Pep Guardiola’s lessons for Ted Lasso and Manchester’s rich booze history

<span>Photograph: Apple</span>
Photograph: Apple


For those not clued into Ted Lasso, the fictional soccer manager from the USA! USA!! USA!!! and star of his self-titled show on the tellybox, you may have missed a deeply earnest cameo in said show this week from Pep Guardiola. As AFC Richmond took on Manchester City, Pep was gracious enough to tell the show’s protagonist: “Don’t worry about the wins or losses. Just help these guys be the best version of themselves on and off the pitch. This, at the end, is the most important thing.”

A lovely sentiment, Football Daily is sure you will agree, and an easy one to preach when, back in the real world, your own team is steamrolling every team in sight on the way to a historic treble. And despite spending a few seasons deeply worrying about the wins and losses, Guardiola did follow through on his promise after City clinched the Premier League title at the weekend. Yes, Pep gave his players the night off to be the best version of themselves hit the Tin before Wednesday night’s match at Brighton.

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Manchester has a long and rich history with booze, from champagne supernovas in the sky to this Tin-soaked 4am Renaissance painting on Well Street. It turns out Bernardo Silva and co did Guardiola proud – “drinking all the alcohol in Manchester” – before gathering themselves to muster a 1-1 draw at the Amex, a result that confirmed Brighton’s qualification for the Europa League after a thoroughly entertaining game. Chapeau to all concerned.

“I was a little bit worried about how much we drop [from] what we had done over the last four, five, six months … 40 hours ago we drank all the alcohol in Manchester,” beamed Guardiola after the result on the south coast. “But the team was there [at Brighton] and that’s why I am very pleased. Because I don’t want the team to drop before the FA Cup and Champions League finals. We showed why we are the best team in England. I’m very pleased with the way we still are as a team after being champion.”

As for Pep himself on Sunday? “At 10.30pm, I was in bed with my wife,” he breezed. “I was exhausted. I watched Match of the Day and then I slept like a baby. But I know the players did what they have to do. When you win the Premier League you have to celebrate. The next morning, it was just sauna time.”

It was just sauna time. If that piece of European rhetoric doesn’t make it into the next series of Ted Lasso, Football Daily doesn’t know what will.


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“Tottenham is the only club in my career with which I do not have a deep feeling. Probably because the stadium was empty at the time of Covid – and probably because Mr Levy didn’t let me win a trophy. When I leave Roma one day it will be tough. But we will be connected forever, as I am with all my previous clubs. Apart from Mr Levy’s club” – with Tottenham already down after taking Feyenoord’s Arne Slot off their managerial shortlist, José Mourinho offers a well-timed boot in the midriff.

José Mourinho.
‘They have cheeses this big …’ Photograph: Riccardo Antimiani/EPA


“Re: Bobby Moore in Wednesday’s Memory Lane. My Dad worked for Watneys for around 35 years, and was responsible for around 250 pubs in the East End of London and in Essex. During my youth, I would occasionally accompany him on some of his visits and it was quite the education. In 1976, a landlord who was also friendly with Bobby Moore found out he was interested in taking on a pub. They approached my Dad who was, understandably, extremely enthusiastic.

“Dad held several meetings with Bobby and they decided on a pub in Stratford, The Black Bull, which they would completely refurbish and re-name ‘Mooro’s’. The opening was due to take place live on the Today programme, with a host of celebrities in attendance. On the Friday before the big opening, however, my Dad got a call – there had been a fire at the pub, causing considerable damage.

“He quickly rounded up a whole host of tradesmen, with orders to work round the clock to get the place at least semi-presentable. On the Sunday, I went along with him to see how they were getting on. When we arrived, Bobby himself was there – and my excitement was compounded further when he introduced me to Bob McNab, the former Arsenal left-back and stalwart of the double-winning team of 1970-71.

“The whole experience remains one of the most memorable of my life. The opening of the pub went ahead on schedule although, according to my Dad, the cameras had to be pointed only to the parts of the pub that were fit to be shown on TV” – Nick Blake.

“No Morris Dancing Fiver in Southgate’s squad? Where’s the outrage?” – Steven Mintz.

“Re: Wednesday’s Football Daily. If I were a West Ham supporter I would be extremely p1ssed off with your reference to a Tin Pot final and suggest you apologise to their fans” – Martyn Pleasance.

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