Harry Kane net worth as savvy move banks former Tottenham star millions

Harry Kane during an England press conference
-Credit: (Image: UEFA Handout/PA Wire)

England's star striker Harry Kane isn't just making a fortune from his lucrative contract with Bayern Munich.

The Three Lions' captain is set to lead his team into the Euro 2024 semi-final on Wednesday, following a season that saw him make a profitable move from Tottenham Hotspur to the Bundesliga giants. It's believed that Kane is pocketing around £400,000 per week at Bayern, which adds up to at least £86.4million over his four-year contract.

However, it's not just football that's filling Kane's coffers. A significant portion of his wealth reportedly comes from a property business he runs with his parents and brother Charlie, who also acts as his agent.

The property firm, named 'Edward James Investments', is estimated to be worth a staggering £13.1 million. Kane's financial boost over the past year has propelled him to the 35th spot on The Sunday Times Rich List in the '40 under 40' category.

According to the list, Kane's net worth now stands at £76 million, marking a substantial increase of £25m from his reported value of £51m in 2023, reports the Mirror. The former Spurs sharpshooter may be one of the most shrewd forwards on the pitch, but it seems he applies the same ruthless business sense to his side ventures. Another enterprise Kane is involved in is HK28.

HK28 is described on LinkedIn as dealing in "specialism across sport, business, entertainment and charity sectors' where 'the team work purposefully with global brands, innovators and charitable organisations to harness Harry's profile and platforms to inspire, educate and empower others". HK28 is believed to have assets of £10.2m which is also up £1.2m over the past year.

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The England captain, his wife Katie Goodland and their four young children moved into a villa with a spa in the wealthy Munich suburb of Baierbrunn when he joined Bayern but as well as his love for property, the striker also has his hand in several other businesses. He has also become a primary investor in Reflo, an eco-friendly English brand that produces performance wear made from recycled waste.

The company is also said to be committed to planting one million trees every year in countries including Madagascar and Mozambique. In another facet to Kane's benevolent side, he has also set up the Harry Kane Foundation to support children's mental health.

As reported by City AM back in November 2022, Kane also invested an 'undisclosed sum of cash' in low-calorie doughnut company Urban Legend. Founded in 2021 by former Graze CEO Anthony Fletcher, Urban Legend's products are steam baked rather than deep fried and are claimed to contain 50% less fat and 30% less sugar than rivals, as reported by the The Grocer.

Kane expressed his enthusiasm for joining the team, stating that the company "connects with my keen interest to encourage others to look after their health and for retailers to have healthier options more widely available." As reported by Sport Business in September 2023, Kane's impressive roster of global sponsors also includes Fortnite, Topps, Cadbury, Amazon and Toca Social, not forgetting his boot deal with Skechers.