Kristoffer Olsson: Arsenal send message as ex-player hospitalised with 'acute disease related to the brain'

Arsenal have sent well-wishes to former player Kristoffer Olsson after the FC Midtjylland midfielder was hospitalised with an “acute disease related to the brain”.

The 28-year-old Sweden international “lost consciousness at his home” last week and has since been sent to Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark where he is now on a ventilator.

In a bid to prevent media speculation over Olsson’s condition, FC Midtjylland released the following statement: “Kristoffer Olsson is affected by an apparently acute disease related to the brain, which is not due to self-harm of any kind, nor is the cause due to external factors.

“A team of Denmark's leading medical experts is currently working at high pressure to make a diagnosis and initiate the right treatment.

Kristoffer Olsson at Arsenal (Arsenal FC)
Kristoffer Olsson at Arsenal (Arsenal FC)

“Since admission, Kristoffer has been surrounded by his immediate family and parts of FC Midtjylland's staff, and is being treated by specialists in the field.

“FC Midtjylland urgently requests the public to show respect and understanding, so that Kristoffer, the family and the doctors get the necessary peace of mind to ensure Kristoffer's recovery and recovery as well as possible.

“Everyone at FC Midtjylland is of course deeply affected by Kristoffer's sudden illness and our thoughts and full support go out to Kristoffer and his family.

“FC Midtjylland has no further statements at present, but we will inform the public when significant new information arises.”

Olsson spent three years with the Gunners, leaving in 2014 for the Danish giants. He made one first-team appearance, coming off the bench against West Brom in a 2013 Carabao Cup third round to score a crucial penalty in a shootout win.

Reacting to the news, Arsenal posted on X: “Get well soon, Kristoffer. We wish you a full and speedy recovery.”