PGA Championship: No body cam footage in Scottie Scheffler incident, Louisville mayor says

Footage that would help clear up the Scottie Scheffler-police confrontation either doesn't exist or hasn't been found.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Questions still remain about Scottie Scheffler's police confrontation on Friday morning outside Valhalla Golf Club, and there's not yet any body cam video available to provide answers, according to Louisville mayor Craig Greenberg.

"The officer did not have a body cam footage turned on during the incident. We will release the footage that we have," Greenberg said Saturday morning, according to local Louisville station WDRB. "We did not have any ... to my knowledge. We have not discovered any video of the initial contact between officer Gillis and Mr. Scheffler."

The entire story of Scheffler's arrest, detainment and subsequent release remains wrapped in controversy and differing perspectives. Scheffler was attempting to enter Valhalla Golf Club, where traffic had been snarled because of a fatal accident earlier in the morning. Metro Police Detective Bryant Gillis stopped Scheffler at the gate, and then stories diverge.

According to police, Scheffler “refused to comply and accelerated forward, dragging Detective Gillis to the ground.” Scheffler's attorney said the world No. 1 golfer was “simply proceeding as directed. He stopped immediately upon being directed to and never at any point assaulted any officer with his vehicle.”

Body cam footage would have swiftly ended debate about what happened. Greenberg said that Gillis either wasn't wearing a body cam or didn't have it activated. He indicated that video taken from across the street would be released. The police report from the incident indicates that video exists.

Scheffler was charged with four counts arising from the incident, including second-degree assault on a police officer, a felony. He will be arraigned Tuesday. After a second-round 66, he began Saturday at -9, three strokes off the lead of Xander Schauffele.