HGTV Fans Call Out 'Rock the Block' and Say the Show Needs a "Judging Handbook" After Exteriors Episode

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Season 5 of Rock the Block is heating up, and this week, the teams kept the competition outside. After renovating the pools last week, it was time to design the docks, balconies, and front exteriors. Returning contestants Bryan and Sarah Baeumler (Renovation Island), Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas (Bargain Block), Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis (Unsellable Houses), and Page Turner and Mitch Glew (Fix My Flip) had to work together in an unexpected way for an additional challenge.

Because the homes share the same exterior, the designers had to team up with their neighbors to decide on the exteriors. Rock the Block winner Michel Smith Boyd (Luxe for Less) and HGTV star Veronica Valencia (Revealed) had the difficult task of judging. This week, the teams were given $1,000 to collaborate with a local artist to create a special piece for their home.

Lyndsay and Leslie collaborated with Sarah and Bryan on their shared exterior, with stucco, wood siding, and dark garage doors, but they were on their own for the front door, landscaping, and lighting. The twins decided to take a big risk and save money from other projects to spend on adding solar panels to their home. They extended the kitchen onto the balcony and added comfy seating. On the dock, they added a spot for morning yoga. Michel said he was "underwhelmed" by the dock and was hoping for a little more design but recognized the value of the solar panels.

Sarah and Bryan added fruit and coconut trees, sconces, and a dark front door, plus an outdoor fireplace on the balcony with casual seating, outdoor dining, and a screen to keep bugs out of the house. For the dock, they added a grill and fish-cleaning station with a pergola. The judges loved the zen garden by the front door and praised them for maximizing the dock space. On the balcony, Veronica said she felt like she'd "died and gone to heaven."

Keith and Evan worked with Page and Mitch on their shared exterior, with stucco, wood, tile, and herringbone pavers. They added tropical landscaping and a bar cart and seating on the dock. They extended their kitchen with a cocktail bar on the balcony, plus an outdoor dining space and more casual seating. The judges loved the exterior but found the dock a little "sparse." They praised the space plan and the vibe of the balcony.

Page and Mitch added width to their dock with a hammock net and planted palm trees and olive trees. They opened up the kitchen to the balcony with bifold doors and a countertop perfect for alfresco dining. The judges loved the design of the balcony and the landscaping but they thought the dock hammock looked unfinished and the sconces were a little small.

Host Ty Pennington came on to talk about the week's results and award a $5,000 prize to the winners. Veronica said, "This was a hard one for us, because when it comes to added value, there's an obvious [choice]. But we're here to judge everything as a whole and the 360 experience, and we left the most inspired with one of these houses."

Michel and Veronica deemed Sarah and Bryan to be the winners of the exterior challenge. Michel said, "The level of thought and detail is beyond. From the plants to the art project...Sarah, you really want to make me a better designer." Sarah was visibly emotional about the win and was brought to tears by Michel's words.

Lyndsay and Leslie were "upset" and "disappointed." Leslie said, "An appraiser's not going to care that you have an electric fireplace on your back balcony, sorry. They're going to care about solar panels."

HGTV shared the results on Instagram, and many commenters agreed with the judges' assessment. They wrote, "They got it right tonight. Sarah and Bryan’s outdoor space was amazing; the tree by the front door, pergola on the dock, and the amazing fire place. Nailed it ♥️" and "FINALLY!!! The right pair won!!! Brian & Sarah's home reflects the luxury & ambience of a million + home! So classy & timeless & beautiful 🤍🤍🤍" Others were rooting for Keith and Evan: "I feel for Evan and Keith. They aren’t being treated fairly." Others are still confused by the judging process: "I feel like we need a judging handbook. Episode one was judged on value add because Egypt said her favorite wasn't the most value added and then this week the judges said it wasn't just the most value added but the feel."

As the episode wrapped up, Ty Pennington surprised the teams by telling them to wait for a text from him to find out where to meet the next day. They met at a warehouse and he told them that "we've got a pretty big surprise in store. In fact, it could be the biggest one ever. This isn't the start of the finale. It's the start of the brand new challenge."

There are only two more episodes of season 5 left! Which team do you think will win?

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