John Lundstram Rangers red card gets unlikely Celtic hero backing as tackle 'really good'

Alan Stubbs has offered John Lundstram an unlikely defence over his red card for Rangers against Celtic - insisting it would've been a good tackle in his day.

The midfielder received his marching orders as Saturday's derby neared half-time, going steaming into a tackle on Alistair Johnston, making no contact with the ball and sending his studs flying into the Canadian just above the ankle. Referee Willie Collum initially gave a yellow but was invited by VAR to have another look and upgraded it to red.

Most people, even Gers fans, have viewed that as being the correct decision arrived at eventually. However, Kenny Miller was not one of the as he immediately claimed it was "never a red card" on co-commentary. And with the benefit of hindsight he stuck to his guns as he clashed with other pundits at full-time.

But Stubbs has now offered a similar opinion to some degree. Admitting that it is probably a red card with today's rules, the former Hoops defender still had sypathy with Lundstram and insisted that was seen as a good tackle 20 years ago.

He told the BBC Scottish Football Podcast: "I think in today’s game it’s a red card, Because of the way the rules have changed. I think when I played, we would’ve said that was a really good tackle.

"But because now with VAR being involved in the game, when you actually slow it down in impact and you see where he’s caught him, that then comes under the argument ‘is he in control of his body?’

"He’s got his studs showing and this is what FIFA and IFAB have wanted to crack down on, so from that point of view I would say it is, it is a red card. But I could obviously not have a full blown conversation or argument with someone who thought it wasn’t a red card, because they would have points for it not being a red card."