LOCAL ROUNDUP: DACC softball splits with No. 1 Parkland

Apr. 23—DANVILLE — After a tough first game in Saturday's doubleheader with No. 1 Parkland, the Danville Area Community College softball team rebounded in the second.

Rylee Richey had 11 strikeouts as the Lady Jaguars beat the Cobras 2-0 to break a 30-game winning streak for Parkland. Richey also had the two-RBI double that accounted for both runs in the game and Amaria Wall added a triple.

In the first game, DACC lost 19-0 to the Cobras. Kennedy Hudson and Pailei Cripe each had a hit for the Lady Jaguars. Karley Yergler had five RBIs for Parkland and Lexie Griffin had three RBIs.

On Sunday, the Lady Jaguars swept Lincoln Land College 6-3 and 3-0. In the first game, Gloria Richardson had three hits and two RBIs, while Cripe, Wall and Molly Besser each had one RBI. Richey came on and got the win in the second game with nine strikeouts and drove in a run. Alyssa Acton and Wall also drove in a run.

The Lady Jaguars are 25-13 and will play St. Louis Community College on Wednesday.

From Saturday

Game 1

At Danville

Parkland College 19, Danville Area Community College 0

Parkland'252'73'— '19 '18' 2


WP — Karley Yergler. LP — Alyvia Jackson. Two or more hits — P: Lexie Griffin 3, Ryleigh Owens 3, Yergler, Mia Ruder. 2B — P: Ruder, Yergler, Kailee Otto. 3B — D: Kennedy Hudson. HR — P: Yergler. RBIs — P: Yergler 5, Griffin 3, Ruder, Alisha Frederick, Reece Sarver, Katy Hendricks, Kailyn Wilson, Otto, Tori Thomas.

Game 2

At Danville

Danville Area Community College 2, Parkland College 0

Parkland'000'000'0'— '0 '2' 0


WP — Rylee Richey. LP — Ellie Vetter. 2B — P: Alisha Frederick D: Richey. 3B — D: Amaria Wall. RBIs — D: Richey 2.

From Sunday

At Danville

Game 1

Danville Area Community College 6, Lincoln Land Community College 3

L. Land'020'001'0'— '3 '5' 4


WP — Lauren Kehl. LP — Kaylee Yost. Two or more hits — D: Gloria Richardson LL: Andee Brown 3. 2B — D: Amaria Wall, Richardson RBIs — LL: Brown 2 D: Richardson 2, Pailei Cripe, Wall, Molly Besster.

Game 2

Danville Area Community College 3, Lincoln Land Community College 0

L. Land'000'000'0'— '0 '3' 0


WP — Rylee Richey. LP — Kaylee Yost. Two or more hits — LL: Bridgette Royer 2B — LL: Royer D: Richey, Pailei Cripe, Alyssa Acton. RBIs — D: Richey, Acton, Amaria Wall.


DACC loses three to Heartland

NORMAL — The Jaguars lost both games on the road Saturday and split with the Hawks on Sunday at Danville Stadium.

In Sunday's first game, Danville Area Community College won 12-4 in breaking an 4-4 eighth inning tie with eight runs.

Ryan DeGroot had two hits and three RBIs, while Adam Evans had three hits and two RBIs, Drew Pinkston ahd five hits and a RBI, Nathan Edders had two hits and two RBIs, Brock Bacus had two RBIs and Shea Zbrozek had one RBI.

In the second game, the Hawks won 18-2 as Evans had two hits for the Jaguars.

On Saturday, the Jaguars went to Normal and lost the first game 11-4 and second game 7-6.

In the first game, Pinkston had two hits with a home run and three RBIs, while Evans had an RBI. DeGroot, Kody Morton and Brody Julian each had one RBI in the second game.

The Jaguars will play Lewis & Clark on Saturday.

From Saturday

Game 1

At Danville

Heartland Community College 11, Danville Area Community College 4

Heartland'001'005'131'— '11 '13' 0


WP — Gardner. LP — Logan Elsbury. Two or more hits — H: Contreras 4, Boyette, Hennemann D: Drew Pinkston. 2B — H: Steinbaugh, Boyette, Polickey, McNamee. HR — H: Boyette. D: Pinkston. RBIs — H: Steinbaugh 2, Boyette 2, Williams, Contreas, Davidson, Griffits, McNamee, Hennemann. D: Pinkston 3, Adam Evans.

Game 2

Heartland Community College 7, Danville Area Community College 6

Heartland'052'000'0'— '7 '9' 1


WP — Cecola. LP — Sam Monk. Two or more hits — H: Contreras, Steinbaugh, Atkinson 2B — H: Steinbaugh, McNamee 3B — H: Steinbaugh, Atkinson. RBIs — H: Contreras 2, Williams, Davidson, Steinbaugh, Atkinson D: Kody Morton, Ryan DeGroot, Brody Julian.


At Normal

Game 1

Danville Area Community College 12, Heartland Community College 4

DACC'020'000'28'— '12 '18' 3


WP — Brennan Rawlins. LP — Brown. Two or more hits — D: Drew Pinkston 5, Adam Evans 3, Ryan DeGroot, Jackson Raaf, Nathan Edders H: Steinbaugh 3, Williams, Polickey, Hennemann. 2B — D: Evans, Pinkston, Raaf H: Cooley. 3B — D: Edders. RBIs — D: DeGroot 3, Brock Bacus 2, Evans 2, Edders 2, Pinkston, Raaf, Shea Zbrozek. H: Henneman 2, Atkinson.

Game 2

Heartland Community College 18, Danville Area Community College 2

Danville'100'10'— '2 '5' 0


WP — Wright. LP — Nick Underwood. Two or more hits — D: Adam Evans H: Griffitts 4, Williams 3, Polickey, Davidson. 2B — H: Davidson, Williams, Polickey. HR — H: Griffitts. RBIs — H: Griffitts 6, Polickey 4, Davidson 3, Boyette 2, Williams 2, Atkinson.


Peoria Notre Dame 12, Danville 7

DANVILLE — The Vikings were only down 7-5 after two innings, but the Irish kept scoring to get the win at Danville Stadium.

Marvin Davis III had two hits and two RBIs for Danville, while Jake Garrison had two hits and a RBI, Brody Boyd, Grady DeVors and Ty Rangel each had one RBI and Kody Meeker had two hits.

The Vikings are 4-13 and will travel to Normal West on Wednesday.

At Danville

Peoria Notre Dame 12, Danville 7

PND'342'100'2'— '12 '12' 1


WP — Roe. LP — Brody Boyd. Two or more hits — PND: Blackford, D. Kouri, Culp, S. Kouri D: Jake Garrison, Kody Meeker, Marvin Davis III. 2B — PND: Alwan, Livengood, Mickels, D. Kouri D: Darius Jay, DeVors. RBIs — PND: Alwan 3, D. Kouri 2, Blackford, Campbell, Seaton, Mickels, Culp, S. Kouri D: Davis 2, Ty Rangel, DeVors, Boys, Garrison

Oakwood 10, Schlarman 8

TILTON — The Comets scored two runs in the top of the 10th to get the win over the Hilltoppers.

Chase Harrison did not have any hits for Oakwood, but did have four RBIs, including the game-winning runs on a sacrifice fly. Jackson Dudley had four hits and two RBIs, Cort Vermillion had three hits and two RBIs and Brody Taflinger and Alex Wallace each had two hits.

Jerrius Atkinson had three hits and five RBIs for Schlarman Academy, while Miles Crosby had an RBI and Liam Billings had two hits.

The Comets are 9-13 and will play North Vermillion today, while the Hilltoppers will play Hoopeston Area on Friday.

The Comets were coming off a tough doubleheader against Reed-Custer on Saturday. Oakwood lost the first game 7-6 and 20-4 in the second game.

Jackson Dudley had two RBIs for Oakwood, while Chase Harrison had two hits and Derek Drews, Connor Hutson, Chase Dudley and Alex Wallace each had one RBI.

Chase Harrison had two hits and two RBIs in the second game, while Jackson Dudley and Brody Marcinko each had one RBI.

At Tilton

Oakwood 10, Schlarman 8

Oakwood'001'130'210'2'— '10 '11' 3


WP — Loudyn Hughes LP — Miles Crosby. Two or more hits — O: Jackson Dudley 4, Cort Vermillion 3, Brody Taflinger, Alex Wallace SA: Jerrius Atkinson 3, Liam Billings. 2B — O: Brody Taflinger SA: Atkinson. HR — SA: Atkinson. RBIs — O: Chase Harrison 4, Jackson Dudley 2, Vermillion 2 SA: Atkinson 5, Crosby.

Westville 13, Milford 3

WESTVILLE — The Tigers had 14 hits as they beat the Bearcats in five innings.

Cameron Steinbaugh and Matt Darling each had two hits and two RBIs for Westville, while Easton Bolin had three RBIs, Zach Russell and Drew Wichtowski each had two RBIs, Cameron Quick had one RBI and Easton Barney, Cade Schaumburg and Ben Johnson each had two hits.

The Tigers are 16-3-1 and 6-0 in the Vermilion Valley Conference and will take on St. Joseph-Ogden on Wednesday.

At Westville

Westville 13, Milford 3

Milford'003'00'— '3 '7' 3


WP — Cade Schaumburg. LP — Gavin Schunke. Two or more hits — M: Schumke, Caleb Clutteur, Janssen W: Cameron Steinbaugh, Matt Darling, Easton Barney, Schaumburg, Ben Johnson. 2B — W: Barney, Schaumburg, Steinbaugh. RBIs — M: Janssen W: Easton Bolin 3, Zach Russell 2, Drew Wichtowski 2, Steinbaugh 2, Darling 2, Cameron Quick.

A-P 8, GRF 1

GEORGETOWN — Sown 1-0 after five innings, the Trojans broke through with five runs in the sixth and three in the seventh.

Colton Murphy had two hits and three RBIs for Armstrong-Potomac, while Cain Buhr had two RBIs, Bowen Hesterburg had one RBI and Kollin Asbury had two hits.

Jase Latoz had two hits for Georgetown-Ridge Farm, while Hunter Meeker had an RBI.

The Trojans are 11-3 and will play Paxton-Buckley-Loda today.

The Buffaloes were coming off a 12-7 loss to Arthur-Lovington/Atwood-Hammond on Saturday. Latoz had a three-run home run, while Ryley Heck had two hits and a RBI and Jackson Pratt had two RBIs.

At Georgetown

Armstrong-Potomac 8, Georgetown-Ridge Farm/Chrisman 1

A-P'000'005'3'— '8 '7' 1


WP — Traxton Roberts. LP — Jase Latoz. Two or more hits — AP: Kollin Asbury, Colton Murphy GRF: Jase Latoz. 2B — AP: Asbury, Murphy, Bowen Hesterberg. RBIs — AP: Murphy 3, Cain Buhr 2, Hesterberg GRF: Hunter Meeker

Salt Fork 20, Cissna Park 5

CATLIN — The Storm scored 11 runs in the second inning and went on to win in four innings.

Jameson Remole had four hits with five RBIs for Salt Fork, while Hunter Maloney had two hits with a home run and four RBIs, Evan Hageman had two hits and two RBIs, Brayden Norton and Pedro Rangel each had two hits and one RBI and Deegan Albert and Isaak Bemis each had one RBI.

Salt Fork is 7-9 and will face Villa Grove today.

At Catlin

Salt Fork 20, Cissna Park 5

Cissna Park'000'5'— '5 '1' 1

Salt Fork'0(11)2'7'—'20'18'1

WP — Jameson Remole LP — Clark. Two or more hits — SF: Remole 4, Pedro Rangel, Brayden Norton, Hunter Maloney, Hayden Chew, Evan Hageman. 2B — CP: Bruens SF: Remole 2, Norton, Hageman, Maloney. HR — SF: Maloney. RBIs — CP: Bruens, Walder, Neukomm, King, Tuttle SF: Remole 4, Maloney 4, Hageman 2, Rangel, Deegan Albert, Norton, Isaak Bemis.

Hoopeston Area 7, Watseka 5

WATSEKA — The Cornjerkers let the Warriors tie the game in the seventh, but scored two runs in the eighth to get the win.

Zach Huchel had two hits and two RBIs for Hoopeston Area, while Cole Miller had three hits and a RBI, Wyatt Eisenmann had two hits and a RBI and Ryker Small and Owen Field each had one RBI.

The Cornjerkers are 13-6 and will face Mahomet-Seymour on Thursday.

BHRA 9, Iroquois West 3

BISMARCK — The Blue Devils were only up 3-1 before scoring six runs in the fifth to put away the Raiders.

Jordan Johnson and Chaz Dubois each had two hits and two RBIs for Bismarck-Henning/Rossville-Alvin, while Enrique Rangel had two RBIs and Anderson Thomas and Cruz Dubois each had two hits.

The Blue Devils are 16-6 and will face Prairie Central on Tuesday.

At Bismarck

Bismarck-Henning/Rossville-Alvin 9, Iroquois West 3

I. West'000'102'0'— '3 '7' 7


WP — Anderson Thomas. LP — Melegoza. Two or more hits — IW: Hartke 3, Pheifer BHRA: Jordan Johnson, Cruz Dubois, Chaz Dubois, Thomas. 2B — IW: Pheifer, McCann, Hartke BHRA: Cruz Dubois, Chaz Dubois. HR — BHRA: Johnson. RBIs — IW: Pheifer 2, Hartke BHRA: Johnson 2, Chaz Dubois 2, Enrique Rangel 2.

Danville (Ind.) 15, Covington 5

DANVILLE, Ind. — The Trojans were up 4-3 in the fifth inning, but the Warriors scored nine runs in the fifth to get the win.

Kaden Smith had two hits and two RBIs for Covington, while Cian Moore and Levin Marcinko each had two hits and one RBI.

At Danville, Ind.

Danville 15, Covington 5

Covington'201'101'— '5 '8' 4


WP —Hackleman. LP — Kaden Smith. Two or more hits — C: Cian Moore, Smith, Levin Marcinko D: Groce 3, Benson 3, Wooten, Warner, Miller. 2B — C: Marcinko 2, Smith, Rieman D: Miller, Wooten. 3B — D: Groce 2, Warner. RBIs — C: Smith 2, Marcinko, Moore D: Irving 2, Groce 2, Miller 2, Benson, Wooten, Hackleman, Warner, Dennison, Armour.

North Central 10, N. Vermillion 5

CAYUGA, Ind. — The Falcons fell behind early and did not catch up as they lost to North Central.

Wyatt Walters and Shawn Martin each had two hits and a RBI for North Vermillion, while Aden Rangel and Aiden Hinchee each had one RBI.

Benton Central 13, Fountain Central 3

OXFORD, Ind. — The Mustangs scored the first three runs of the game, but the Bison scored the rest in a five-inning win.

Owen Acton had a two-run home run and Ayden Batchelor each had a home run for Fountain Central.


Danville 12, Centennial 1

DANVILLE — Ka'Leah Bellik had two hits with a home run and four RBIs as the Vikings beat the Chargers in five innings.

TaeAna Boyd had two RBIs for Danville, while Maya Gagnon and Jaidyn Hardesty each had one RBI and Kendall Rannebarger had two hits and eight strikeouts on the mound.

The Vikings are 7-7 and will face Peoria Richwoods today.

At Danville

Danville 12, Champaign Centennial 1

Centennial'000'10'— '1 '7' 1


WP — Kendall Rannebarger. LP — Flemons. Two or more hits — C: Goodreau, Klaudt D: Rannebarger, Ka'Leah Bellik. 3B — C: Flemons. D: Bellik, Rannebarger. HR — D: Bellik. RBIs — C: Shipley D: Bellik 4, TaeAna Boyd 2, Maya Gagnon, Jaidyn Hardesty.

Oakwood 10, Schlarman 5

DANVILLE — The Comets scored in every inning except the sixth to get the win over Hilltoppers.

Jada Finley had two hits and two RBIs for Oakwood, while Gracie Hanner had two hits and a RBI and Caydence Vermillion and Gracie Enos each had one RBI.

Deana Linares had three hits and a RBI for Schlarman Academy, while Irene Rangel had two hits and two RBIs.

The Comets are 5-15 and will face North Vermillion today, while the Hilltoppers are 0-6 and will face Hoopeston Area on Friday.

At Danville

Oakwood 10, Schlarman 5

Oakwood'121'130'2'— '10 '6' 0


WP — Caydence Vermillion. LP — Irene Rangel. Two or more hits — O: Jada Finley, Gracie Hanner SA: Deana Linares 3, Rangel 2. 2B — O: Hanner, Finley SA: Linares 2, Rangel. RBIs — O: Jada Finley 2, Vermilion, Gracie Enos, Hanner SA: Rangel 2, Linares.

Westville 6, Milford 0

WESTVILLE — Abby Sabalaskey had 18 strikeouts and gave up only two hits as the Tigers beat the Bearcats.

Layla Atwood and Laney Cook each had two hits and a RBI for Westville, while Lani Gondzur had two RBIs and Lilly Kiesel had one RBI.

The Tigers are 18-2 and will face Salt Fork on Friday.

At Westville

Westville 6, Milford 0

Milford'000'000'0'— '0 '2' 4


WP — Abby Sabalaskey. LP — Kami Muehling. Two or more hits — W: Layla Atwood, Jazmyn Bennett, Laney Cook. 2B — W: Lily Kiesel. RBIs — W: Lani Gondzur 2, Atwood, Cook, Kiesel.

A-P 4, Geo-RF 3

GEORGETOWN — The Trojans did just enough to beat the Buffaloes on the road.

Acasia Gernetz had three hits with a home run and two RBIs for Armstrong-Potomac and had 10 strikeouts on the mound to get the win, and Elle Jameson had one RBI.

Kaydence Kraus had three RBIs for Georgetown-Ridge Farm, while Peyton McComas had three hits.

At Georgetown

Armstrong-Potomac 4, Georgetown-Ridge Farm 3

A-P'010'120'0'— '4 '9' 2


WP — Acasia Gernentz. LP — Jordan Silvey. Two or more hits — AP: Gernentz 3, Hayes GRF: Peyton McComas 3. 2B — AP: Hayes, Gernentz, Grant, Elle Jameson. 3B — GRF: McComas. HR — AP: Gernentz. RBIs — AP: Gernentz 2, Jameson GRF: Kaydence Kraus 3.

Watseka 8, Hoopeston Area 7

WATSEKA — Maddie Barnes had two home run and three RBIs, but it was not enough as the Cornjerkers lost to the Warriors.

Jersey Cundiff had four hits with a home run and four RBIs for Hoopeston Area, while Macy Warner had three hits and Addy Kelnhofer and Viviana Zamarripa each had two hits.

The Cornjerkers drop to 10-10.

BHRA 10, Iroquois West 0

BISMARCK — The Blue Devils had seven hits as they beat the Raiders in five innings.

Ella Myers had two hits and three RBIs for Bismarck-Henning/Rossville-Alvin, while Raeghan Dickison had three RBIs, Ava Acton and Gentry Elson each had two RBIs and Draycee Nelson added two hits.

The Blue Devils are 15-7.

Southmont 18, Covington 4

COVINGTON, Ind. — The Trojans had 10 hits, but could not beat the Mounties.

Brooke Rottman had two RBIs for Covington, while Alex Sutherlin had three hits and a RBI, Emma Holycross had two hits and Karma Kingery added one RBI.

Fountain Central 22, Crawfordsville 6

CRAWFORDSVILLE, Ind. — Zoe Foxworthy-DeJournett had four hits with two home runs and seven RBIs as the Mustangs cruised to the win.

Owen Jones had three hits and four RBIs for Fountain Central, while Kayla Brown had two hits and three RBIs and Kearney Foxworthy-DeJournett had three hits.

North Central 17, N. Vermillion 5

CAYUGA, Ind. — The Falcons had nine hits, but could not avoid losing in five innings.

Pailynn Nichols had three hits and one RBI for North Vermillion, while Cami Phelps had two RBIs, Hope Kawata had two hits and a RBI and Tessa Downs had one RBI.


Salt Fork competes in Open

TUSCOLA — The Salt Fork boys and girls teams competed in the Tuscola Open on Friday.

In the non-scoring meet, the Storm had some top performances.

Brysen Vasquez won the 200 (22.48) and 400 (50.82) meter runs for Salt Fork, while Tyler Smoot was second in the 800 (2:03.75), Ian Church was third in the 300 (43.70), Maddax Stine was third in the discus (37.29m) and the 800 relay team of Ezra Reffett, Blake Trimmell, Kamdyn Keller and Ethan Merritt was third at 1:37.93.

The 800 relay team of Maya Smith, Taylor Remole, Ella Cary and Brycie Hird won in 1:54.76 won for the Salt Fork girls, while Hird was second in the 100 (13.46), Callie Richardson was third in the 1,600 (5:45) and 3,200 (12:12), Hannah Downing was second in the 100 (18.34) and 300 hurdles (53.91) and Brylee Filicsky was third in the shot put.

Fountain Central competes at Invite

FRANKFORT, Ind. — The Mustang boys team was seventh and the girls team took fifth at the Hot Dog Invitational on Saturday.

In the boys meet, Issac Gayler was third in the 400 (54.82 seconds), Caylum Willis was third in the 300 hurdles (49.74) and Hayden Kler was fifth in the 3,00 (11:29.44).

Brailey Hoagland was second in the 100 (13.44) and long jump (15 feet, 1 inch) for the Fountain Central girls, while Kalina Wesley was third in the long jump (14-9) and fourth in the 200 (30.61), Henley Good was fourth in the 300 hurdles (57.15) and Scarlett Parker was fifth in the 100 hurdles (18.65).


Danville rolls in triangular

DANVILLE — The Danville girls track team hosted Charleston and Champaign Centennial on Friday and cruised to an big win.

The Vikings had 307 points to more than double Charleston's total of 141.5 and Centennial had 62.5 points.

Nickiya Shields won the 100 hurdles (15.01) and the triple jump (11.46) for Danville, while Taniyah Reynolds won the 100 (12.66), Ashanti Conaway won the 200 (26.69), Da'Sani Lewis won the 400 (1:03.50, Makhiya Gibson won the 300 hurdles (54.44), Ja'Lorrian Stewart took the shot put (9.78m), Jada Bell won the discus (29.90m), Gabi Huerta won the high jump (1.56m), Samantha Brown won the pole vault (2.31m) and Abby Decker won the long jump (5.17m).

The 400 team of Shields, Lewis, Jhe'Nyi Parker and Conaway won in 50.78 and the 1,600 team of Presence Reed, Huerta, Andrea Milford and Rosa Vasquez won in 4:34.62.

BHRA wins at GCMS

GIBSON CITY — The Bismarck-Henning/Rossville-Alvin girls track team outlasted everyone in the field to win the Gibson City-Melvin-Sibley Falcon Invite on Friday.

Ella McFarland won the high jump (1.50m) and was second in the triple jump (10.08m) for the Blue Devils, while Amber-Christine Reed was second in teh 200 (26.89), Aleah Potter was third in the 3,200 (12:42), Aubrey Peters was thirdin the 300 hurdles (54.44) and Reis MacFarland was third in the shot put (9.26m) and discus (28.37m).

The 400 relay team of Aubrey Peters, Emily Dice, Nevaeh Scott and Reed won in 52.31, while the 800 team of Peters, Natalie Thomason, Scott and Reed won in 1:52.61 and 1,600 sprint medley team of Mackenzie Stow, Scott. Thomason and Potter won in 4:46.95.


BHRA fifth at Unity

TOLONO — The Bismarck-Henning/Rossville-Alvin boys track team ended up fifth out of 15 teams in the Unity Boys Invitational on Tuesday.

There were no individual winners for the Blue Devils, but had good finishes from Ayden Ingram, who was second in the high jump (1.82m) and the long jump (6.27m) and was third in the 400 meters (51.54) while the 3,200 relay team of Payton Wallace, Taylor Pattison, Utah Thomas and Hunter Black was second (8:54.85) and the 1,600 team of Dylan Farr, Eli Godwin, Black and Ingram was third at 3:38.70.

Oakwood was also in the meet and ended up 10th. Connor Smith was third in the 100 (11.40), Bryson McDaniel was third in the long jump (6.27m) and the 3,200 relay team of Jakob Rupp, Lucas Tyas, Macen Phillips and Thomas Wells was third (8:54.92).


DACC wins Vincennes Invitational

VINCENNES, Ind. — The Jaguars outlasted the field over the weekend at the Vincennes Invitational.

Blake Arnold shot a two-day total of 148 for Danvile Area Community College, while Cameron Bergman and Luke Mettemeyer each had a 152, Grady Lancaster shot a 160 and Zach Douglas scored at 175.