Ex-NHL tough guy Sean Avery threatens teens in heated parking dispute

Sean Avery last played in the NHL with the New York Rangers in 2011-12. (REUTERS/Shaun Best)
Sean Avery last played in the NHL with the New York Rangers in 2011-12. (REUTERS/Shaun Best) (REUTERS)

Sean Avery has carried his hot-headedness from the NHL to real life and has once again been caught on camera getting into an argument with someone on the street.

According to a video obtained by TMZ Sports, the former player got into a spat with his neighbours over them parking their cars on a street near a home in Hollywood Hills he was house-sitting last Thursday. The 42-year-old approached the group about the vehicles and almost immediately started to threaten them with property damage.

"The next time one of you guys parks your cars there, I'm going to snap your windshield wipers off," Avery said in the video. "One-hundred percent. One-hundred percent. Ask around!"

Avery then continued to belittle the group, that included a couple teenagers, calling them names and trying to demean them during the several minutes that the argument lasted. At one point, Avery got into it with one of the teenage drivers.

“I just want you to use your f–king brain because you’re going to have to do it in life. And have an ounce of f–king respect for people,” Avery told the teen.

Later in the heated discussion, Avery told the person filming the video obtained by TMZ Sports to “Google him” and spelled out his name for them. All of this was over where a couple cars were parked near a house that he did not own.

The former New York Ranger has certainly kept his name in the news following a hectic NHL career. Earlier this summer, Avery was found guilty of criminal mischief for violently puncturing a hole in the door of a minivan in New York City with his scooter back in February 2019.

There is just something Avery has against parked cars, I guess.

Avery last played in the NHL during the 2011-12 season and has appeared in 580 games, racking up 1,533 penalty minutes for four different franchises.

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