Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool farewell: Rapping with John Barnes and the Darwin Nunez ‘snub’

Jurgen Klopp and his players on the stroll
Jurgen Klopp leads his players and colleagues to the party at Titanic Hotel - DANNY RYAN/BACKGRID UK

Jürgen Klopp said farewell to Liverpool with a night on the town with his players – capped by a dance on stage to a John Barnes rap.

Footage has emerged of Klopp’s goodbye party at the city’s Titanic Hotel in the Royal Albert Dock in which he struts his stuff while Anfield icon Barnes performs a rendition of hip-hop classic Rappers Delight by The Sugarhill Gang.

Wearing a black shirt, jeans and backward-facing baseball cap, Klopp was earlier photographed laughing and holding a drink as he strolled through the city flanked by his squad.

That was followed by a sit-down meal at the Titanic Hotel before the goodbye party began in earnest, with footage showing Klopp being urged to take to the dancefloor by his players.

Among them was Darwin Nunez, who supporters were at pains to point out looked happy and relaxed amid the Uruguayan’s apparent reluctance to join in the celebrations immediately after Klopp’s final game in charge of Liverpool hours earlier.

Footage of a guard of honour formed by the German’s players for their Premier League win against Wolverhampton Wanderers at Anfield seemed to show Núñez had been the only member of the squad not to applaud.

Film released by Liverpool of Klopp’s final dressing-room team-talk also ended in a round of applause in which Núñez could not be seen taking part. The apparent disgruntlement comes just two weeks after Núñez was reported to have deleted all Liverpool-related images from his social media profiles.‌

Whether the cameras simply missed him doing so or whether there was another reason behind his apparent lack of involvement was unclear.

Núñez began Sunday’s game on the bench, having not started a match since Liverpool’s 2-0 defeat at Everton last month which all-but ended their hopes of ending Klopp’s reign with the Premier League title.

The £85 million signing, whose frustrating Anfield career was summed up in the Merseyside derby loss, embraced Klopp after coming on against Wolves with the match virtually won.

Some of Klopp’s other players, notably Trent Alexander-Arnold, were in tears after Sunday’s game as the magnitude of the occasion sunk in.

Addressing the crowd, Klopp said: “I’m completely surprised. I thought I’m already [going to be] in pieces, to be honest, but I’m not. I’m so happy, I can’t believe it.

“I’m so happy about you all, about the atmosphere, about the game, about being part of this family, about us, how we celebrated this day. It’s just incredible. Thank you so much.

“Honestly, for whatever reason, it doesn’t feel like an end. It just feels like the start, because I saw today a football team playing full of talent, full of youth, full of creativity, full of desire, full of grit.”

He added: “I’m one of you now. I love you to bits. On my jumper is ‘Thank you Luv’ and ‘I will never walk alone again’. Thank you for that! You are the best people in the world. Thank you!”