Josh Jacobs' dramatic 86-yard OT run caps wild win for the Raiders over the Seahawks

Josh Jacobs didn't get a lot of love from the Las Vegas Raiders coming into his fourth season.

His fifth-year option was declined, even though he had a good first few seasons as a first-round draft pick. Usually when a team declines the fifth-year option on a first-round pick's rookie contract, it's an indication that player hasn't lived up to their draft billing. That decision by the Raiders might be a great one for Jacobs after all.

Jacobs is having a great season and had perhaps the biggest play of his career Sunday. In overtime, Jacobs went through the middle and burst into the secondary, outrunning the Seahawks defense for a dramatic 86-yard touchdown and a 40-34 win.

Jacobs will be a free agent this offseason, due to the Raiders declining that option. He might strike it big.

Josh Jacobs has a huge day

The Raiders traded for Davante Adams in the offseason but have built a lot of their offense around Jacobs.

Jacobs has been up to it. He had 229 yards and two touchdowns in the Raiders' win on Sunday. His touchdown run came after Las Vegas' first drive in overtime stalled, then the same happened to the Seahawks and they punted.

The Raiders were looking at the possibility of a long overtime drive for a game-winning field-goal attempt when Jacobs took care of it himself.

The way Jacobs exploded past Seahawks safety Josh Jones (No. 13) once he saw some daylight was breathtaking. Nobody was catching him after he got past Jones.

Jacobs has been doing that most of the season. He has been an engine for the Raiders' offense. He came through for them on Sunday.

Josh Jacobs of the Las Vegas Raiders had a huge game in a win over the Seahawks. (Photo by Jane Gershovich/Getty Images)
Josh Jacobs of the Las Vegas Raiders had a huge game in a win over the Seahawks. (Photo by Jane Gershovich/Getty Images) (Jane Gershovich via Getty Images)

Raiders close out a big win

The Raiders led for most of the game. The Seahawks battled back and took a 34-27 lead, then the Raiders answered with a game-tying touchdown just inside the two-minute warning. The game went to overtime.

Las Vegas didn't score on its first drive, and a decision by head coach Josh McDaniels to try a 56-yard field goal looked bad when the kick missed and Seattle had great field position. But Seattle couldn't move it, punted, and set up Jacobs' big run.

It's hard to figure out what the free-agent market for Jacobs will look like. He's having a great year, the best of his NFL career. His talent has never really been questioned. But he had good seasons before this great one. Teams have made mistakes spending big on running backs' second contracts before, and it'll be risky to sign Jacobs to a huge deal no matter how well he's playing this season.

Maybe Jacobs' best path is back to the Raiders. After Sunday, they are even more aware of his value to the offense.