Joe Pyfer predicts knockout win over Jack Hermansson, a spot in UFC middleweight rankings

Joe Pyfer sees big things on his horizon – and by that, he means his return to the octagon this Saturday.

The middleweight prospect has easily his biggest career test, as he’s set to headline his first UFC event against longtime contender Jack Hermansson. The two compete in the main event of UFC Fight Night 236, which takes place at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas.

Pyfer believes he will put away Hermansson before the final bell.

“I think I knock Jack out,” Pyfer said at Wednesday’s UFC Fight Night 236 media day. “He’s got a 29% takedown accuracy. I’ve watched all his videos extensively. He’s very desperate with a lot of his takedowns and I think they’re very slow. I think what you guys are going to realize is that there’s a big speed differential in Jack. There’s a big boxing differential between me and Jack.”

Pyfer was complimentary of Hermansson’s overall game, but doesn’t see any one particular aspect that sets him apart from others in the middleweight division.

“Jack is good everywhere, but not great at any one thing,” Pyfer said. “He’s got good cardio. He’s got good boxing. He’s got good kickboxing, He’s got good grappling, but I don’t see anything in that man’s skillset that will ever make him a champion or a title challenger again. I think all the pressure is on him. I think he’s a good dude outside the fight, but I don’t like him because he’s trying to take my other half, and he’s not my f*cking friend.”

Pyfer not only sees himself extending his winning streak to six in a row and maintaining his unbeaten status in the UFC, but he also believes defeating Hermansson will get him in the official UFC middleweight rankings.

“Well, on the outside, it puts me on the top 15,” Pyfer said when asked about what he’d gain with a win. “I don’t personally care where I’m ranked, but for my life and where I come from again and the odds I’ve defied. It puts me right where I’ve always believed I’ve belonged, and that’s among the best. I don’t think Jack is the best.”

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Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie