LOCAL ROUNDUP: Westville softball closes in on VVC title

May 2—GEORGETOWN — The Westville softball team is inching closer to the Vermilion Valley Conference Championship.

The Tigers had 15 hits as they beat Georgetown-Ridge Farm, 14-1, in six innings.

Layla Atwood had three hits and two RBIs for Westville, while Danika Hamer had two RBIs, winning pitcher Lily Kiesel, Laney Cook, Abby Sabalaskey and Madison Jones each had two hits and a RBI, Jazmyn Bennett, Daylin Zaayer, Tinley Zaayer, Addison Briggs and Lani Gondzur each had one RBI.

Jordan Silvey had the lone RBI for Georgetown-Ridge Farm, who was coming off a 10-3 loss to Watseka on Tuesday. Chloe Stephenson had a double and a RBI for the Buffaloes in that game, while Peyton McComas had an RBI.

The Tigers are 20-2 and will try to clinch a tie today against Watseka. If they win that game, the Tigers can clinch the title outright on Friday against Oakwood.

At Georgetown

Westville 14, Georgetown-Ridge Farm 1

Westville'503'105'— '14 '15' 1


WP — Lily Kiesel. LP — Chloe Stephenson. Two or more hits — W: Layla Atwood 3, Kiesel, Abby Sabalaskey, Madison Jones, Laney Cook. 2B — W: Kiesel 2, Cook, Jazmyn Bennett, Danika Hamer, Atwood, Addison Briggs. 3B — W: Tinley Zaayer, Atwood. RBIs — W: Atwood 2, Hamer 2, Jones, Sabalaskey, Kisel, Lani Gondzur, Briggs, Cook, Tinley Zaayer, Daylin Zaayer. GRF: Jordan Silvey.

Riverton Parke 10, N. Vermillion 0

MONTEZUMA, Ind. — The Falcons had two hits as they lost to the Panthers in five innings.

Ava Jumps and Pailynn Nichols each had a hit for North Vermillion, while Willow Campbell took the loss.

The Falcons will play against Hoopeston Area on Tuesday.

Hoopeston Area 9, BHRA 5

HOOPESTON — Down 3-1 early in the game, Hoopeston Area would score three runs in the third and four runs in the fourth to get a 9-5 win over Bismarck-Henning/Rossville-Alvin on Tuesday.

Addy Kelnhofer had four hits and two RBIs for the Cornjerkers, while Aubreyana Inman had three hits and three RBIs, Maddie Barnes had three hits and a RBI, Melina Vogel had two hits and a RBI, Macy Warner had two hits and Jersey Cundiff and Kayla Recker each had one RBI.

Ava Acton had three hits and one RBI for the Blue Devils, while Raeghan Dickison and Gentry Elson each had two hits and a RBI and Ella Acton had one RBI.

The Cornjerkers are 12-10 and will face Urbana on Saturday.

At Hoopeston

Hoopeston Area 9, Bismarck-Henning/Rossville-Alvin 5

BHRA'210'020'0'— '5 '11' 3


WP — Maddie Barnes. LP — Raeghan Dickison. Two or more hits — BHRA: Ava Acton 3, Gentry Elson, Dickison HA: Addy Kelnhofer 4, Maddie Barnes 3, Aubreyana Inman 3, Melina Vogel, Macy Warner. 2B — BHRA: Dickison, Ella Acton HA: Warner, Kayla Recker. 3B — BHRA: Ella Myers, Elson. HA: Barnes. RBIs — BHRA: Dickison, Ava Acton, Ella Acton, Elson HA: Inman 3, Kelnhofer 2, Barnes, Jersey Cundiff, Recker, Vogel.

Milford 9, Oakwood 8

OAKWOOD — Down 9-2 going into the sixth inning, the Oakwood softball team made a big run.

The Comets scored six runs in the bottom of the sixth, but could not finish the comeback as they lost 9-8 to Milford.

Gracie Enos had two RBIs for Oakwood, while Madi McFarland had two hits and a RBI, Caydence Vermillion and Bella Myers each had one RBI and Samantha Dunavan had two hits.

Addison Lucht had three hits and four RBIs for Milford, while Lillie Harris had two hits and two RBIs, Hunter Mowrey had two hits and a RBI, Jossalin Lavicka had and RBI and Abby Storm had two hits.

The Comets are 7-17 and will face Champaign Central on Thursday.

At Oakwood

Milford 9, Oakwood 8

Milford'200'142'0'— '9 '10' 2


WP — Kami Muehling. LP — Caydence Vermillion. Two or more hits — M: Addison Lucht 3, Abby Storm, Hunter Mowrey, Lillie Harris O: Madi McFarland, Samantha Dunavan. 2B — M: Mowrey 2, Harris O: Enos, Bella Bradford. HR — M: Lucht. RBIs — M: Lucht 4, Harris 2, Mowery, Jossalin Lavicka O: Enos 2, McFarland, Bella Myers, Vermillion.

GCMS 19, Salt Fork 0

GIBSON CITY — The Salt Fork softball team had a rough time on the road on Tuesday, losing 19-0 to Gibson City-Melvin-Sibley.

Sailor Pacot, Karli McGee and Raina Conner each had a hit for the Storm, who are 6-12 and will next play Seeger on Thursday.

Covington sweeps Seeger

WEST LEBANON, Ind. — The Covington softball team was able to pick up two big wins against Seeger on Tuesday in a doubleheader sweep.

The Trojans won the first game 13-11 as they outhit the Patriots 14-4. Lilly Gayler, Emma Holycross and Lily Pigg each had two hits and two RBI for Covington, while Alex Sutherlin had two RBIs, Brooke Rottman and Karma Kingery each had two hits and a RBI, Haley Holcycross had a RBI and Kynlynn Lowery had two hits.

Seeger had 12 walks and took advantage of six errors to keep the game close. Keisha Inman had two RBIs, while Viv Middleton and Haylei Walker each had an RBI.

In the second game, the Trojans had a much easier time with an 11-1 win in six innings.

Rottman had two hits and three RBIs for Covington, while Haley Holycross had two hits and two RBIs, Caydence Peaslee had two RBIs and Sutherlin, Kingery and Jayleigh Lague each had one RBI.

Aubrey Spear had the lone RBI for Seeger.

The Trojans will next play on Saturday with a doubleheader against Riverton Parke.

At West Lebanon, Ind.

Game 1

Covington 13, Seeger 11

Covington'325'003'0'— '13 '14' 6


WP — Emma Holycross. LP — Keisha Inman. Two or more hits — C: Lily Gayler, Emma Holycross, Brooke Rottman, Karma Kingery, Lily Pigg, Kynlynn Lowry S: Kaylyn Wheeler. 2B — C: Gayler, Alex Sutherlin, Kingery, Emma Holycross, Pigg S: Wheeler. RBIs — C: Gayler 2, Emma Holycross 2, Sutherlin 2, Pigg 2, Rottman, Haley Holycross, Kingery S: Inman 2, Viv Middleton, Haylei Walker.

Game 2

Covington 11, Seeger 1

Seeger'010'000'— '1 '2' 2


WP — Ashlyn Alexander. LP — Autumn Plunkett. Two or more hits — C: Brooke Rottman, Haley Holycross. 2B — C: Rottman, Caydence Peaslee. RBIs — S: Aubrey Spear C: Rottman 3, Haley Holycross 2, Peaslee 2, Alex Sutherlin, Karma Kingery, Jayleigh Lague.


Danville swept by Centennial

DANVILLE — The Vikings lost 10-0 in the first game to the Chargers and then 7-3 in the second game.

Marvin Davis III had the lone hit for Danville in the first game, while Cameron Feuerborn and Grady DeVors each had one RBI in the second game.

The Vikings are 4-17 and will face Champaign Central on Friday.

At Danville

Game 1

Champaign Centennial 10, Danville 0

Danville'000'000'0'— '0 '1' 6


WP — Schmitt. LP — Brody Boyd. Two or more hits — C: Miller, Meyers, Schurvinske, Murphy. 2B — C: Miller, Schurvinske. 3B — C: Miller. RBIs — C: Meyers 2, Sauer 2, Schurvinske, Schmitt.

Game 2

Champaign Centennial 7, Danville 3

Centennial'007'000'0'— '7 '7' 2


WP — Hunt. LP — Grady DeVors. Two or more hits — C: Schurvinske 3, Posey. 2B — C: Sauer, Schurvinske D: Ty Rangel, Darius Jay, DeVors. RBIs — C: Schurvinske 2, Miller, Murphy D: Cameron Feuerborn, DeVors.

Oakwood 2, Armstrong-Potomac 1

ARMSTRONG — With both teams getting only three hits each, the Comets made the most of theirs against the Trojans.

Carsen Dudley drove in the first run of the game for Oakwood with a single in the second inning and Bryson Marcinko got a walk with the bases loaded in the sixth inning to drive in the other one.

Nathan Rogers stole home for the only run for Armstrong-Potomac, who will play Hoopeston Area on Monday.

The Trojans were coming off a 10-0 win over Salt Fork on Tuesday. Kollin Asbury had 11 strikeouts and gave up only two hits on the mound, while Colton Murphy and Bowen Hesterberg each had two hits and two RBIs, Rogers had three RBIs, Blake Learned had two hits and a RBI and Davyn Franzen had one RBI.

Hayden Malone and Pedro Rangel each had a hit for the Storm, who will play Georgetown-Ridge Farm on Thursday.

The Comets will play Westville on Friday.

At Armstrong

Oakwood 2, Armstrong-Potomac 1

Oakwood'010'001'0'— '2 '3' 2


WP — Chase Harrison. LP — Traxton Roberts. 2B — O: Brody Marcinko. RBIs — O: Marcinko, Carsen Dudley.


At Armstrong

Armstrong-Potomac 10, Salt Fork 0

Salt Fork'000'000'— '0 '2' 2


WP —Kollin Asbury. LP — Pedro Rangel. Two or more hits — AP: Bowen Hesterberg, Colton Murphy, Blake Learned. 2B — AP: Ryan Edwards, Hesterberg. RBIs — AP: Nathan Rogers 3, Hesterberg 2, Murphy 2, Learned, Davyn Franzen.

Westville 15, Cissna Park 0

WESTVILLE — After a tough loss on Tuesday, the Tigers took all of their frustration out on the Timberwolves on Thursday in four innings.

Cade Schaumburg had two hits and two RBIs for Westville, while Drew Wichtowski and Easton Barney each had two RBIs, Zach Russell, Reid Smith and Jace Smith each had one RBI.

The Tigers were coming off an 8-7 loss to Paxton-Buckley-Loda on Tuesday. Barney had three hits with two doubles and four RBIs for Westville, while Ben Johnson had a RBI and Cade Schaumburg, Cameron Steinbaugh and Drew Wichtowski each had two hits.

The Tigers are 19-5-1 and will play Watseka today.

At Westville

Westville 15, Cissna Park 0

Cissna Park'000'0'— '0 '2' 1


WP — Easton Barney LP — Clark. Two or more hits — W: Cameron Steinbaugh 3, Cade Schaumburg. 2B — W: Steinbaugh, Barney. 3B — W: Schaumburg, Steinbaugh. RBIs — W: Drew Wichtowski 2, Barney 2, Schaumburg 2, Zach Russell, Reid Smith, Jace Smith.


At Westville

Paxton-Buckley-Loda 8, Westville 7

PBL'114'001'1'— '8 '8' 1


WP — Vance. LP — Ben Johnson. Two or more hits — PBL: Vaugn, Krumweide W: Easton Barney 3, Cade Schaumburg, Cameron Steinbaugh, Drew Wichtowski. 2B — PBL: Steiner, Vance, Martinez, Vaugn W: Barney 2. RBIs — PBL: Cambridge 2, Vaugn 2, Steiner, Vance W: Barney 4, Johnson.

BHRA 4, Milford 0

BISMARCK — After a scoreless four innings, the Blue Devils exploded with three runs in the fifth to get the win against the Bearcats.

Micah Stanford had two RBIs for Bismarck-Henning/Rossville-Alvin and Cruz Dubois had one RBI.

Anderson Thomas had nine strikeouts in five innings, while Caden Kelemenic had two strikeouts in the first inning and Chaz Dubois had a strikeout in the seventh inning.

The Blue Devils are 18-6 and will travel to Covington today.

At Bismarck

Bismarck-Henning/Rossville-Alvin 4, Milford 0

Milford'000'000'0'— '0 '2' 1


WP — Anderson Thomas. LP — Caleb Clutteur. 2B — BHRA: Chaz Dubois, Cruz Dubois, Jordan Johnson. 3B — BHRA: Micah Stanford. RBIs — BHRA: Stanford 2, Cruz Dubois.

Watseka 11, Geo-RF 3

WATSEKA — The Buffaloes scored three runs in the top of the first, but the Warriors scored five in the bottom of the inning and went on to get the win.

Jackson Pratt had a home run and three RBIs for Georgetown-Ridge Farm, while Ryley Heck had six strikeouts in the loss.

At Watseka

Watseka 11, Georgetown-Ridge Farm 3

GRF'300'000'0'— '3 '3' 4


WP — Lynch. LP — Ryley Heck. Two or more hits — W: Ketchum 3, Marcier, Lynch. 2B — W: Ketchum 2, Westerfield, Barwegan, Marcier. HR — GRF: Jackson Pratt. RBIs — GRF: Bratt 3 W: Ketchum 3, Marcier 2, Lynch 2, Westerfield 2.

Seeger sweeps Covington

WEST LEBANON, Ind. — The Seeger baseball team was able to shut down Covington twice in a doubleheader on Tuesday.

The Patriots won the first game 7-1 as Landon Walker had a home run and four RBIs, while Gatlin Swaney had two RBIs. Austin Stein had one RBI and Kolten Haymaker had two hits for the Trojans.

Seeger would then win the second game 13-6 as Luke Pluimer, Walker and Xavier Lang each had two hits and two RBIs, Macyn Hughes had two RBIs, and Noah Stephen, Swaney and Jarrett Smith each had one RBI.

Kaden Smith had two hits and two RBIs for Covington, while Kyven Hill had three hits and a RBI, Haymaker had two hits and a RBI and Landon Hardy had one RBI.

The Trojans will play Bismarck-Henning/Rossville-Alvin on Thursday, while the Patriots go to 11-0 and will face Southmont on Thursday.

At West Lebanon, Ind.

Game 1

Seeger 7, Covington 1

Covington'000'010'0'— '1 '4' 2


WP — Luke Pluimer. LP — Chase Rieman. Two or more hits — C: Kolten Haymaker HR — S: Landon Walker. RBIs — C: Austin Stein S: Walker 4, Gatlin Swaney.

Game 2

Seeger 13, Covington 6

Seeger'240'210'4'— '13 '10' 1


WP — Noah Stephen. LP — Kolten Haymaker. Two or more hits — S: Luke Pluimer, Landon Walker, Xavier Lang C: Kyven Hill 3, Haymaker, Kaden Smith. 2B — C: Haymaker, Smith. HR — S: Pluimer. RBIs — S: Pluimer 2, Walker 2, Macyn Hughes 2, Lang 2, Gatlin Swaney, Jarrett Smith C: Smith 2, Haymaker, Hill, Landon Hardy.

Attica 10, Fountain Central 8

ATTICA, Ind. — On the strength of a seven-run second inning, the Attica baseball team beat out Fountain Central 10-8 on Tuesday.

Owen Acton had three hits and two RBIs for the Mustangs, while Ayden Batchelor had two hits and three RBIs, Nolan Acton had two hits and two RBIs and Wyatt Clark had two hits.

Karsyn Lovell-Ramey had four hits and three hits for the Red Ramblers, while Blake Inman had two hits and three RBIs, Tristen Miller had two hits and a RBI, Dane Goris, Seth Miller and Chase Sichts each had one RBI, and Abe Remaklus had two hits.

At Attica, Ind.

Attica 10, Fountain Central 8

F. Central'320'102'0'— '8 '11' 0


WP — Dane Goris. LP — Bradon Terry. Two or more hits — FC: Owen Acton 3, Nolan Acton, Ayden Batchelor, Wes Clark A: Karsyn Lovell-Ramey 4, Tristen Miller, Blake Inman, Abe Remaklus. 2B — FC: Owen Acton A: Lovell-Ramey, Inman. 3B — FC: Bryson Davis. RBIs — FC: Batchelor 3, Owen Acton 2, Nolan Acton 2. A: Lovell-Ramey 3, Inman 3, Goris, Tristen Miller, Seth Miller, Chase Sichts.


Fountain Central 3, Seeger 2

WEST LEBANON, Ind. — The Mustangs got singles wins from Haley Webb and Laney Hoagland as they beat the Patriots on Tuesday.

The doubles team of Alydia Mellady and Hannah Prickett got the win for Fountain Central.

Chase Lemming won in singles for Seeger, along with the doubles team of Kelsey Johnson and Katie McDonald. The Patriots are 5-2 and 3-1 in the Wabash River Conference and will face Lafayette McCutcheon today.

The Mustangs played Crawfordsville on Wednesday and got a 3-2 win. Webb won in singles, while Mellady and Prickett and the team of Josie Harshbarger and Lilly Peterson each won in doubles.

At Veedersburg, Ind.

Fountain Central 3, Crawfordsville 2

Singles — Haley Webb (FC) def. Sam Rohr 6-0, 6-1. Regan Cox (C) def. Elise Webb 6-1, 6-4. Emily Welliver (C) def. Laney Hoagland 7-6 (4), 5-7, (10-6).

Doubles — Alydia Mellady-Hannah Prickett (FC) def. Isla Reward-CC Cox 6-4, 6-1. Josie Harshbarger-Lily Peterson (FC) def. Emma Buser-Amy Weiner 4-6, 6-1, 6-3


At West Lebanon, Ind.

Fountain Central 3, Seeger 2

Singles — Haley Webb (FC) def. Addie Shrader 6-1, 6-4. Chase Lemming (S) def. Elise Webb 6-4, 6-3. Laney Hoagland (FC) def. Kaylee Brown 6-4, 6-2..

Doubles — Alydia Mellady-Hannah Prickett (FC) def. Eva Ford-CeCe Blankenship 6-0, 6-1. Kelsey Johnson-Katie McDonald (S) def. Josie Harshbarger-Lily Peterson 6-3, 6-7 (8), 10-8)


Seeger boys win in quadrangular

WEST LEBANON, Ind. — The Seeger boys track team was able to beat out South Vermillion, Parke Heritage and South Newton in a track meet on Tuesday.

Landon Dispennett won the 400 (54.0) for the Patriots, while Konner Brenner won the 800 (2:04), Ethan Guminski took the 1,600 (4:48), Finnian McLain won the 300 hurdles (41.7) and the 1,600 relay team of John Puterbaugh, Brenner, McLain and Dispennett won in 3:33 and the 3,200 team of Brenner, Nathan Odle, Malachi Lathrop and Nicholas Wallpe won in 9:07.

The Seeger girls scored 71 points and finished behind Parke Heritage's 73 to take second.

Caleigh Purcell won the 1,600 (5:40) and 3,200 (12:35) for the Patriots, while Hadessah Austin won the 800 (2:25) and the 3,200 team of Adara Austin, Hadessah Austin, Claire Nern and Jisela Buranosky won in 11:11.

Fountain Central sweeps

VEEDERSBURG, Ind. — The Fountain Central track teams beat out Riverton Parke and Attica on Tuesday in a triangular meet.

In the boys meet, Issac Gayler won the 100 (22.74 seconds), 200 (23.62) and 400 (52.89) runs for the Mustangs, while Hayden Kler won the 1,600 (5:06.13) and 3,200 (11:28), Brandon Pigg won the 800 (2:14.00), Caylum Wills took the 300 hurdles (46.05) and Julio Mendoza won the discus (104-5). The 1,600 relay team of Willis, Hayden Wigley, Pigg and Gayler won in 3:48.47 and the 3,200 relay team of Kler, Wigley, Pigg and Willis won in 9:12.82.

In the girls meet, Brailey Hoagland won the 100 (12.80), 200 (26.28) and long jump (15-11 3/4), while Raley Akers won the 800 (3:01.24) and the 1,600 (6:30.44), Kalina Wesley won the 100 hurdles (18.32), Henley Good won the 300 hurdles (57.20), Bella Bacon won the shot put (27-5 1/2) and Halen McBride won the discus (67-5).


Illinois headed to Stanford

CHAMPAIGN — While the recent tradition of winning the Big Ten title was broken, the Illini's record with NCAA regionals continue to go on.

Illinois was named to its 16th straight regional on Wednesday and will travel to California to take place at the Stanford regional at the Stanford Golf Course from May 13-15.

Illinois is the No. 3 seed in the meet behind top seed Florida State and Mississippi. The low five teams and low individual not on a qualifying team will then go to the NCAA Championship in Carlsbad, Calif. from May 24-29. The Illini will be going for its 15th NCAA berth in the last 16 years.