Graeme Souness clashes with radio colleagues as Rangers hero insists they're NOT miles behind Celtic

Graeme Souness has argued Rangers are NOT miles behind Celtic sparking a back-and-forth with Jim White and Simon Jordan

The Light Blues lost their latest derby at the weekend to essentially hand Celtic the title which is now seen as a formality. It means they've failed to win an Old Firm clash this season and have taken just one point from their rivals - the 3-3 draw in the last game at Ibrox.

The Hoops are six points ahead with two league games left and are now champions in waiting. The suggestion from White and Jordan and some supporters calling in to talkSPORT was that Brendan Rodgers' side are streets ahead, evidenced by the head-to-head results and the fact the title will be their twelfth in 13 years.

But Souness points to the six points to show that Celtic have not run away with it and also argues that the head-to-head record shows they've only just been winning games by the odd goal. It led to a fiery debate and below is a transcription:

Souness: "They're not a mile in front, they're six points in front. It's not been the case that they've run away with the league. At the end of the season, whether you've won it or not, players will always point to 'if we'd won this game or that game'. Rangers slipped up against Dundee and Ross County but Celtic could point to the same games they dropped."

Jordan: "By comparison of Rangers and Celtic, Rangers took one point. Celtic are miles away."

Souness: "Six points would suggest they're not."

Jordan: "But that's the league, we're talking about the comparison between the two sides. They'll all lose games in the league."

Souness: "But that's what we're talking about, we're talking about winning a league. It's six points. They have won the league which means they're the best team in Scotland right now."

White: "Crucially though when the Old Firm meet it's Celtic who come out on top."

Souness: "I come back to it though. This guy has spent £4milllion on his squad, this is not Clement's team. I would judge him a year from now if he's go two windows and he's had support from the board then we can talk about it. But right now, we're going early on him."

Jordan: "We're not going early on him. Move Clement out the argument and just talk about the difference between Celtic and Rangers. The only team you're comparing to is Celtic and Rangers, you're not comparing them to Hearts or Kilmarnock, are you? Celtic are in a different position and are a much better team. You say they're not far apart, but they've taken one point off them. They might win the league by six points, they might win it by nine points but the point is the only comparison is between Celtic and Rangers.

Souness: "Alright, forget the points. The last three games it's been 3-3, 2-1 and 2-1. The two 2-1s were when Rangers were down to ten men. Is that suggesting they're miles apart? If it's not the six points you're gauging it on, then gauge it on the head-to-head. It's not like they're bashing them up. What criteria are you working with when you say Rangers are miles behind Celtic? Rangers weren't in the Premier League for most of those years (of Celtic's dominance).

Jordan: "You're saying they haven't been bashed up. They took one point out of 12. That to me defines it."

White: "The fact is when they meet Celtic win."

Souness: "You're stating the bleeding obvious again, Jim. This is argument central. This is promoted as the station for confrontation and you're doing your very best, but the two of you are not football people. Forget supporters briefly, if you were to ask any football person 'six points, and if all the results are decided by one goal', that is not a team being miles in front. That would be a football person's take on it. Not a supporter, not a journalist and not you two."