Mauricio Pochettino hints at new Chelsea 'strategy' for summer transfer market

Mauricio Pochettino hints at new Chelsea 'strategy' for summer transfer market

Mauricio Pochettino has opened the door to Chelsea signing more experienced players in the summer.

The Argentine criticised his players for not being “mature enough” after they twice threw away leads to draw 2-2 away at Sheffield United last week.

But Pochettino has softened his tone, admitting he needs to be more positive and cautious in his criticism as Chelsea remain in contention to qualify for either the Europa League or Conference League.

However, ahead of Everton’s visit to Stamford Bridge on Monday night, Pochettino admitted that Chelsea could use some more experience next season.

“We can keep going in the same way with the policy [to sign young players],” Pochettino began telling reporters.

“But in the squad, we have Thiago Silva, Raheem Sterling and Marcus Bettinelli. Maybe Marcus isn’t playing but he does a fantastic job helping the young guys.

“We have experienced players in the squad. It is not going against the project to have some players who are helping the young guys to perform, to be professional, and to understand what it means to be in the Premier League and to be at Chelsea.

“We need to talk and decide the strategy for next season.”

Chelsea have the second youngest squad in the Premier League behind only Burnley but will likely see Silva, 39, leave in the summer to become the youngest.

With 11 players now out injured, Pochettino is lagging far behind expectations. He says that the fitness issues and squad composition need to be part of some honest post-season discussions with Chelsea’s owners.

“There are too many circumstances that make it difficult for the team to evolve,” he added. “And that is part of the process. Of course, this season is going to help us make the right decisions for next season. That was the question before.

“We need to bring more young players and some experienced players. That is all about talking with the club, analysing, and deciding the strategy for next season. That is really important.

“We need to assess all the boys. Why were players injured, will they suffer injuries in the future, and what is the history of their injuries?

“It’s so important because we need to manage the situation. Now, we have the reality because we are inside and have the information. And now it is about talking to the club and deciding the best strategy again to be competitive next season and to fight for big things.”