Philippe Clement told to get real over Rangers Kilmarnock penalty claim which also shows why VAR 'doesn't work'

Peter Grant reckons Philippe Clement was way off with his claim for a Rangers penalty against Kilmarnock.

The Celtic hero was addressing the shout for a Gers spot kick for an alleged handball by Corrie Ndaba and insists "we may as well pack our bags and go home" if that incident was seen as outlawed. The Killie defender challenged for a ball inside the box with Dujon Sterling and the ball did come off his arm completely unintentionally and from close range.

Referee David Dickinson allowed play to continue but then had to stop the play after being advised by the VAR to go over and watch the incident on the screen. But having done so, the on-pitch whistler decided to stick with his original decision and no penalty was awarded.

Clement branded it a "strange" call after the match although most pundits have disagreed.

And Grant told Go Radio: "Well if Philippe Clement thinks that is a penalty kick we may as well pack our bags and go home to be perfectly honest with you. But the other side of it is, if they are all getting taught at the start of the season what the rules are.

"If the referees are all sitting in that room together nodding their heads agreeing to it so everybody knows exactly what is and what is not a penalty.

"And they are calling someone over to look at that and then call the referee who has made the decision correctly right away anyway to come and check - it is ridiculous and this is the reason why VAR doesn't work."

Graham Dorrans agreed and added: "Firstly, it just took to long to reach a decision. I have certainly seen them given but for me I don't think it was a penalty. I think the officials behind the VAR have got it wrong.

"I think they are watching it, and they've called David Dickinson over to the monitor and he has stuck to his decision. He can't do anything with his arm. It is by his side. He's not gained an advantage or put it high or out to block the cross coming in. I think they got the right decision in the end but the problem is, as we all know, it took too long to get there."