Lions vs. tortoise is a sighting ‘etched in your memory forever’

A leopard tortoise in Tswalu Kalahari Reserve in South Africa walked away peacefully without a scratch in its encounter with a couple of young, curious lions.

Trevor Kleyn captured footage of the encounter Tswalu Kalahari Reserve’s Instagram account described as one of those sightings that remain etched in your memory forever.

The lions didn’t know what to think of the tortoise, turning it around and upside down, apparently attempting to get at what was inside.

In the end, the last lion left the tortoise lying upside down. Once it came out of its shell, the tortoise righted itself and went on its merry way.

“Awesome video capture,” one commenter on Instagram wrote.

“Love a happy ending…bravo to the tortoise,” stated another.

“That was a lucky escape!” another wrote.

And then this, “Without fighting she won the battle! Bravo!”

Story originally appeared on For The Win