Hull owner Acun Ilicali to supply temporary housing to help after earthquake

Hull owner Acun Ilicali says he will supply fresh water and temporary housing to help millions of people affected by the earthquake in southern Turkey and Syria.

More than 11,000 people have been killed and millions more left homeless after the earthquake struck in the early hours of Monday in south-west Turkey near the border with Syria.

Media mogul Ilicali, whose company Acun Medya Group completed its takeover of Hull in January last year, told Sky Sports how he plans to help his home country.

The 53-year-old said: “I’m sending 100 trucks, fresh water because they don’t have fresh water. At the moment there’s a big water crisis in the area.

“So I’m just thinking about sending 100 big trucks to the area and also I’m trying to supply modular (pre-fab) houses so my people can be safe after this big shock.”

The broadcaster and former presenter said he was hoping to host a special programme on his television channel in Turkey to raise funds.

He said: “I’m also trying, and very probably going to do it, in the following days – I have the number one channel in Turkey (TV8) at the moment and we’re going to try and organise a special night on my channel to support the people who are affected.

“I think that can be a historical night, that all Turkey will come together. Maybe we can plan for all the channels to come together, I’m trying to organise more support.

“The best way with these kind of things, everybody is united, yes, everybody wants to help, yes, but just organising is something else.

“My job is not just to support. Even if I just support as much as I can, when you consider the area, how can I help all the people?

“So the best way is to make the organisation. We did it five years ago because of the earthquake. We made more than £30million in three hours, aid for the area.

“So what I’m planning is to make it a big night, be the host and motivate people to support the people who are affected.”