LIV Golf mock PGA Tour for ‘imitating’ their format

LIV Golf mock PGA Tour for ‘imitating’ their format

LIV Golf have mocked the PGA Tour for “imitating” their format as the organisation looks to make changes from the 2024 season.

The Tour said on Monday eight of its leading events outside of the majors will not have cuts and will have limited fields. It is thought they have introduced the change in order to prevent more players defecting to LIV, who created events with no cuts to guarantee players money.

LIV’s new format attracted multiple players such as two-time major winner Dustin Johnson and Ian Poulter. Saudi-backed LIV have pointed out the similarity in the PGA’s revamp and took to Twitter to share their opinion.

“Imitation is the greatest form of flattery,” they said. “Congratulations PGA Tour. Welcome to the future.”

The changes to the PGA Tour will see the eight event only have a field of 70-78 players. Those players will be selected with the top 50 from the previous year’s FedEx Cup standings and the top ten players from the points lists included.

An additional five players can qualify through other events. The eight events which will be changed are yet to be confirmed.

This comes after the PGA Tour introduced 12 designated events for the 2023 season to keep their stars happy.

Four-time major champion Rory McIlroy, who has been highly critical of LIV Golf, said of the PGA changes: “I’m all about rewarding good play.

“It’s trying to get the top guys versus the hot guys, right? I think that creates a really compelling product.”

Rory McIlroy has criticised LIV Golf over the past year (Getty Images)
Rory McIlroy has criticised LIV Golf over the past year (Getty Images)

American world number two Scottie Scheffler, who plays on the PGA Tour, added: “You got to earn your way still out here on tour.

“There’s plenty of avenues for guys to earn their way into those tournaments, whether it’s this year or next year.”

However there has been criticism from players too and not only from stars competing for LIV Golf.

Eddie Pepperell, who plays on the European Tour, said: “Missing cuts is essential for growth as a professional golfer. We could argue that the top guys who will be playing the elevated events in 2024 have already done all their ‘growing’.

“But you’d be surprised how much it means to make a cut when your backs up against the wall and you’re struggling. It’s a mini win, and it breeds great things.

“So whether it’s LIV or now the PGA Tour, as someone who has played competitively for years now, removing the cut is one of the worst things to happen to the game in the last 12 months.”

And Poulter, who joined LIV last year, added: “Oh my my my…. When will the penny drop with so many of what’s actually happened here. It really doesn’t take a [rocket scientist] to work it out. And sounds very similar to another product that’s been spoken so badly about by Media and commentators. I’m all ears now. I’m waiting.”