asher was Jewish, the surgeon responded, “I am a Jew. A gay one, in fact, and I’m calling the cops.” He held his phone up to show that he’d already dialed 9-1-1, and the thugs went on their way.

<cite>Jeff Weddell/Disney</cite>
Jeff Weddell/Disney

That seemed to be the end of it. Rabbi Benjamin told Asher he’d call security, and told the doctor to “go get engaged.” They shook hands, and Asher walked back in the direction of his car, alone. That’s when the vandals reemerged. They snuck up behind Asher and struck a fatal blow to his head.

By the time Rabbi Benjamin found him, he was already dead.

<cite>Jeff Weddell/Disney</cite>
Jeff Weddell/Disney

The harrowing hour closed on the following title card:

If you or anyone you know has experienced antisemitism, racism, anti-LGBTQ+ related incidents or hate crimes, or if you want to learn more about what you can do to stop hate, please visit

Asher’s demise comes at the midway point of The Good Doctor’s abbreviated final season. Its 10-episode farewell run resumes on Tuesday, April 9, with Episode 6, wherein “the team must deal with a mass casualty event that forces them to put aside their emotions following a recent tragedy.” You can watch a promo below:

Galvin joined The Good Doctor in Season 4. Asher, an atheist with a God complex who left the Hasidic community at age 18, was one of six newbies introduced that season, along with Bria Samoné Henderson’s Dr. Jordan Allen. The pair was elevated to series-regular status for Season 5.

<cite>Jeff Weddell/Disney</cite>
Jeff Weddell/Disney

Asher began a relationship with St. Bonaventure nurse Jerome (played by recurring guest star Giacomo Baessato) during Season 5. Tuesday’s episode marked the second anniversary of their first date, on which Jerome intended to propose.

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