League One fixtures for 2021-22 season in full: Complete match schedule with dates revealed

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We may be in the midst of Euro 2020, but the new domestic season is only six weeks away and the fixtures for the 2021/22 League One campaign have been announced.

24 teams will start the season hoping to follow Peterbough United, Hull City and Blackpool in earning promotion to the second tier.

Among them will be Wycombe, Rotherham and Sheffield Wednesday, who were all relegated from the Championship last season, as well as Cheltenham Town, Cambridge United, Morecambe and Bolton Wanderers, who were all promoted from League Two.

However, Wycombe and Derby have had interchangeable fixture lists prepared with the latter subject to an EFL disciplinary process.

Lincoln City will be among the favourites, having lost last season’s play-off final, while the likes of Sunderland and Portsmouth will once again be desperate to begin their climbs back up the football pyramid.

Here’s the full League One fixture list for the 2021-22 season...

07/08/202115:00Bolton Wanderers v Milton Keynes Dons

07/08/202115:00Cambridge United v Oxford United

07/08/202115:00Charlton Athletic v Sheffield Wednesday

07/08/202115:00Crewe Alexandra v Cheltenham Town

07/08/202115:00Doncaster Rovers v A.F.C. Wimbledon

07/08/202115:00Fleetwood Town v Portsmouth

07/08/202115:00Gillingham v Lincoln City

07/08/202115:00Ipswich Town v Morecambe

07/08/202115:00Rotherham United v Plymouth Argyle

07/08/202115:00Shrewsbury Town v Burton Albion

07/08/202115:00Sunderland v Wigan Athletic

07/08/202115:00Wycombe Wanderers v Accrington Stanley

14/08/202115:00A.F.C. Wimbledon v Bolton Wanderers

14/08/202115:00Accrington Stanley v Cambridge United

14/08/202115:00Burton Albion v Ipswich Town

14/08/202115:00Cheltenham Town v Wycombe Wanderers

14/08/202115:00Lincoln City v Fleetwood Town

14/08/202115:00Milton Keynes Dons v Sunderland

14/08/202115:00Morecambe v Shrewsbury Town

14/08/202115:00Oxford United v Charlton Athletic

14/08/202115:00Plymouth Argyle v Gillingham

14/08/202115:00Portsmouth v Crewe Alexandra

14/08/202115:00Sheffield Wednesday v Doncaster Rovers

14/08/202115:00Wigan Athletic v Rotherham United

17/08/202119:45A.F.C. Wimbledon v Gillingham

17/08/202119:45Accrington Stanley v Doncaster Rovers

17/08/202119:45Burton Albion v Sunderland

17/08/202119:45Cheltenham Town v Ipswich Town

17/08/202119:45Lincoln City v Bolton Wanderers

17/08/202119:45Milton Keynes Dons v Charlton Athletic

17/08/202119:45Morecambe v Rotherham United

17/08/202119:45Oxford United v Crewe Alexandra

17/08/202119:45Plymouth Argyle v Cambridge United

17/08/202119:45Portsmouth v Shrewsbury Town

17/08/202119:45Sheffield Wednesday v Fleetwood Town

17/08/202119:45Wigan Athletic v Wycombe Wanderers

21/08/202115:00Bolton Wanderers v Oxford United

21/08/202115:00Cambridge United v Burton Albion

21/08/202115:00Charlton Athletic v Wigan Athletic

21/08/202115:00Crewe Alexandra v Accrington Stanley

21/08/202115:00Doncaster Rovers v Portsmouth

21/08/202115:00Fleetwood Town v Cheltenham Town

21/08/202115:00Gillingham v Morecambe

21/08/202115:00Ipswich Town v Milton Keynes Dons

21/08/202115:00Rotherham United v Sheffield Wednesday

21/08/202115:00Shrewsbury Town v Plymouth Argyle

21/08/202115:00Sunderland v A.F.C. Wimbledon

21/08/202115:00Wycombe Wanderers v Lincoln City

28/08/202115:00Burton Albion v Cheltenham Town

28/08/202115:00Cambridge United v Bolton Wanderers

28/08/202115:00Charlton Athletic v Crewe Alexandra

28/08/202115:00Ipswich Town v A.F.C. Wimbledon

28/08/202115:00Milton Keynes Dons v Accrington Stanley

28/08/202115:00Morecambe v Sheffield Wednesday

28/08/202115:00Oxford United v Lincoln City

28/08/202115:00Plymouth Argyle v Fleetwood Town

28/08/202115:00Rotherham United v Doncaster Rovers

28/08/202115:00Shrewsbury Town v Gillingham

28/08/202115:00Sunderland v Wycombe Wanderers

28/08/202115:00Wigan Athletic v Portsmouth

04/09/202115:00A.F.C. Wimbledon v Oxford United

04/09/202115:00Accrington Stanley v Shrewsbury Town

04/09/202115:00Bolton Wanderers v Burton Albion

04/09/202115:00Cheltenham Town v Milton Keynes Dons

04/09/202115:00Crewe Alexandra v Morecambe

04/09/202115:00Doncaster Rovers v Cambridge United

04/09/202115:00Fleetwood Town v Wigan Athletic

04/09/202115:00Gillingham v Charlton Athletic

04/09/202115:00Lincoln City v Rotherham United

04/09/202115:00Portsmouth v Plymouth Argyle

04/09/202115:00Sheffield Wednesday v Sunderland

04/09/202115:00Wycombe Wanderers v Ipswich Town

11/09/202115:00Burton Albion v Gillingham

11/09/202115:00Cambridge United v Lincoln City

11/09/202115:00Charlton Athletic v Cheltenham Town

11/09/202115:00Ipswich Town v Bolton Wanderers

11/09/202115:00Milton Keynes Dons v Portsmouth

11/09/202115:00Morecambe v A.F.C. Wimbledon

11/09/202115:00Oxford United v Wycombe Wanderers

11/09/202115:00Plymouth Argyle v Sheffield Wednesday

11/09/202115:00Rotherham United v Fleetwood Town

11/09/202115:00Shrewsbury Town v Crewe Alexandra

11/09/202115:00Sunderland v Accrington Stanley

11/09/202115:00Wigan Athletic v Doncaster Rovers

18/09/202115:00A.F.C. Wimbledon v Plymouth Argyle

18/09/202115:00Accrington Stanley v Wigan Athletic

18/09/202115:00Bolton Wanderers v Rotherham United

18/09/202115:00Cheltenham Town v Oxford United

18/09/202115:00Crewe Alexandra v Burton Albion

18/09/202115:00Doncaster Rovers v Morecambe

18/09/202115:00Fleetwood Town v Sunderland

18/09/202115:00Gillingham v Milton Keynes Dons

18/09/202115:00Lincoln City v Ipswich Town

18/09/202115:00Portsmouth v Cambridge United

18/09/202115:00Sheffield Wednesday v Shrewsbury Town

18/09/202115:00Wycombe Wanderers v Charlton Athletic

25/09/202115:00Burton Albion v Lincoln City

25/09/202115:00Cambridge United v Fleetwood Town

25/09/202115:00Charlton Athletic v Portsmouth

25/09/202115:00Ipswich Town v Sheffield Wednesday

25/09/202115:00Milton Keynes Dons v Wycombe Wanderers

25/09/202115:00Morecambe v Accrington Stanley

25/09/202115:00Oxford United v Gillingham

25/09/202115:00Plymouth Argyle v Doncaster Rovers

25/09/202115:00Rotherham United v Crewe Alexandra

25/09/202115:00Shrewsbury Town v A.F.C. Wimbledon

25/09/202115:00Sunderland v Bolton Wanderers

25/09/202115:00Wigan Athletic v Cheltenham Town

28/09/202119:45Burton Albion v Portsmouth

28/09/202119:45Cambridge United v Gillingham

28/09/202119:45Charlton Athletic v Bolton Wanderers

28/09/202119:45Ipswich Town v Doncaster Rovers

28/09/202119:45Milton Keynes Dons v Fleetwood Town

28/09/202119:45Morecambe v Lincoln City

28/09/202119:45Oxford United v Accrington Stanley

28/09/202119:45Plymouth Argyle v Crewe Alexandra

28/09/202119:45Rotherham United v A.F.C. Wimbledon

28/09/202119:45Shrewsbury Town v Wycombe Wanderers

28/09/202119:45Sunderland v Cheltenham Town

28/09/202119:45Wigan Athletic v Sheffield Wednesday

02/10/202115:00A.F.C. Wimbledon v Burton Albion

02/10/202115:00Accrington Stanley v Ipswich Town

02/10/202115:00Bolton Wanderers v Shrewsbury Town

02/10/202115:00Cheltenham Town v Rotherham United

02/10/202115:00Crewe Alexandra v Cambridge United

02/10/202115:00Doncaster Rovers v Milton Keynes Dons

02/10/202115:00Fleetwood Town v Charlton Athletic

02/10/202115:00Gillingham v Wigan Athletic

02/10/202115:00Lincoln City v Plymouth Argyle

02/10/202115:00Portsmouth v Sunderland

02/10/202115:00Sheffield Wednesday v Oxford United

02/10/202115:00Wycombe Wanderers v Morecambe

09/10/202115:00Accrington Stanley v Fleetwood Town

09/10/202115:00Charlton Athletic v Rotherham United

09/10/202115:00Crewe Alexandra v Doncaster Rovers

09/10/202115:00Ipswich Town v Shrewsbury Town

09/10/202115:00Milton Keynes Dons v A.F.C. Wimbledon

09/10/202115:00Morecambe v Cambridge United

09/10/202115:00Plymouth Argyle v Burton Albion

09/10/202115:00Portsmouth v Cheltenham Town

09/10/202115:00Sheffield Wednesday v Bolton Wanderers

09/10/202115:00Sunderland v Oxford United

09/10/202115:00Wigan Athletic v Lincoln City

09/10/202115:00Wycombe Wanderers v Gillingham

16/10/202115:00A.F.C. Wimbledon v Sheffield Wednesday

16/10/202115:00Bolton Wanderers v Wigan Athletic

16/10/202115:00Burton Albion v Morecambe

16/10/202115:00Cambridge United v Ipswich Town

16/10/202115:00Cheltenham Town v Accrington Stanley

16/10/202115:00Doncaster Rovers v Wycombe Wanderers

16/10/202115:00Fleetwood Town v Crewe Alexandra

16/10/202115:00Gillingham v Sunderland

16/10/202115:00Lincoln City v Charlton Athletic

16/10/202115:00Oxford United v Plymouth Argyle

16/10/202115:00Rotherham United v Portsmouth

16/10/202115:00Shrewsbury Town v Milton Keynes Dons

19/10/202119:45Cambridge United v Sheffield Wednesday

19/10/202119:45Charlton Athletic v Accrington Stanley

19/10/202119:45Cheltenham Town v Morecambe

19/10/202119:45Crewe Alexandra v Sunderland

19/10/202119:45Fleetwood Town v Burton Albion

19/10/202119:45Gillingham v Doncaster Rovers

19/10/202119:45Lincoln City v A.F.C. Wimbledon

19/10/202119:45Oxford United v Shrewsbury Town

19/10/202119:45Plymouth Argyle v Bolton Wanderers

19/10/202119:45Portsmouth v Ipswich Town

19/10/202119:45Rotherham United v Wycombe Wanderers

19/10/202119:45Wigan Athletic v Milton Keynes Dons

23/10/202115:00A.F.C. Wimbledon v Wigan Athletic

23/10/202115:00Accrington Stanley v Portsmouth

23/10/202115:00Bolton Wanderers v Gillingham

23/10/202115:00Burton Albion v Oxford United

23/10/202115:00Doncaster Rovers v Cheltenham Town

23/10/202115:00Ipswich Town v Fleetwood Town

23/10/202115:00Milton Keynes Dons v Rotherham United

23/10/202115:00Morecambe v Plymouth Argyle

23/10/202115:00Sheffield Wednesday v Lincoln City

23/10/202115:00Shrewsbury Town v Cambridge United

23/10/202115:00Sunderland v Charlton Athletic

23/10/202115:00Wycombe Wanderers v Crewe Alexandra

30/10/202115:00Cambridge United v A.F.C. Wimbledon

30/10/202115:00Charlton Athletic v Doncaster Rovers

30/10/202115:00Cheltenham Town v Sheffield Wednesday

30/10/202115:00Crewe Alexandra v Milton Keynes Dons

30/10/202115:00Fleetwood Town v Wycombe Wanderers

30/10/202115:00Gillingham v Accrington Stanley

30/10/202115:00Lincoln City v Shrewsbury Town

30/10/202115:00Oxford United v Morecambe

30/10/202115:00Plymouth Argyle v Ipswich Town

30/10/202115:00Portsmouth v Bolton Wanderers

30/10/202115:00Rotherham United v Sunderland

30/10/202115:00Wigan Athletic v Burton Albion

13/11/202115:00A.F.C. Wimbledon v Cheltenham Town

13/11/202115:00Accrington Stanley v Plymouth Argyle

13/11/202115:00Bolton Wanderers v Crewe Alexandra

13/11/202115:00Burton Albion v Charlton Athletic

13/11/202115:00Doncaster Rovers v Fleetwood Town

13/11/202115:00Ipswich Town v Oxford United

13/11/202115:00Milton Keynes Dons v Cambridge United

13/11/202115:00Morecambe v Wigan Athletic

13/11/202115:00Sheffield Wednesday v Gillingham

13/11/202115:00Shrewsbury Town v Rotherham United

13/11/202115:00Sunderland v Lincoln City

13/11/202115:00Wycombe Wanderers v Portsmouth

20/11/202115:00Accrington Stanley v Sheffield Wednesday

20/11/202115:00Charlton Athletic v Plymouth Argyle

20/11/202115:00Cheltenham Town v Shrewsbury Town

20/11/202115:00Crewe Alexandra v Gillingham

20/11/202115:00Doncaster Rovers v Lincoln City

20/11/202115:00Fleetwood Town v Morecambe

20/11/202115:00Milton Keynes Dons v Burton Albion

20/11/202115:00Portsmouth v A.F.C. Wimbledon

20/11/202115:00Rotherham United v Cambridge United

20/11/202115:00Sunderland v Ipswich Town

20/11/202115:00Wigan Athletic v Oxford United

20/11/202115:00Wycombe Wanderers v Bolton Wanderers

23/11/202119:45A.F.C. Wimbledon v Crewe Alexandra

23/11/202120:00Bolton Wanderers v Doncaster Rovers

23/11/202119:45Burton Albion v Accrington Stanley

23/11/202119:45Cambridge United v Wigan Athletic

23/11/202119:45Gillingham v Cheltenham Town

23/11/202119:45Ipswich Town v Rotherham United

23/11/202119:45Lincoln City v Portsmouth

23/11/202119:45Morecambe v Charlton Athletic

23/11/202119:45Oxford United v Fleetwood Town

23/11/202119:45Plymouth Argyle v Wycombe Wanderers

23/11/202119:45Sheffield Wednesday v Milton Keynes Dons

23/11/202119:45Shrewsbury Town v Sunderland

27/11/202115:00A.F.C. Wimbledon v Fleetwood Town

27/11/202115:00Bolton Wanderers v Cheltenham Town

27/11/202115:00Burton Albion v Doncaster Rovers

27/11/202115:00Cambridge United v Sunderland

27/11/202115:00Gillingham v Portsmouth

27/11/202115:00Ipswich Town v Crewe Alexandra

27/11/202115:00Lincoln City v Accrington Stanley

27/11/202115:00Morecambe v Milton Keynes Dons

27/11/202115:00Oxford United v Rotherham United

27/11/202115:00Plymouth Argyle v Wigan Athletic

27/11/202115:00Sheffield Wednesday v Wycombe Wanderers

27/11/202115:00Shrewsbury Town v Charlton Athletic

07/12/202119:45Accrington Stanley v A.F.C. Wimbledon

07/12/202119:45Charlton Athletic v Ipswich Town

07/12/202119:45Cheltenham Town v Cambridge United

07/12/202119:45Crewe Alexandra v Lincoln City

07/12/202119:45Doncaster Rovers v Oxford United

07/12/202119:45Fleetwood Town v Bolton Wanderers

07/12/202119:45Milton Keynes Dons v Plymouth Argyle

07/12/202119:45Portsmouth v Sheffield Wednesday

07/12/202119:45Rotherham United v Gillingham

07/12/202119:45Sunderland v Morecambe

07/12/202119:45Wigan Athletic v Shrewsbury Town

07/12/202119:45Wycombe Wanderers v Burton Albion

11/12/202115:00Accrington Stanley v Bolton Wanderers

11/12/202115:00Charlton Athletic v Cambridge United

11/12/202115:00Cheltenham Town v Lincoln City

11/12/202115:00Crewe Alexandra v Sheffield Wednesday

11/12/202115:00Doncaster Rovers v Shrewsbury Town

11/12/202115:00Fleetwood Town v Gillingham

11/12/202115:00Milton Keynes Dons v Oxford United

11/12/202115:00Portsmouth v Morecambe

11/12/202115:00Rotherham United v Burton Albion

11/12/202115:00Sunderland v Plymouth Argyle

11/12/202115:00Wigan Athletic v Ipswich Town

11/12/202115:00Wycombe Wanderers v A.F.C. Wimbledon

18/12/202115:00A.F.C. Wimbledon v Portsmouth

18/12/202115:00Bolton Wanderers v Wycombe Wanderers

18/12/202115:00Burton Albion v Milton Keynes Dons

18/12/202115:00Cambridge United v Rotherham United

18/12/202115:00Gillingham v Crewe Alexandra

18/12/202115:00Ipswich Town v Sunderland

18/12/202115:00Lincoln City v Doncaster Rovers

18/12/202115:00Morecambe v Fleetwood Town

18/12/202115:00Oxford United v Wigan Athletic

18/12/202115:00Plymouth Argyle v Charlton Athletic

18/12/202115:00Sheffield Wednesday v Accrington Stanley

18/12/202115:00Shrewsbury Town v Cheltenham Town

26/12/202115:00A.F.C. Wimbledon v Charlton Athletic

26/12/202115:00Accrington Stanley v Rotherham United

26/12/202115:00Bolton Wanderers v Morecambe

26/12/202115:00Cheltenham Town v Plymouth Argyle

26/12/202115:00Crewe Alexandra v Wigan Athletic

26/12/202115:00Doncaster Rovers v Sunderland

26/12/202115:00Fleetwood Town v Shrewsbury Town

26/12/202115:00Gillingham v Ipswich Town

26/12/202115:00Lincoln City v Milton Keynes Dons

26/12/202115:00Portsmouth v Oxford United

26/12/202115:00Sheffield Wednesday v Burton Albion

26/12/202115:00Wycombe Wanderers v Cambridge United

29/12/202119:45Burton Albion v Bolton Wanderers

29/12/202119:45Cambridge United v Doncaster Rovers

29/12/202119:45Charlton Athletic v Gillingham

29/12/202119:45Ipswich Town v Wycombe Wanderers

29/12/202119:45Milton Keynes Dons v Cheltenham Town

29/12/202119:45Morecambe v Crewe Alexandra

29/12/202119:45Oxford United v A.F.C. Wimbledon

29/12/202119:45Plymouth Argyle v Portsmouth

29/12/202119:45Rotherham United v Lincoln City

29/12/202119:45Shrewsbury Town v Accrington Stanley

29/12/202119:45Sunderland v Sheffield Wednesday

29/12/202119:45Wigan Athletic v Fleetwood Town

01/01/202215:00Burton Albion v Crewe Alexandra

01/01/202215:00Cambridge United v Portsmouth

01/01/202215:00Charlton Athletic v Wycombe Wanderers

01/01/202215:00Ipswich Town v Lincoln City

01/01/202215:00Milton Keynes Dons v Gillingham

01/01/202215:00Morecambe v Doncaster Rovers

01/01/202215:00Oxford United v Cheltenham Town

01/01/202215:00Plymouth Argyle v A.F.C. Wimbledon

01/01/202215:00Rotherham United v Bolton Wanderers

01/01/202215:00Shrewsbury Town v Sheffield Wednesday

01/01/202215:00Sunderland v Fleetwood Town

01/01/202215:00Wigan Athletic v Accrington Stanley

08/01/202215:00A.F.C. Wimbledon v Ipswich Town

08/01/202215:00Accrington Stanley v Milton Keynes Dons

08/01/202215:00Bolton Wanderers v Cambridge United

08/01/202215:00Cheltenham Town v Burton Albion

08/01/202215:00Crewe Alexandra v Charlton Athletic

08/01/202215:00Doncaster Rovers v Rotherham United

08/01/202215:00Fleetwood Town v Plymouth Argyle

08/01/202215:00Gillingham v Shrewsbury Town

08/01/202215:00Lincoln City v Oxford United

08/01/202215:00Portsmouth v Wigan Athletic

08/01/202215:00Sheffield Wednesday v Morecambe

08/01/202215:00Wycombe Wanderers v Sunderland

15/01/202215:00A.F.C. Wimbledon v Morecambe

15/01/202215:00Accrington Stanley v Sunderland

15/01/202215:00Bolton Wanderers v Ipswich Town

15/01/202215:00Cheltenham Town v Charlton Athletic

15/01/202215:00Crewe Alexandra v Shrewsbury Town

15/01/202215:00Doncaster Rovers v Wigan Athletic

15/01/202215:00Fleetwood Town v Rotherham United

15/01/202215:00Gillingham v Burton Albion

15/01/202215:00Lincoln City v Cambridge United

15/01/202215:00Portsmouth v Milton Keynes Dons

15/01/202215:00Sheffield Wednesday v Plymouth Argyle

15/01/202215:00Wycombe Wanderers v Oxford United

22/01/202215:00Burton Albion v A.F.C. Wimbledon

22/01/202215:00Cambridge United v Crewe Alexandra

22/01/202215:00Charlton Athletic v Fleetwood Town

22/01/202215:00Ipswich Town v Accrington Stanley

22/01/202215:00Milton Keynes Dons v Doncaster Rovers

22/01/202215:00Morecambe v Wycombe Wanderers

22/01/202215:00Oxford United v Sheffield Wednesday

22/01/202215:00Plymouth Argyle v Lincoln City

22/01/202215:00Rotherham United v Cheltenham Town

22/01/202215:00Shrewsbury Town v Bolton Wanderers

22/01/202215:00Sunderland v Portsmouth

22/01/202215:00Wigan Athletic v Gillingham

29/01/202215:00A.F.C. Wimbledon v Shrewsbury Town

29/01/202215:00Accrington Stanley v Morecambe

29/01/202215:00Bolton Wanderers v Sunderland

29/01/202215:00Cheltenham Town v Wigan Athletic

29/01/202215:00Crewe Alexandra v Rotherham United

29/01/202215:00Doncaster Rovers v Plymouth Argyle

29/01/202215:00Fleetwood Town v Cambridge United

29/01/202215:00Gillingham v Oxford United

29/01/202215:00Lincoln City v Burton Albion

29/01/202215:00Portsmouth v Charlton Athletic

29/01/202215:00Sheffield Wednesday v Ipswich Town

29/01/202215:00Wycombe Wanderers v Milton Keynes Dons

05/02/202215:00Burton Albion v Sheffield Wednesday

05/02/202215:00Cambridge United v Wycombe Wanderers

05/02/202215:00Charlton Athletic v A.F.C. Wimbledon

05/02/202215:00Ipswich Town v Gillingham

05/02/202215:00Milton Keynes Dons v Lincoln City

05/02/202215:00Morecambe v Bolton Wanderers

05/02/202215:00Oxford United v Portsmouth

05/02/202215:00Plymouth Argyle v Cheltenham Town

05/02/202215:00Rotherham United v Accrington Stanley

05/02/202215:00Shrewsbury Town v Fleetwood Town

05/02/202215:00Sunderland v Doncaster Rovers

05/02/202215:00Wigan Athletic v Crewe Alexandra

08/02/202219:45A.F.C. Wimbledon v Rotherham United

08/02/202219:45Accrington Stanley v Oxford United

08/02/202220:00Bolton Wanderers v Charlton Athletic

08/02/202219:45Cheltenham Town v Sunderland

08/02/202219:45Crewe Alexandra v Plymouth Argyle

08/02/202219:45Doncaster Rovers v Ipswich Town

08/02/202219:45Fleetwood Town v Milton Keynes Dons

08/02/202219:45Gillingham v Cambridge United

08/02/202219:45Lincoln City v Morecambe

08/02/202219:45Portsmouth v Burton Albion

08/02/202219:45Sheffield Wednesday v Wigan Athletic

08/02/202219:45Wycombe Wanderers v Shrewsbury Town

12/02/202215:00A.F.C. Wimbledon v Sunderland

12/02/202215:00Accrington Stanley v Crewe Alexandra

12/02/202215:00Burton Albion v Cambridge United

12/02/202215:00Cheltenham Town v Fleetwood Town

12/02/202215:00Lincoln City v Wycombe Wanderers

12/02/202215:00Milton Keynes Dons v Ipswich Town

12/02/202215:00Morecambe v Gillingham

12/02/202215:00Oxford United v Bolton Wanderers

12/02/202215:00Plymouth Argyle v Shrewsbury Town

12/02/202215:00Portsmouth v Doncaster Rovers

12/02/202215:00Sheffield Wednesday v Rotherham United

12/02/202215:00Wigan Athletic v Charlton Athletic

19/02/202215:00Bolton Wanderers v A.F.C. Wimbledon

19/02/202215:00Cambridge United v Accrington Stanley

19/02/202215:00Charlton Athletic v Oxford United

19/02/202215:00Crewe Alexandra v Portsmouth

19/02/202215:00Doncaster Rovers v Sheffield Wednesday

19/02/202215:00Fleetwood Town v Lincoln City

19/02/202215:00Gillingham v Plymouth Argyle

19/02/202215:00Ipswich Town v Burton Albion

19/02/202215:00Rotherham United v Wigan Athletic

19/02/202215:00Shrewsbury Town v Morecambe

19/02/202215:00Sunderland v Milton Keynes Dons

19/02/202215:00Wycombe Wanderers v Cheltenham Town

22/02/202220:00Bolton Wanderers v Lincoln City

22/02/202219:45Cambridge United v Plymouth Argyle

22/02/202219:45Charlton Athletic v Milton Keynes Dons

22/02/202219:45Crewe Alexandra v Oxford United

22/02/202219:45Doncaster Rovers v Accrington Stanley

22/02/202219:45Fleetwood Town v Sheffield Wednesday

22/02/202219:45Gillingham v A.F.C. Wimbledon

22/02/202219:45Ipswich Town v Cheltenham Town

22/02/202219:45Rotherham United v Morecambe

22/02/202219:45Shrewsbury Town v Portsmouth

22/02/202219:45Sunderland v Burton Albion

22/02/202219:45Wycombe Wanderers v Wigan Athletic

26/02/202215:00A.F.C. Wimbledon v Doncaster Rovers

26/02/202215:00Accrington Stanley v Wycombe Wanderers

26/02/202215:00Burton Albion v Shrewsbury Town

26/02/202215:00Cheltenham Town v Crewe Alexandra

26/02/202215:00Lincoln City v Gillingham

26/02/202215:00Milton Keynes Dons v Bolton Wanderers

26/02/202215:00Morecambe v Ipswich Town

26/02/202215:00Oxford United v Cambridge United

26/02/202215:00Plymouth Argyle v Rotherham United

26/02/202215:00Portsmouth v Fleetwood Town

26/02/202215:00Sheffield Wednesday v Charlton Athletic

26/02/202215:00Wigan Athletic v Sunderland

05/03/202215:00Cambridge United v Shrewsbury Town

05/03/202215:00Charlton Athletic v Sunderland

05/03/202215:00Cheltenham Town v Doncaster Rovers

05/03/202215:00Crewe Alexandra v Wycombe Wanderers

05/03/202215:00Fleetwood Town v Ipswich Town

05/03/202215:00Gillingham v Bolton Wanderers

05/03/202215:00Lincoln City v Sheffield Wednesday

05/03/202215:00Oxford United v Burton Albion

05/03/202215:00Plymouth Argyle v Morecambe

05/03/202215:00Portsmouth v Accrington Stanley

05/03/202215:00Rotherham United v Milton Keynes Dons

05/03/202215:00Wigan Athletic v A.F.C. Wimbledon

12/03/202215:00A.F.C. Wimbledon v Lincoln City

12/03/202215:00Accrington Stanley v Charlton Athletic

12/03/202215:00Bolton Wanderers v Plymouth Argyle

12/03/202215:00Burton Albion v Fleetwood Town

12/03/202215:00Doncaster Rovers v Gillingham

12/03/202215:00Ipswich Town v Portsmouth

12/03/202215:00Milton Keynes Dons v Wigan Athletic

12/03/202215:00Morecambe v Cheltenham Town

12/03/202215:00Sheffield Wednesday v Cambridge United

12/03/202215:00Shrewsbury Town v Oxford United

12/03/202215:00Sunderland v Crewe Alexandra

12/03/202215:00Wycombe Wanderers v Rotherham United

19/03/202215:00Cambridge United v Milton Keynes Dons

19/03/202215:00Charlton Athletic v Burton Albion

19/03/202215:00Cheltenham Town v A.F.C. Wimbledon

19/03/202215:00Crewe Alexandra v Bolton Wanderers

19/03/202215:00Fleetwood Town v Doncaster Rovers

19/03/202215:00Gillingham v Sheffield Wednesday

19/03/202215:00Lincoln City v Sunderland

19/03/202215:00Oxford United v Ipswich Town

19/03/202215:00Plymouth Argyle v Accrington Stanley

19/03/202215:00Portsmouth v Wycombe Wanderers

19/03/202215:00Rotherham United v Shrewsbury Town

19/03/202215:00Wigan Athletic v Morecambe

26/03/202215:00A.F.C. Wimbledon v Cambridge United

26/03/202215:00Accrington Stanley v Gillingham

26/03/202215:00Bolton Wanderers v Portsmouth

26/03/202215:00Burton Albion v Wigan Athletic

26/03/202215:00Doncaster Rovers v Charlton Athletic

26/03/202215:00Ipswich Town v Plymouth Argyle

26/03/202215:00Milton Keynes Dons v Crewe Alexandra

26/03/202215:00Morecambe v Oxford United

26/03/202215:00Sheffield Wednesday v Cheltenham Town

26/03/202215:00Shrewsbury Town v Lincoln City

26/03/202215:00Sunderland v Rotherham United

26/03/202215:00Wycombe Wanderers v Fleetwood Town

02/04/202215:00Accrington Stanley v Cheltenham Town

02/04/202215:00Charlton Athletic v Lincoln City

02/04/202215:00Crewe Alexandra v Fleetwood Town

02/04/202215:00Ipswich Town v Cambridge United

02/04/202215:00Milton Keynes Dons v Shrewsbury Town

02/04/202215:00Morecambe v Burton Albion

02/04/202215:00Plymouth Argyle v Oxford United

02/04/202215:00Portsmouth v Rotherham United

02/04/202215:00Sheffield Wednesday v A.F.C. Wimbledon

02/04/202215:00Sunderland v Gillingham

02/04/202215:00Wigan Athletic v Bolton Wanderers

02/04/202215:00Wycombe Wanderers v Doncaster Rovers

09/04/202215:00A.F.C. Wimbledon v Milton Keynes Dons

09/04/202215:00Bolton Wanderers v Sheffield Wednesday

09/04/202215:00Burton Albion v Plymouth Argyle

09/04/202215:00Cambridge United v Morecambe

09/04/202215:00Cheltenham Town v Portsmouth

09/04/202215:00Doncaster Rovers v Crewe Alexandra

09/04/202215:00Fleetwood Town v Accrington Stanley

09/04/202215:00Gillingham v Wycombe Wanderers

09/04/202215:00Lincoln City v Wigan Athletic

09/04/202215:00Oxford United v Sunderland

09/04/202215:00Rotherham United v Charlton Athletic

09/04/202215:00Shrewsbury Town v Ipswich Town

15/04/202215:00Accrington Stanley v Burton Albion

15/04/202215:00Charlton Athletic v Morecambe

15/04/202215:00Cheltenham Town v Gillingham

15/04/202215:00Crewe Alexandra v A.F.C. Wimbledon

15/04/202215:00Doncaster Rovers v Bolton Wanderers

15/04/202215:00Fleetwood Town v Oxford United

15/04/202215:00Milton Keynes Dons v Sheffield Wednesday

15/04/202215:00Portsmouth v Lincoln City

15/04/202215:00Rotherham United v Ipswich Town

15/04/202215:00Sunderland v Shrewsbury Town

15/04/202215:00Wigan Athletic v Cambridge United

15/04/202215:00Wycombe Wanderers v Plymouth Argyle

18/04/202215:00A.F.C. Wimbledon v Wycombe Wanderers

18/04/202215:00Bolton Wanderers v Accrington Stanley

18/04/202215:00Burton Albion v Rotherham United

18/04/202215:00Cambridge United v Charlton Athletic

18/04/202215:00Gillingham v Fleetwood Town

18/04/202215:00Ipswich Town v Wigan Athletic

18/04/202215:00Lincoln City v Cheltenham Town

18/04/202215:00Morecambe v Portsmouth

18/04/202215:00Oxford United v Milton Keynes Dons

18/04/202215:00Plymouth Argyle v Sunderland

18/04/202215:00Sheffield Wednesday v Crewe Alexandra

18/04/202215:00Shrewsbury Town v Doncaster Rovers

23/04/202215:00Accrington Stanley v Lincoln City

23/04/202215:00Charlton Athletic v Shrewsbury Town

23/04/202215:00Cheltenham Town v Bolton Wanderers

23/04/202215:00Crewe Alexandra v Ipswich Town

23/04/202215:00Doncaster Rovers v Burton Albion

23/04/202215:00Fleetwood Town v A.F.C. Wimbledon

23/04/202215:00Milton Keynes Dons v Morecambe

23/04/202215:00Portsmouth v Gillingham

23/04/202215:00Rotherham United v Oxford United

23/04/202215:00Sunderland v Cambridge United

23/04/202215:00Wigan Athletic v Plymouth Argyle

23/04/202215:00Wycombe Wanderers v Sheffield Wednesday

30/04/202215:00A.F.C. Wimbledon v Accrington Stanley

30/04/202215:00Bolton Wanderers v Fleetwood Town

30/04/202215:00Burton Albion v Wycombe Wanderers

30/04/202215:00Cambridge United v Cheltenham Town

30/04/202215:00Gillingham v Rotherham United

30/04/202215:00Ipswich Town v Charlton Athletic

30/04/202215:00Lincoln City v Crewe Alexandra

30/04/202215:00Morecambe v Sunderland

30/04/202215:00Oxford United v Doncaster Rovers

30/04/202215:00Plymouth Argyle v Milton Keynes Dons

30/04/202215:00Sheffield Wednesday v Portsmouth

30/04/202215:00Shrewsbury Town v Wigan Athletic

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