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Embiid’s flopping, Anthony Davis is the Lakers’ best player & Jimmy vs. MSG

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Jake and Dan are back with another fun episode of No Cap Room, this time taking a deeper dive on all four playoff series before recapping Jake’s night at the NBA Replay Center with the most interesting man in basketball.

Joel Embiid declared himself back for the Philadelphia 76ers after winning the MVP Award, but that didn’t help his team to avoid getting drubbed by the Celtics in Boston. Was it just rust or should the 76ers be worried? And will Joel hurt himself further trying to flop his way to the free throw line?

Jimmy Butler flipped off the MSG crowd after game 2, so Jake and Dan believe he’ll be back in game 3, but we’re waiting to see how healthy he is and what kind of home court advantage the Heat have in Miami. Speaking of, are we sure MSG offers the Knicks a home court advantage?

The Los Angeles Lakers have the best defense in the league and are looking a lot like the 2020 championship team when Anthony Davis plays like he did in game 1. Do the Warriors have any way to stop him if he stays healthy through this series? If the Lakers win it all, Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley have both said that they want their championship rings…after trashing the team on their way out the door. Shameful or smart?

The Denver Nuggets deserve some apologies from doubters after looking like a much better team in their series against the Phoenix Suns, and things should be even easier after Chris Paul’s groin injury. Was the trade for Kevin Durant a mistake for Phoenix?

Finally, Jake spent a night at the NBA Replay Center for a story and ended up fascinated by the entire process and, more importantly, the most interesting man in basketball: Monty McCutchen.

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