Manchester United 2-0 Newcastle LIVE! Carabao Cup final result, match stream, latest reaction, updates today

 (Manchester United via Getty Imag)
(Manchester United via Getty Imag)

Manchester United vs Newcastle - LIVE!

Manchester United picked up their first piece of silverware since 2017 as they beat Newcastle 2-0 in the Carabao Cup final. Erik ten Hag has overseen an incredible turnaround since a disastrous start to the season, with Man United now impressing across all competitions, and the Dutchman has the first trophy of his reign to show for it after a successful afternoon at Wembley.

Newcastle were arguably the better side in the first-half, yet found themselves trailing by two goals at the break. Casemiro headed the opener from a free-kick, before a Sven Botman own goal, from a Marcus Rashford strike, doubled the advantage.

That proved to be enough, as Newcastle’s push for a way back into the match failed to produce the goal that would have really changed the complexion. Their last major trophy came in 1955 and the wait goes on. For Man United, it’s a first addition to the trophy cabinet since the Europa League six years ago.

Man United vs Newcastle latest news

  • Manchester United lift Carabao Cup!

  • GOAL! Rashford’s deflected strike beats Karius

  • GOAL! Casemiro heads Man United in front

Manchester United FC 2 - 0 Newcastle United FC

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20:13 , Matt Verri

Manchester United picked up their first piece of silverware since 2017 as they beat Newcastle 2-0 in the Carabao Cup final.

Erik ten Hag has overseen an incredible turnaround since a disastrous start to the season, with Man United now impressing across all competitions, and the Dutchman has the first trophy of his reign to show for it after a successful afternoon at Wembley.

Newcastle were arguably the better side in the first-half, yet found themselves trailing by two goals at the break. Casemiro headed the opener from a free-kick, before a Sven Botman own goal, from a Marcus Rashford strike, doubled the advantage.

That proved to be enough, as Newcastle’s push for a way back into the match failed to produce the goal that would have really changed the complexion. Their last major trophy came in 1955 and the wait goes on. For Man United, it’s a first addition to the trophy cabinet since the Europa League six years ago.

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 (Manchester United via Getty Imag)
(Manchester United via Getty Imag)

Howe’s post-match thoughts

19:40 , Matt Verri

Ten Hag picks out key trio

19:17 , Matt Verri

“Rapha Varane, Casemiro, David de Gea - they know how to win trophies,” Ten Hag tells Sky Sports.

“You need such lads on the pitch to point the team, coach the team, organise the team. Not only from a technical perspective, but especially a mental perspective. It’s so important.

“A winning attitude, they have to bring it in the dressing room and in the team. Difficult situations they have to handle, and that is what they did again.”

More reaction from the Man United camp

19:08 , Matt Verri

Rashford not having that as an own goal...

19:03 , Matt Verri

More to come?

18:59 , Matt Verri

In seven of the past nine seasons, the team winning the League Cup has gone on to lift at least one more trophy.

Europa League and FA Cup still in play for Man United... maybe even the Premier League.

Could prove to be a very, very special season.

Roy Keane’s thoughts...

18:55 , Matt Verri

“You look at the players reaction and the supporters. They were desperate for success.

“All the build up was about Newcastle and their wait but five, six years for Manchester United seems a long time. They deserved their victory.

“They were efficient and scored two good goals. Hopefully it is the start of the good days coming back to United.”

Fernandes and Maguire lead the way!

18:49 , Matt Verri

Man United lift the Carabao Cup!

18:44 , Matt Verri

Club captain Harry Maguire and captain on the day Bruno Fernandes in the middle.

And they lift it together - Manchester United are back in the winner’s circle!

Gets where water can’t...

18:43 , Matt Verri

Fernandes wants more...

18:36 , Matt Verri

“An amazing feeling, we have been searching for this moment,” Fernandes tells Sky Sports. “Us, the fans, the club, all together. Finally we get our trophy, I think deservedly.

“It’s been an amazing period obviously. First trophy of the season, but we want more. This is not enough for this club. We want more and we need more, because our standards demand more.

“For me, it’s about winning trophies. Finally we did it, and I am satisfied now because finally I get my trophy. But I want more, much more.”

Start the celebrations!

18:32 , Matt Verri

FT: Man United 2-0 Newcastle

18:31 , Matt Verri

The first trophy of Ten Hag’s reign!

Controlled performance in the second-half, having earned that two-goal lead going into the break.

Newcastle started well and had moments, but not quite good enough. Their wait goes on.

 (Manchester United via Getty Imag)
(Manchester United via Getty Imag)

18:27 , Matt Verri

90+3 mins: Here come Man United... great save!

Nice moment for Karius. Man United counter, Fernandes breaks forward, cuts inside and has so much time. Should pass really, goes for goal though and it’s a brilliant save.

Won’t make any difference. Newcastle fans waving their flags, still creating a wonderful atmosphere.

18:24 , Matt Verri

90 mins: Wilson and Martinez clash, with the Man United man as ever right up for an argument. Ticks away a few more seconds too.

Plenty of finger wagging and head shaking. All entirely pointless.

Five minutes added on.

18:22 , Matt Verri

88 mins: Cleared out to Murphy, who drives towards goal and lets fly from 25 yards out. Better effort this time, but it slices just wide with De Gea stranded.

Maguire on for Man United, replacing Rashford. Five at the back for Ten Hag’s side.

18:21 , Matt Verri

87 mins: Another chance for Trippier to put a ball into the box, as Casemiro goes in late on Joelinton. Yellow card.

Feels like now or never for Newcastle - they need a goal in the next couple of minutes to give themselves any sort of chance.

18:18 , Matt Verri

84 mins: Good from Murphy at one end of the pitch, woeful at the other end.

Tight angle, has to put the ball into the box but instead blazes an effort high and wide. Ridiculous decision, allows De Gea to waste another minute.

18:16 , Matt Verri

82 mins: Antony threatens to burst away on the counter, Murphy does well to keep up with him and win a free-kick.

That will be Antony’s final involvement of the afternoon. Sancho on for the final ten minutes or so.

18:15 , Matt Verri

81 mins: Huge appeals for a Newcastle penalty, as Schar goes down in the box under a challenge from Fernandes. Referee not interested, VAR not intervening either.

Another corner coming up, as Willock flicks the ball off Wan-Bissaka.

18:13 , Matt Verri

79 mins: Willock and Murphy on, Guimaraes and Saint-Maximin on. Last throw of the dice from Howe?

Burn launches a long throw into the box, cleared away and Man United can break. Trouble here for Newcastle.

Fernandes with the ball, looks to slide the pass through to Rashford but it’s intercepted.

18:11 , Matt Verri

77 mins: Doesn’t feel like this is going to happen for Newcastle, even if there is still time. The momentum has stalled.

Still though, one goal and it’s well and truly game on. Issue is Man United look just as likely, if not more so, to score next.

18:07 , Matt Verri

74 mins: Rashford is free down the middle now, real threat on the counter.

And here he does, ball worked onto his right foot and hammers an effort at goal from 20 yards out. Karius parries it away.

Man United will get chances on the break, so much space.

18:06 , Matt Verri

72 mins: Stunning past through from Guimaraes, Trippier is in down the right.

Fired across the face of goal, Wilson lurking for a tap in but De Gea is there to palm it away. Stand down - offside flag goes up. Wouldn’t have counted.

18:03 , Matt Verri

69 mins: Two Man United changes. Ten Hag usually gets these right.

Sabitzer and McTominay coming on, Fred and Weghorst coming off. Rashford will go through the middle.

18:02 , Matt Verri

68 mins: This is getting very desperate from Man United. Bodies flying in everywhere.

Joelinton has an effort blocked, comes back to him and Martinez is then there to block the second shot. Newcastle piling on the pressure.

18:00 , Matt Verri

66 mins: Continues to be the Saint-Maximin show. This time he wins a corner, good defending from Wan-Bissaka.

Corner taken short, swiftly ends up on the halfway line. Doubt that was the plan. Here comes Almiron though, inside to Isak.

Tries to poke a pass through Wilson, cleared away. Only to a Newcastle player though, Man United struggling to get out.

17:57 , Matt Verri

63 mins: Saint-Maximin is maddening. Skips away from three challenges, Man United can’t get near him.

Then looks up, passes it straight to Casemiro. Man United struggling to even foul him, let alone tackle him, but the final decision is so poor.

17:56 , Matt Verri

62 mins: Casemiro and Martinez in particular doing a good job of slowing things down, much to the frustration of the Newcastle fans.

One goal and this match completely changes. For now, Man United are in control.

17:54 , Matt Verri

60 mins: More injury problems for Guimaraes, looks to have turned his ankle sliding in to block Fernandes’ pass down the line. Bit of spray and he’s back up again.

Saint-Maximin can’t get his final ball right - doing everything right up until that point. A tale as old as time.

17:51 , Matt Verri

57 mins: Clumsy shove from Wan-Bissaka, who just launches himself into the back of Saint-Maximin.

Referee not interested though, it’s a Man United throw-in. Newcastle far more attacking this half, but it’s leaving them exposed.

Hasn’t let to any chances either for them.

17:48 , Matt Verri

54 mins: Fernandes tries his luck from miles out, shot takes a deflection and eventually referee points for a corner.

Shaw in no rush to jog over and take this. Swing it in towards the back post, Burn gets there before Rashford but can only concede another corner.

17:45 , Matt Verri

51 mins: Wow. Isak continues to have a real impact, plays the ball wide to Saint-Maximin.

He beats his man, looks to cross the ball in but instead pokes it away with his standing leg and swings at thin air. Shambles.

17:43 , Matt Verri

50 mins: Big, big opportunity for Man United!

Superb from Wan-Bissaka, slides in and wins the ball back high up the pitch. Slides it wide to Weghorst, probably the wrong option. Dutchman tries to play it back towards Rashford and it’s cut out.

Some very hopeful handball appeals are waved away.

17:41 , Matt Verri

48 mins: It’s all Man United at the start of the half, Newcastle can’t get out.

Wan-Bissaka getting well forward, his run leads to the ball falling for Antony 20 yards out. On his left foot, looks to curl a finish into the far corner but it’s straight at Karius. Decent chance, considering how good he is on his left.

17:40 , Matt Verri

46 mins: Well that was almost game over, 20 seconds in.

Rashford driving at the defence, lays the ball across to Fred who is in space on the edge of the box. Strange effort, just passes it miles wide.

Back underway!

17:39 , Matt Verri

Up and running at Wembley.

A couple of changes at the break. Wan-Bissaka replaces Dalot for Man United, no risks from Ten Hag there.

Brave from Newcastle, as Isak comes on for Longstaff. Two up front.

Bad news for Rashford...

17:34 , Matt Verri

Confirmation that Rashford will not be credited with that second goal. Botman own goal it is.

Either way, it wasn’t great goalkeeping from Karius. Went down early and that left him stranded for when the ball looped up over him.

Apart from that, he hasn’t been too busy. One good save from Weghorst the extent of his work.

Stats tell a different story!

17:29 , Matt Verri

Looking at the stats, you’d think Newcastle were in charge.

The Magpies have had 60% possession, seven shots. Just five shots from Man United, but two of those have been goals.

Eddie Howe will be pleased with how his side have performed, you’d imagine, but they have nothing to show for it.

Just about onside...

17:26 , Matt Verri

HT: Man United 2-0 Newcastle

17:23 , Matt Verri

Joelinton into the book, briefly loses his head. Antony beats Burn about six times, Joelinton boots the ball away from him and then drags Casemiro off his feet.

That is the final action of the half, one that leaves Man United in complete control of the Carabao Cup final.

Casemiro and Rashford with the goals - Newcastle need something very special.

 (Manchester United via Getty Imag)
(Manchester United via Getty Imag)

17:21 , Matt Verri

45+4 mins: Here come Man United on the break, Newcastle really exposed. Ball played in behind and Weghorst is away... shame for Man United it’s not Rashford.

The Dutchman eventually has options, but goes for goal himself from the edge of the box. Tipped over the bar by Karius.

Fernandes swings the corner in, headed out by Newcastle.

17:19 , Matt Verri

45+2 mins: Longstaff down after a challenge from Fred, who is looking a bit nervous.

Few Newcastle players asking if that’s a second yellow card for the Man United midfielder. No, is the answer.

17:17 , Matt Verri

45 mins: Casemiro sees the ball out for a goal-kick, celebrates it like a goal in front of the Man United fans!

Five minutes added on, after those earlier injury stoppages.

17:15 , Matt Verri

43 mins: Should be 2-1! Huge chance.

Corner taken short by Newcastle, clipped into the box and Burn is there in the six-yard box. Heads wide under pressure from Shaw, should have done better there.

17:14 , Matt Verri

42 mins: Man United fans making lots of noise now, they’re in complete control.

Newcastle need half-time, they look rattled after that awful spell. Still just about in this, but have to score the next goal.

GOAL! Man United 2-0 Newcastle | Marcus Rashford 39'

17:11 , Matt Verri


Long ball forward, before Rashford flicks it to Weghorst. He plays it back to Rashford, drives into the box and his deflected effort somehow loops over Karius.

Nightmare for the Magpies.

17:09 , Matt Verri

38 mins: Trippier standing over it. Man United holding a high line on the edge of their own box.

It’s slid through to Wilson instead, shot from a tight angle is blocked. Falls for Almiron and he shanks an effort wide.

17:09 , Matt Verri

37 mins: Newcastle pushing for an immediate response. Fred into the book, second Man United player on a yellow card now.

Martinez not far away from joining them, as he clatters through the back of Wilson. Newcastle striker less than impressed with that.

Goal stands!

17:06 , Matt Verri

VAR checking this. Very tight for offside.

He’s on though - Man United do take the lead. A matter of inches in that, but they don’t care.

GOAL! Manchester United 1-0 Newcastle | Casemiro 33'

17:05 , Matt Verri


Free-kick out wide, after a foul on Rashford. So simple, just whipped into the box and Casemiro is there to flick a header into the far corner.

Howe will be furious.

17:03 , Matt Verri

32 mins: BIG SAVE!

Some action, and the Newcastle fans response. Longstaff fires a low ball across the face of goal, nobody there. Comes to Saint-Maximin, beats Dalot and hammers an effort at De Gea.

Rebound falls for Guimaraes, who fires over the bar.

17:02 , Matt Verri

30 mins: Right, we’re up and running again. Looks like Martinez has already binned off the bandage.

Schar’s face looks swollen on one side - he’s back on but keeps shaking his head and looking far from comfortable. Wouldn’t be a surprise if he came off shortly.

16:59 , Matt Verri

28 mins: Going to be a fair amount of added-time at the end of the half, already been a few stoppage. Sir Alex Ferguson on his phone in the stands which sums things up.

Martinez being patched up, his head bandaged. Schar still receiving attention too.

16:57 , Matt Verri

25 mins: Three shots in total so far. It’s not been the best of finals.

Better from Newcastle, as Almiron slides the ball wide to Trippier on the overlap. Stands a cross up to the back post, Schar heads over the bar under pressure from Martinez.

Clash of heads in the process, both need some treatment.

16:55 , Matt Verri

23 mins: He’s back up and continuing for now, doesn’t look particularly great. Appears to be more dazed rather than injured.

Antony is also moving a bit better now, no sign that he’s going to have to come off.

16:53 , Matt Verri

21 mins: Match has calmed down after a slightly frantic start. Don’t think that has helped Newcastle, Man United have a bit more control now.

They’ve got an even bigger problem now - Guimaraes has gone down off the ball shaking his head. Physios are on, this could be disastrous for the Magpies.

16:51 , Matt Verri

19 mins: Antony is limping, holding his groin. Had just made a run in behind, didn’t get the ball from Casemiro, and now isn’t moving well at all.

Ten Hag not short of options - Sancho and Garnacho among those waiting in reverse if required.

16:49 , Matt Verri

18 mins: Saint-Maximin again running at Dalot, who wants no part in that this time. Luckily for him Fernandes is swiftly across to help out.

Almiron then brings it forward on the opposite flank, wide to Trippier. He tries to play it back to Almiron, who had halted his run though. Neither side fully clicking into gear up front yet.

16:47 , Matt Verri

16 mins: Man United are starting to wake up, they’re growing into the match.

Dalot played in, gets to the byline and hammers the ball across the face of goal. Cleared towards Fred just inside the box, Guimaraes quickly on the scene though to prevent his fellow Brazilian getting a shot away.

16:45 , Matt Verri

13 mins: Karius called into action for the first time - comfortable save.

Messy in the Newcastle box, ball falls for Weghorst on his left foot and it’s a big chance. Scuffs the effort though, straight at Karius.

16:43 , Matt Verri

12 mins: Howe has whacked a coat on top of his hoodie. Now wearing more clothes than pretty much the entire Newcastle end - fans enjoying themselves!

Man United yet to really get going, beyond that one break down the left. Martinez lumps the ball long, comfortably headed away.

16:41 , Matt Verri

9 mins: And again. Man United need to get a hold of Saint-Maximin, he’s getting so much joy.

In his own half this time, drifting inside and Dalot just takes him away. Not the most subtle challenge you’ll ever see... and a yellow card!

That could be a big moment, Dalot has more than 80 minutes to play while on a yellow.

16:39 , Matt Verri

7 mins: Newcastle have started brilliantly, Dalot forced to slide in to halt Saint-Maximin’s progress. Burn sends a long throw into the box, Joelinton flicks it on by Shaw is there to clear.

Man United under plenty of pressure in the early stages at Wembley.

16:37 , Matt Verri

5 mins: Good start to this match, space is on offer for both sides. Guimaraes fires a pass in for Wilson on the edge of the box, gets it stuck under his feet though and Man Unied clear. Saint-Maximin was free to his left.

Here is Saint-Maximin, first chance to run with it. Jinks into the box, falls for Guimaraes and he ends up smashing into Fred as he tries to get a shot away. Painful one for the Man United midfielder.

16:34 , Matt Verri

3 mins: Man United have piled bodies right on top of Karius, trying to unsettle him right from the off.

Newcastle clear though and charge forward on the break. Plenty of bodies up on the counter, poor ball from Almiron though and the chance goes.

16:33 , Matt Verri

2 mins: Early free-kick for Newcastle and then decide to launch it into the Man United box. Too much on it though, Varane lets it run behind for a goal-kick.

Weghorst then plays a lovely ball in behind for Rashford, low cross into the box and it’s turned behind for a corner. That was really sharp.


16:32 , Matt Verri

We’re underway at Wembley!

16:29 , Matt Verri

Players and the managers join together ahead of kick-off in front of a ‘football stands together’ sign, sending a message of support to Ukraine.

Time to get the Carabao Cup final up and running.

Here we go...

16:26 , Matt Verri

Teams are out onto the pitch, kick-off just a few minutes away.

Time for the presentation party to meet the sets of players, before the national anthem.

Incredible atmosphere!

16:23 , Matt Verri

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)
 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Ten Hag: We have to make our own history

16:20 , Matt Verri

“Manchester United is used to winning trophies and titles. This team hasn’t done that up until now - we have to make our own history.”

Strong words pre-match from Ten Hag. He’s turned the club around superbly this season, but that won’t count for much unless there’s silveware to show for it.

Chance to get up and running as United boss here.

Newcastle end is ready!

16:17 , Matt Verri

Last year...

16:15 , Matt Verri

It was Chelsea and Liverpool in the Carabao Cup final last year in a memorable encounter.

There was plenty of drama despite it being goalless after 120 minutes. Liverpool won the shootout 11-10, with Kepa missing the decisive penalty.

Not sure there’s a single Man United or Newcastle fan wanting a lengthy penalty shootout this afternoon...

High praise from Phil Jones...

16:10 , Matt Verri

Ten Hag: We need to test Karius

16:04 , Matt Verri

Erik ten Hag has urged his side to test Loris Karius as early as possible this afternoon.

“That’s an issue for them that they have to sort,” said Ten Hag. “Of course we know it. The one who is holding [the position] can influence it, and of course we have to test it, that’s quite obvious.”

On the chance of silveware, he added: “It’s a great opportunity to get the silverware in. It’s about glory and honour in football.

“We deserve to play the final and now we have a great opportunity to win the cup.

“We have to put everything in to get that cup to Manchester. You can feel that the fans are really waiting for it - we will do everything we can to give the fans their honour.”

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Big afternoon!

15:57 , Matt Verri

Newcastle stumbling?

15:50 , Matt Verri

Newcastle are certainly not in their best run of form at the minute.

They’ve scored nine goals in their past 11 matches, and haven’t won any of the three matches they’ve played since sealing their place at Wembley.

All that will swiftly be forgotten with victory here - this is the one the fans have been waiting for.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Back in the picture!

15:46 , Matt Verri

This is Karius’ first competitive start for an English team since the 2018 Champions League final.

No need to go over what happened in that match, with it emerging after that disaster for Liverpool that Karius had concussion.

One match derailed his career five years ago - can one match here get it back on track?

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Big boost for Man United

15:40 , Matt Verri

Man United fans will be incredibly relieved to see Rashford in the XI, he’s fit to start in a huge boost. Antony gets the nod on the opposite flank, with Garnacho and Sancho on the bench.

Fred and Casemiro the midfield pairing, while Dalot is preferred to Wan-Bissaka at right-back.

For Newcastle, it is indeed Karius in goal. Going to be plenty of scrutiny on him, whatever happens this afternoon.

Guimaraes returns and starts in midfield, with Joelinton also in the side and Willock on the bench. Wilson leads the line.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Newcastle team news

15:34 , Matt Verri

Starting XI: Karius, Trippier, Schar, Botman, Burn, Longstaff, Guimaraes, Joelinton, Almiron, Saint-Maximin, Wilson

Subs: Gillespie, Lascelles, Ritchie, Targett, Isak, Manquillo, Murphy, Willock, Anderson

Man United team news

15:30 , Matt Verri

Starting XI: De Gea, Dalot, Varane, Martinez, Shaw, Fred, Casemiro, Fernandes, Antony, Rashford, Weghorst

Subs: Heaton, Lindelof, Maguire, Wan-Bissaka, Malacia, McTominay, Sabitzer, Garnacho, Sancho

Team news coming up!

15:26 , Matt Verri

Stand by. All the team news coming up from Wembley in just a few minutes.

All eyes for Man United on Rashford’s fitness - suggestion is that he should be ok. Karius expected to start in goal for Newcastle, though we’ll get full confirmation very shortly.

Ten Hag: Newcastle try to annoy you

15:19 , Matt Verri

Erik ten Hag has labelled Newcastle an “annoying” team to play against, as he urged the officials to pay attention to any time-wasting attempts.

The Magpies have come under scrutiny at times this season for how little the ball has been in play during certain matches. Ten Hag was keen to draw attention to that fact in his pre-match press conference.

“They’re an annoying team to play against, so we have to find a way to win,” Ten Hag said. “They try to annoy you. We have to make sure that we play our game and we focus on our game.

“The referees want to play effective time. [Newcastle] have the lowest in the league and they are quite successful with it. So, it’s up to us that we get speed in the game but also we are then dependent on the refereeing as well.”


Avoid the ropes and the sprinklers...

15:15 , Matt Verri

Newcastle arrive en masse!

15:12 , Matt Verri

As has been very clear on social media over the weekend, Newcastle have travelled in numbers. Big numbers.

They haven’t won a major trophy since 1955, so the chance is there for the current squad to write themselves into the club’s history books.

A European spot is very much on the cards this season, but Newcastle fans would surely take a trophy over that.

Could well get both!

Karius’ chance to shine

15:06 , Matt Verri

Newcastle players have been out on the pitch, having an early look around.

Karius one of those as he prepares for an absolutely huge afternoon in his career. It’s been a really tough few years for the 29-year-old, but a big performance here could really kickstart things for him.


Start of a trophy rush?

14:58 , Matt Verri

Man United still going strong on all fronts this season.

Chance to end their trophy drought this afternoon, while they’re also in the fifth round of the FA Cup and into the last-16 of the Europa League after knocking Barcelona out. Premier League title race could be on the cards too.

The Carabao Cup has been a launching pad for many team in recent seasons - could that be the case again?

Shaw: This means everything to Man United

14:54 , Giuseppe Muro

Manchester United hope a first trophy for the club in almost six years would be the start of a new period of success under Erik ten Hag.

“For the position we have been in over the past years and the feeling we have inside the dressing room, it means everything," said United left-back Luke Shaw.

"It has been such a long time since we have won a trophy. People will say it is the Carabao Cup but for us, it is massive. It is something we have been aiming for a long time; to get that winning feeling back, that feeling of winning trophies."

Howe: Newcastle out to ‘create new history'

14:52 , Giuseppe Muro

Following the Saudi Arabian-backed takeover of the club in 2021, Newcastle are aiming to “create new history” at Wembley today.

"I'm pleased the game is here. I think it's been a difficult few weeks for us because the talk has been about it, even though it's been two or three games down the line," manager Eddie Howe said.

"We've beaten some really good teams and been very consistent with our form. We believe the power is in our hands and it's up to us to perform at those best levels.

"I always believe that the history, from my side, is respected but we're trying to create new history with a new team at a new moment. We're determined to try and do that and create some great memories for our amazing supporters.

"They've had a long wait for that moment and I know just from my very limited dealings with people around the city, with people that I see, the love they have for the football club. I'd love to return that love with a trophy."

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Head to head history and results

14:46 , Giuseppe Muro

Manchester United wins: 90

Draws: 41

Newcastle wins: 43

14:42 , Giuseppe Muro

The scene is set at Wembley...

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

14:38 , Giuseppe Muro

The Newcastle dressing room. Can someone in black and white make themselves a hero today?

Match odds

14:36 , Giuseppe Muro

Man United to lift trophy: 4/7

Newcastle to lift trophy: 7/5

Man United winning at HT and FT: 13/5

Odds via Betfair (subject to change).

14:32 , Giuseppe Muro

Manchester United have not won a trophy since 2016-17, when they claimed the EFL Cup and the Europa League under Jose Mourinho.

Erik ten Hag's side thrashed Nottingham Forest 5-0 on aggregate over two legs in the semi-finals, while Newcastle reached their first domestic final since 1999 with a 3-1 aggregate victory over Southampton.

Newcastle will be attempting to win their first major trophy in almost 54 years, with their most recent coming in the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup in 1969.



14:23 , Giuseppe Muro

Manchester United and Newcastle have been two of the more impressive teams in the country for much of the season, making this one of the more intriguing League Cup Finals in recent memory. For the Magpies, it is their first final since facing the Red Devils in the FA Cup showpiece in 1999.

Unfortunately for Newcastle, they are currently in the mix of their worst run at the worst possible time and missing Nick Pope will be a huge blow. Manchester United have fitness issues of their own, with Marcus Rashford a doubt and the striker is the in-form player across Europe in 2022, so that should give Newcastle some hope.

Still, I can’t see beyond a Man Utd win, albeit a narrow win.

Man United to win 2-1 in normal time.

Early Newcastle team news

14:20 , Giuseppe Muro

Bruno Guimaraes returns from suspension but Newcastle will be without goalkeeper Nick Pope, who was sent off as their 17-game unbeaten run in the Premier League was ended by Liverpool last weekend.

With Martin Dubravka cup-tied and Karl Darlow out on loan, former Liverpool goalkeeper Loris Karius is expected to play ahead of Mark Gillespie

It will be his first competitive game in almost two years and his first appearance for an English side since his calamitous showing in the 2018 Champions League final for Liverpool, in which he made two costly mistakes as Real Madrid won 3-1.

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Early Manchester United team news

14:11 , Giuseppe Muro

Manchester United have been sweating on the fitness of talisman Marcus Rashford.

Rashford was forced off late on during Thursday’s 2-1 win over Barcelona and following the game posted a cryptic social media message to suggest a fitness concern.

Asked on Friday, a little over 12 hours after the game, for an update on Rashford, manager Erik ten Hag said more tests were needed to confirm the severity of the injury.

Otherwise, United have no fresh injury concerns with Donny van de Beek, Christian Eriksen and Anthony Martial still out.


How to watch

14:08 , Giuseppe Muro

TV channel: In the UK, the match will be televised live on Sky Sports Football and Sky Sports Main Event.

Live stream: Fans can also catch the game live online via the Sky Go app and website.

Good afternoon!

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Hello and welcome to Standard Sport’s LIVE coverage of Manchester United vs Newcastle!

The first piece of silverware available this season is on line in the Carabao Cup Final. A huge afternoon is ahead of us at Wembley.

We’ll have all the latest updates, build-up and team news ahead of kick-off, which comes at 4.30pm GMT.

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