Knights lead girls sectional with 2 events to go

May 14—The extremely accurate weather report called for a window between 6 and 9 p.m. Tuesday night during which it wouldn't rain and participation in the girls track and field sectional at Terre Haute North would be possible.

At approximately 9:05 p.m., the precipitation started again. But by that time the 4x400-meter relay had been completed, as well as all of the field events that were run in the slightly delayed meet.

Pole vault and long jump, however, were not contested Tuesday because of the effects of the rain earlier in the day, so competitors in those events return to North on Wednesday to complete the meet.

That might cause a nervous night for Northview coach James Grounds, whose team is those two events away from defending the championship it won last year.

The Knights currently have 126 points, Terre Haute South 105.

"Not enough [of a lead] to call it," Grounds said after the Tuesday portion of the meet.

"We've got some possibilities to score more points [on Wednesday]," said coach Josh Lee of the Braves, looking to long jumper Shalane Blakey and pole vaulter Abby Clark. "But it's going to take a chunk. A pretty healthy chunk."

Northview, to the surprise of no one, got lots of points in the distance events. Ellia Hayes won the 800 by a ridiculous margin, Gnister Grant coasted to a win in the 3,200 while trying to converse enough energy for the 4x400 relay that followed, and Hayes and Grant went one-two in the 1,600. Hannah Harrison contributed an important second-place finish behind Grant.

Blakey already has one win — in the 100 — and anchored a winning 4x100 relay for South, but it's been South's depth that kept the Braves in the battle for first place.

In competition among some of the meet's most heralded athletes, North Central's Kathryn Ison won the 100 hurdles but was caught at the wire by Terre Haute North's Emma Martin in the 300 hurdles, and Karsyn Buck of Northview couldn't win either hurdles competition but recorded a career-best 5-foot-5 high jump to overcome a star-studded group that included Martin, South's Lilly Merk and Parke Heritage's Emma Simpson, along with Clay City's Mallori Bettenbrock (who finished second) and Northview's Gracie Pritchard.

Other winners were Katherine Sarver of Sullivan in the 400, Kaetlyn Bell of North in shot put, Megan Jackson of Clay City in discus and Kyarra DeGroote of West Vigo in the 200.

DeGroote's victory in her favorite event was also substantial, but she was a surprise non-entrant in the 100 after winning that event a year ago. As it turned out, she was nursing a slight injury but also being saved for the 4x400 relay in which the Vikings loaded up with their two fastest runners, DeGroote and Dusty Welker, plus Cassie Roush and Gwen Garman — both of who had outstanding meets — for a win in the meet's final running event that was expected to be a South-Northview showdown.

"All of them are amazing," DeGroote said of her relay teammates, and said the win made it worth missing the earlier sprint. "I'd been doing [the 100] for so long," she said, "but right now I'm filled with happiness for sure."

Team scores (with two events to go) — Northview 126, Terre Haute South 105, West Vigo 47, Terre Haute North 42, South Vermillion 26.5, Clay City 26, Greencastle 22.5, Sullivan 21, North Central 18, South Putnam 18, North Putnam 17, Parke Heritage 17, Cloverdale 16, Riverton Parke 5.

100 — Shalane Blakey (THS) 12.50, Dusty Welker (WV) 12.77, Hallie Vitz (Nv) 13.04, Jasmine Guzman (SP) 13.12, Brenna Stallcop (Nv) 13.38, Courtney Powell (THS) 13.50, Braylyn Bratcher (SV) 18.80, Ali Dobbs (G) 13.81.

200 — Kyarra DeGroote (WV) 25.51, Powell (THS) 27.14, Elsie Aidoo (THS) 27.24, Mackenzie Heaton (Nv) 27.39, Rekelle Terrell (Nv) 28.30, A.Dobbs (G) 28.77, Bratcher (SV) 28.91, Miley Wuestefeld (THN) 29.19.

400 — Katherine Sarver (Sul) 1:02.26, Demme Hancewicz (THS) 1:02.35, Asyria Ford (C) 1:03.22, Emily Adams (RP) 1:04.60, Myla Webster (THS) 1:04.71, Hannah Harrison (Nv) 1:05.23, Cammi VanGilder (THN) 1:07.01, Sienna Williams (NP) 1:08.60.

800 — Ellia Hayes (Nv) 2:17.75, Cassie Roush (WV) 2:31.80, Hancewicz (THS) 2:31.82, Reagin White (Nv) 2:3275, Jenna Day (NP) 2:32.80, Kennidy Dillion (THS) 2:37.83, Brooke Mace (PH) 2:38.71, Gwen Garman (WV) 2:40.77.

1,600 — Hayes (Nv) 5:31.69, Gnister Grant (Nv) 5:32.46, Roush (WV) 5:33.67, Mace (PH) 5:48.27, Izzy Miklozek (THS) 5:53.58, Ashley Martinez-Morales (CC) 5:56.49, Addy Miklozek (THS) 6:00.84, Garman (WV) 6:02.71.

3,200 — Grant (Nv) 12:19.19, Harrison (Nv) 12:30.61, Isabella Turchi (SV) 12:36.57, Ava Ham (THS) 12:37.92, Martinez-Morales (CC) 12:59.55, Hannah Gadberry (THN) 13:04.95, Colleen Bossnack (G) 13:09.91, Emily Jones (PH) 13:10.28.

100H — Kathryn Ison (NC) 15.44, Bailey Brickert (SP) 15:45, Emma Martin (THN) 15.81, Karsyn Buck (Nv) 16.39, Cali Wuestefeld (THN) 16.73, Te'Rah Cooley (THS) 16.75, Jacie Neese (C) 18.03, Emma Simpson (PH) 18.04.

300H — Martin (THN) 46.75, Ison (NC) 46.85, Buck (Nv) 47.41, Olivia Hemmerling (C) 49.04, Cooley (THS) 50.04, Sophie Stallcop (Nv) 50.35, Ashley Pollard (SV) 52.49, Madeline Targett (WV) 53.74.

4x100 relay — Terre Haute South (Cooley, Aidoo, Powell, Blakey) 50.18, Northview (B.Stallcop, Vitz, Heaton, Terrell) 51.58, Greencastle (Bella Parker, Dobbs, Kyra Bandy, Kylie Silbert) 53.25, South Putnam 53.91, South Vermillion 53.99, Sullivan 54.42, Parke Heritage 54.83, North Putnam 54.88.

4x400 relay — West Vigo (Welker, Garman, Roush, DeGroote) 4:15.05, Terre Haute South (Blakey, Aidoo, Powell, Hancewicz) 4:17.47, Northview (Grant, White, Aubrey Miller, Hayes) 4:23.24, Greencastle 4:28.85, Terre Haute North 4:29.95, Cloverdale 4:31.74, Parke Heritage 4:34.39, North Putnam 4:39.06.

4x800 relay — Northview (Miller, White, Grant, Hayes) 10:19.66, Terre Haute South (Madison Beaumont, Ham, Dillion, Hancewicz) 10:35.26, Terre Haute North (VanGilder, Halle Pearson, Alyse Thompson, Bella Spelman) 10:46.16, Greencastle 10:50.55, North Putnam 10:56.70, Sullivan 11:12.02, South Vermillion 11:59.15, Clay City 12:14.74.

HJ — Buck (Nv) 5-5, Mallori Bettenbrock (CC) 5-1, Martin (THN) 5-0, Gracie Pritchard (Nv) 5-0, Lilly Merk (THS) 5-0, Simpson (PH) 5-0, Jolee Brunson (Sul) 5-0, Torie Williams (SV) and Mikinley Cantonwine (G) 4-8.

SP — Kaetlyn Bell (THN) 35-6.5, Ozofu Magaji (SV) 35-2.5, Indi Nichols (THS) 34-10, Varzidy Batchelor (Nv) 34-5, Mackinley Lawson (NP) 31-10.5, Emily Mann (C) 31-9, Alex Barrett (THN) 31-6, Lexis Drake (Sul) 30-3.

D — Megan Jackson (CC) 112-11, Magaji (SV) 109-9, Lawson (NP) 105-10, Emeilyah Sands (THS) 97-0, Meredith Toomey (THS) 96-0, Drake (Sul) 95-7, Jaidyn Schoffstall (WV) 92-11, Cassie Miller (PH) 92-1.