Is moving Zach LaVine really the Chicago Bulls’ top priority?

Are the Chicago Bulls really looking to trade Zach LaVine by any means necessary? Or is this yet another smoke screen from the Bulls’ front office to make cover for themselves as they run back the same roster (more or less) that they have for the three seasons before Chicago’s 2024-25 campaign?

We have heard plenty of chatter that moving on from the UCLA alum is a top priority of the team’s executives. But the health of LaVine’s injured foot will also play a role in the level of interest he gets from other teams on such a long and pricey contract.

Just how real the push to get off his contract is could very well be the most popular theme of the Bulls’ 2024 offseason, and was the topic of a recent Bulls podcast.

The hosts of the “Locked On Bulls” podcast, Haize and Pat the Designer, took a long look at the likelihood of LaVine in a new uniform this fall. Check it out above!

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire