Kelly Clark mirrors Celtic boss Elena Sadiku 'I don't care' barb at Rangers manager Jo Potter

Kelly Clark has reiterated Celtic boss Elena Sadiku's "I don't care" barb against Rangers manager Jo Potter for her recent fitness claims.

The Ibrox boss explained how she was confident during the recent Scottish Cup semi-final between Glasgow's big two had it gone to extra-time as she felt her side had the vastly superior fitness levels over their rivals. Clark was not having any of it, though, as she reiterated her own boss' recent opinion on Potter's thoughts about Celtic. She told BBC: "That's Jo's opinion, I don't care."

It comes after Sadiku had the same view after Potter raged over the Hoops' pre-match huddle being used as a "delay tactic". Clark was also asked about Sadiku's criticism of Celts and she was honest in her assessment.

"I don't think Elena said anything that we didn't feel or know," she added. "I think as professional footballers when you've played badly you don't have to be told you've played badly.

"And we very quickly had to dust ourselves off and get ready for this massive game tonight and we've done it (2-2 with Glasgow City). So Elena could have come out and said we were unlucky to get beat and we all would've known she was talking absolute rubbish and we were not good enough.

"It is what it is and nothing she didn't tell us after the game."