NY man kept 11-foot gator illegally as pet… with its own pool

Authorities in New York this week seized an 11-foot, 750-pound alligator that had been kept illegally as a pet by a homeowner in Hamburg.

“Time for another episode of ‘Stories We Never Thought We Would Be Telling,’ ” the New York Department of Environmental Conservation stated Friday via social media.

Among the bizarre details associated with this story: The homeowner had built an addition to his house – including an in-ground pool – to accommodate the reptile, and allowed people to swim with the gator.

According to the DEC the homeowner at one time possessed a license to keep the gator, but it expired in 2021.

The animal was seized “in the interest of public safety and the health, safety, and protection of the alligator,” the DEC explained.

WIVB reports that the homeowner, Tony Cavallaro, was confronted by law enforcement agents armed with a warrant Wednesday morning when he returned from running errands.

“Everything they did to me, they treated me like a terrorist,” Cavallaro said.

The gator is more than 30 years old and suffers from numerous health issues, including blindness in both eyes, according to the DEC.

The animal was placed with a licensed caregiver while a permanent home is sought.

WIVB reports that Cavallaro is trying to regain possession of his cherished pet, named Albert.

Story originally appeared on For The Win