Jared Leto stopped by ‘Wheel of Fortune’ for April Fools’ Day prank

From Wheel of Fortune

Jared Leto’s latest role is hosting “Wheel of Fortune.” Or so he wants you to think.

The Oscar winner briefly stood in for Pat Sajak on the April 1 episode of the game show, when it opened with Leto on the set with Vanna White.

“Ladies and gentlemen, here are the stars of our show — Jared Leto and Vanna White,” the announcer said.

The two walked out with their arms linked and thanked the audience.

“Thank you and have a great show,” Leto told White before he walked to Sajak’s usual spot.

Without acknowledging the bit, Leto continued: “Alright everybody, grab those devices. It’s time to give away some money. (It’s) $1,000 in our first toss up. The category is ‘On the map.’”

Sajak then took over as if nothing happened.

When sharing the clip on YouTube, the show’s official account jokingly asked, “Did you notice anything different in tonight’s show?!”

Last year, Leto and his brother Shannon Leto, who are in the band 30 Seconds to Mars together, were contestants on the show to announce a world tour.

Leto thanked Sajak and White “for letting us be the worst contestants ever.”

“Very grateful to be a part of this great show. A dream come true for Shannon and me,” he wrote on X.

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