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How the House v. NCAA settlement will impact the future of college football

On today's episode, Dan Wetzel, Ross Dellenger and SI's Pat Forde react to the news of the House v. NCAA settlement being approved by the power conferences at the end of last week. They discuss how the new funds to recruit players will impact the college football landscape and which football programs will benefit from it the most. They also break down how revenue sharing will relate to NIL and collectives going forward.

After the break, Wetzel shares a quote from Greg Sankey at SEC meetings regarding it being the best time ever to be a college athlete. They dissect how this all could change in the near future. Wetzel also questions why there is a future possibility of walk-ons being removed from college football

They wrap the show with the story of a battle being waged on humans by orcas. Wetzel shares the details of killer whales who are strategically tipping over boats

(0:47) College football revenue sharing

(41:29) SEC meetings

(51:37) Are walk-ons done?

(1:02:26) Orcas causing problems

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