LOCAL ROUNDUP: Schlarman baseball advances in regional

May 14—TILTON — The Schlarman Academy baseball team is starting to find themselves at the right time.

The Hilltoppers won their second game in a row and advanced in an IHSA Class 1A regional on Monday with a 11-0 win over Blue Ridge.

Liam Billings had 11 strikeouts and gave up only one hits on the mound to get the win for the Hilltoppers.

Rickey Soderstrom had two hits with a home run and three RBIs, while Princton Rush had two hits and two RBIs, Dillon Hemker had two RBIs, Noah Berryman and Kyler Zarn each had one RBI and Billings had two hits.

The Hilltoppers were coming off a 11-7 win over Cissna Park on Saturday. Miles Crosby had three hits and four RBIs, while Hemker had three hits and two RBIs, Sodertstrom had two hits and a RBI, Rush had a RBI and Peyton Kummerle and Billings each had two hits.

Schlarman will now go to Armstrong-Potomac for the semifinals on Thursday with a meeting with St. Anne.

At Tilton

Schlarman Academy 11, Blue Ridge 0

Blue Ridge'000'00'— '0 '1' 1


WP — Liam Billings. LP — Brown Two or more hits — SA: Billings, Rickey Soderstrom, Princeton Rush. 2B — SA: Soderstrom, Dillon Hemker, Kyler Zarn. HR — SA: Soderstrom. RBIs — SA: Soderstrom 3, Hemker 2, Rush 2, Zarn, Noah Berryman.

Oakwood 12, Iroquois West 1

OAKWOOD — The Comets scored six runs in each of the second and third innings and went on to win their IHSA Class 2A regional opener.

Brody Taflinger had two hits and four RBIs for Oakwood, while Cort Vermillion had two hits and three RBIs, Derek Drews and Jackson Dudley each had two hits anda RBI, Alex Wallace had two RBIs, Alec Harrison had one RBI and Brody Marcinko had two hits.

Harrison had 11 strikeouts on the mound and only gave up five hits for the Comets, who are 16-14 and will face St. Joseph-Ogden on Wednesday.

At Oakwood

Oakwood 12, Iroquois West 1

I. West'000'01'— '1 '5' 0


WP — Chase Harrison. LP — Alvarez. Two or more hits — IW: Andrade O: Derek Drews. Brody Taflinger, Cort Vermilion, Jackson Dudley, Brody Marcinko. 2B — O: Taflinger, Vermillion. RBIs — IW: Clendenen O: Taflinger 4, Vermillion 3, Alex Wallace 2, Drews, Dudley, Harrison.

Salt Fork 5, Heritage 0

CATLIN — The Storm only had four hits, but made the most of them in an IHSA Class 1A regional win over the Hawks.

Peyton Hageman had two RBIs for Salt Fork, while Braxton Clem, Hunter Maloney and Evan Hageman each had one RBI.

Hayden Chew had nine strikeouts and only gave up one hit in four The Storm were coming off a 15-5 loss to St. Joseph-Ogden on Saturday. Brayden Norton and Hunter Maloney each had two RBIs, while Jameson Remole had a RBI double.

The Storm are 13-15 and will face Villa Grove on Thursday at Arcola in a regional semifinal.

At Catlin

Salt Fork 5, Heritage 0

Heritage'000'000'0'— '0 '2' 2

Salt Fork'001'400'x'—'5'4'1

WP — Hayden Chew. LP — Happ. 2B — SF: Hunter Maloney. RBIs — SF: Peyton Hageman 2, Evan Hageman, Maloney, Braxton Clem.

Tuscola 14, Geo-RF 11

TUSCOLA — The Buffaloes tried to rally late and lost in an IHSA Class 1A regional.

Jase Latoz had four hits with a home run and four RBIs for Georgetown-Ridge Farm, while Jackson Pratt had three hits with a home run and three RBIs, Ryley Heck had three hits and two RBIs, Landon Heck had three hits and a RBI, Devin Vice had two hits and a RBI and Sawyer Willis had two hits.

At Tuscola

Tuscola 14, Georgetown-Ridge Farm 11

Geo-RF'200'303'3'— '11 '17' 4


WP — Musgrave. LP — Ryley Heck. Two or more hits — GRF: Jase Latoz 4, Ryley Heck 3, Landon Heck 3, Jackson Pratt 3, Sawyer Willis, Devin Vice T: Waugh 3, Gibson. 2B — GRF: Latoz T: Cummings, Waugh. 3B — T: Reynolds. HR — GRF: Pratt, Latoz. T: Russo. RBIs — GRF: Latoz 4, Pratt 3, Ryley Heck 2, Landon Heck, Vice T: Russo 3, Gibson 2, Lyons, Devlin, Cummings, Pettry, Waugh.

Covington 12, N. Vermillion 2

COVINGTON, Ind. — Landon Hardy had three hits and four RBIs as the Trojans beat the Falcons in six innings.

Kyven Hill also had four RBIs for Covington, while Nash Martin had a RBI and Cian Moore, Creux Rieman and Austin Stein each had two hits.

Aiden Hinchee had two RBIs for North Vermillion, while Shawn Martin had a double.

The Trojans were coming off a sweep of South Vermillion on Saturday. In the first game, Rieman had four hits with three RBIs, while Hardy had three hits and two RBIs, and Moore, Kolten Haymaker and Hill each had one RBI.

In the second game, Hill had two hits and two RBIs, while Moore had three hits, Kaden Smith and Rieman each had two hits and a RBI and Hardy and Martin each had one RBI.

At Covington, Ind.

Covington 12, North Vermillion 2

N. Vermillion'000'020'— '2 '4' 6


WP — Kolten Haymaker. LP —Aden Rangel. Two or more hits — C: Landon Hardy 3, Cian Moore, Creaux Rieman, Austin Stein. 2B — NV: Shawn Martin C: Hardy. RBIs — NV: Aiden Hinchee 2 C: Kyven Hill 4, Hardy 4, Nash Martin.

B. Christian 10, Fountain Central 4

VEEDERSBURG, Ind. — The Mustangs only had four hits, but could not overcome an early 7-0 deficit against Bethesda Christian.

Ayden Batchelor and Paul Adams each had one RBI for Fountain Central, who was coming off a split with Parke Heritage on Saturday.

The Mustangs won the first game 9-6, but lost 7-6 in the second game.

Batchelor and Owen Acton each had two hits and two RBIs for Fountain Central in the first game, while Kyle Slinker had two RBIs, Cole Garbison and Asher Davis each had two hits and Adams had one RBI.

In the second game, Slinker had two hits and two RBIs, while Batchelor and Davis each had two hits and a RBI, Spencer Krout and Nolan Acton each had one RBI and Owen Acton had two hits.

The Mustangs are 8-12 and will face Riverton Parke today.

At Veedersburg, Ind.

Bethesda Christian 10, Fountain Central 4

B. Christian'205'102'0'— '10 '12' 1

F. Central'000'200'2'—'4'5'1

WP — Diniger. LP — Asher Davis. Two or more hits — BC: Kinisley 3, Stevens, Dininger, Henry. 2B — BC: Henry. 3B — BC: Dininger. RBIs — BC: Stevens, Geigerich, Mlagan, Dininger, Mackie, Henry FC: Ayden Batchelor, Paul Evans.


Danville 12, Mahomet-Seymour 1

MAHOMET — Ka'Leah Bellik had two hits with a home run and five RBIs as the Vikings crushed the Bulldogs in five innings.

Maya Gagnon had three hits with a RBI for Danville, while Olivia Scaggs had two hits and a RBI, Alicia Angus and Kendall Rannebarger each had a solo home run, Payton Beith, TaeAna Boyd and Gracie Briggs each had an RBI and Jaidyn Hardesty had two hits.

Rannebarger had three strikeouts on the mound for the Vikings, who were coming off a 17-3 loss to Peoria Notre Dame on Saturday. Beith had three hits and a RBI, Hardesty and Gagnon each had one RBI and Angus had two hits.

Danville is 10-13 and will play Bloomington today.

At Mahomet

Danville 12, Mahomet-Seymour 1

Danville'303'06'— '12 '14' 2


WP — Kendall Rannebarger. LP — Henderson. Two or more hits — D: Maya Gagnon 3, Jaidyn Hardesty, Ka'Leah Bellik, Olivia Scaggs MS: Logsdon. 2B — D: Bellik, Gagnon, Hardesty, Scaggs, Gracie Briggs MS: Logsdon 2, Dyer. HR — D: Bellik, Rannebarger, Alicia Angus. RBIs — D: Bellik 5, Rannebarger, Payton Beith, Angus, Gagnon, Briggs, Scaggs, TaeAna Boyd.

Schlarman 9, Geo-RF 3

GEORGETOWN — The Hilltoppers won their second straight game and advanced in an IHSA Class 1A regional.

Irene Rangel had two hits with a home run and three RBIs for Schlarman Academy, while Reagan Troglia had two RBIs, Hayden Miller had two hits and one RBI, and Rylee Sparks had one RBI.

Rangel had 18 strikeouts and gave up two hits for the Hilltoppers, who will play Milford/Cissna Park today.

Peyton McComas had four hits and a RBI for Georgetown-Ridge Farm. who ends the season with a 2-21 record.

At Georgetown

Schlarman Academy 9, Georgetown-Ridge Farm 3

Schlaman'002'304'0'— '9 '9' 6


WP — Irene Rangel. LP — Chloe Stephenson. Two or more hits — SA: Rangel, Hayden Miller GRF: Peyton McComas 4. 2B — SA: Rangel, Jelanna Tall GRF: Stephenson. HR — SA: Rangel. RBIs — SA: Rangel 3, Troglia 2, Rylee Sparks, Miller GRF: McComas.

Hoopeston Area 6, PBL 1

HOOPESTON — Aubreyana Inman had three hits and three RBIs as the Cornjerkers won an IHSA Class 2A regional.

Jersey Cundiff had two RBIs for Hoopeston Area, while Addyson Kelhnofer had three hits and a RBI, Kinzley Bailey had two hits and a RBI and Macy Warner added two hits.

Maddie Barnes had 13 strikeouts on the mound for the Cornjerkers, who are 15-10 and will face Herscher on Wednesday.

At Hoopeston

Hoopeston Area 6, Paxton-Buckley-Loda 1

PBL'100'000'0'— '1 '5' 0


WP — Maddie Barnes. LP — Busboom. Two or more hits — PBL: Johnson HA: Aubreyana Inman 3, Addyson Kelnhofer 3, Kinzley Bailey, Macy Warner. 2B — PBL: Johnson HA: Inman, Warner, Bailey. 3B — PBL: Johnson. HA: Barnes. RBIs — PBL: McClatchey HA: Inman 3, Cundiff 2, Kelnhofer, Bailey.

A-P 10, Heritage 0

ARMSTRONG — Acascia Gernentz had six strikeouts and gave up one hit as the Trojans advanced in an IHSA Class 1A regional.

Tinley Parkerson and Makenna Ackerman each had two RBIs and Kaylyn Hayes added an RBI.

The Trojans are 8-11-1 and will face Villa Grove today.

At Armstrong

Armstrong-Potomac 10, Heritage 0

Heritage'000'00'— '0 '1' 5


WP — Acascia Gernentz. LP — Morgan. 2B — AP: Makenna Ackerman, Tinley Parkerson. RBIs — AP: Parkerson 2, Ackerman 2, Kaylyn Hayes.

Fountain Central 8, S. Newton 4

KENTLAND, Ind. — The Mustangs had 13 hits as they were able to beat South Newton.

Zoe Foxworthy-DeJournett, Kearney Foxworthy-DeJournett and Kaylee Brown each had two hits and a RBI for Fountain Central, while Jackie Weber had two hits, Kyra Kiger, Lillian Bennett and Braelynn Brooker each had one RBI.

The Mustangs were coming off a tough Saturday against Parke Heritage. Fountain Central lost the first game 14-3 as K Brown had a RBI. Brown had an RBI in the second game as the Mustangs lost 11-1.

Covington 15, N. Vermillion 5

COVINGTON, Ind. — The Trojans had 12 hits as they beat the Falcons in six innings.

Alex Sutherlin had two hits and three RBIs for Covington, while Haley Holycross had three RBIs, Karma Kingery had three hits and a RBI, Jayleigh Lague had two hits and a RBI, Ava Stein had two RBIs, Lily Pigg and Brooke Rottman had two hits.

Addie Burns had two hits and two RBIs for North Vermillion, while Willow Campbell had tow hits and a RBI and Hope Kawata had one RBI.

The Trojans were coming off getting swept by South Vermillion on Saturday.

The first game saw Covington lose 18-8 as Haley Holycross ahd two hits and three RBIs, while Lily Pigg and Ava Stein each had two RBIs

In the second game, Holycross had the lone hit as the Trojans lost 12-0.

Covington is 8-14 and will play North Vermillion again today.

At Covington, Ind.

Covington 15, North Vermillion 5

N. Vermillion'040'010'— '5 '5' 4


WP — Lily Gayler. LP — Willow Campbell. Two or more hits — NV: Addie Burns, Campbell C: Karma Kingery 3, Alex Sutherlin, Brooke Rottman, Jayleigh Lague. 2B — C: Sutherlin 2, Kingery, Lague HR — NV: Burns. RBIs — NV: Burns 2, Campbell, Hope Kawata. C: Sutherlin 3, Haley Holycross 3, Ava Stein 2, Kingery, Lague, Lily Pigg


WRC finals wrap up

DANVILLE — With a move to the Danville Tennis Center, the Wabash River Conference tournament came to an end.

In the singles, Seeger's Addison Shrader defeated Haley Webb 6-3, 6-1 in the championship match.

In doubles, Fountain Central's team of Alydia Mellady and Hannah Prickett defeated Covington's Lily Hacquet and Addi Streuer 6-2, 6-4.

Shrader, Webb, Covington's Peyton Brown and Seeger's Chase Lemming along with the two doubles teams in the finals were each named to the All-WRC tennis team.


Illini lead after first round

STANFORD, Calif. — The No. 18-ranked and third-seeded Fighting Illini men's golf team jumped out to a strong start Monday at the NCAA Stanford Regional at Stanford Golf Course, closing the day with a four-stroke advantage behind a sensational NCAA postseason debut by 18-hole leader Max Herendeen.

All five members of the Fighting Illini lineup notched birdies on Hole 1, setting the tone for a strong round up and down the lineup. The Orange and Blue's four scorers combined for a 17-under 263 — with 25 birdies and just eight bogeys — to sit four shots in front of top-seeded Florida State and six shots ahead of host and fifth-seeded Stanford. No. 2 seed Ole Miss and fourth-seeded Texas A&M are tied for fourth at 271 (-9). The Illini's performance has helped the Orange and Blue build a 14-stroke edge over the sixth-place team, UCLA (-3), with an NCAA Championship berth on the line for the top five teams after 54 holes.

The second round will start at 9:30 a.m. today


Voles to hold practice

DANVILLE — The Vermilion Voles Vintage Base Ball team will host a practice at Kennekuk County Park on Sunday at 1 p.m.

Men and women of all skill levels are welcome to play, no tryouts necessary and the tryout is free.