Man City must face 155 charges truth despite what they will have you think about Liverpool

It means more at Liverpool, winning trophies. We’ve been fortunate to win so many under Jurgen Klopp.

But it does mean more, despite whatever Man City would have you think. 115 means more as well, though we’ll have to wait and see what that means.

We don’t know what that means yet. When we get to know what it means, we’ll see what it’s all about though.

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They might have won the title, but Sunday was all about one man - Jurgen Klopp.

I went to the Hotel Anfield before the game to see a friend of mine but Jesus, it was nuts. It was absolutely nuts down that way with all the fans. It was a celebration really, of what he’s achieved for us.

He’s been a great ambassador for the club and for the city, not just as a manager but off the field as well for who he is as a human being as well.

He really stamped his personality, as the great Bill Shankly did. I remember him so much, he had a massive impact on my upbringing and Jurgen Klopp will have had the same on many a young kid too.

I got asked to go to the party at the Titanic after the match, but I didn’t go. It’s not my scene. I’d rather just have a couple of nice quiet pints and watch the golf.

But it looks like Jurgen had a great night, partying away, and rightly so. He’s deserved it.

Sunday was all about Jurgen, it was a great day. The fans were magnificent, absolutely brilliant. You wouldn’t get that in most other places - maybe Celtic. But Jurgen got what he deserved.

It’s not just Jurgen, he’s had his team behind him too and it was important to pay tribute to them. Without his team, Jurgen probably wouldn’t have been what he was.

It was a team effort, and that was shown by the way they were also all honoured after the game. They all deserved credit for what they have put into the club over the years.

But it’s a new start now so draw a line under it, it’s gone. We’ve loved every second of Jurgen, but now we have to move on.

That’s football. We’ve got to welcome Arne Slot and just hope the owners have made the right decision, get behind him and see what he can do for us.

Good luck to Thiago and Matip

Thiago, my overriding feeling is one of frustration. A great player but frustrating. It just didn’t happen for him.

Matip, now he’s one of the best free transfers the club has ever had. In the dressing room, he’s been great, and on the pitch he’s done very well.

For a free transfer, he’s been a great buy for Liverpool. Good luck to both of them!

Don’t play Elliott on the wing

Harvey’s had a really good 2024. I’m so pleased for him. But please Arne Slot, please don’t play him right wing! Don’t play him right-wing, please.

He’s a midfielder. He’s the right of a midfield three, end of story. He needs to be involved in the game all the time. When he plays out there, he’s not involved as much.

He has to be linking in all the time because he’s a lovely footballer. Hopefully the new manager will realise that and play him where he needs to play in midfield.