PITT 8 PREVIEW: Indianola readies for conference tournament tilts

Mar. 30—The Warriors are ready to heat up the action.

Indianola will battle against the competition at the 2024 Pitt 8 Conference Baseball Tournament Thursday through Saturday at Stuart, pitting the Warriors against their fellow conference members.

Indianola comes into this season's tournament following 2023's finish in the third place game against Kiowa.

The Warriors have had to fight the ever-changing March weather and multiple rainouts, keeping them from facing some of their conference brethren like Kiowa and Crowder

But they have been able to have a few Pitt 8 battles, with shutout wins against teams such as Canadian and Haileyville.

Indianola is batting .330 as a team, and has scored 24 RBIs in the young season. Alex Whitlock and Brayden Hall combine for eight of those, while Ford Peterson, Jimmy Beams, and Johnny Devin-Chavez combine for 12 more.

On the mound, the Warrior pitching staff has combined for 50 strikeouts on the year so far.

The Warriors will battle with their mascot counterparts from Canadian in the first round of the tournament Thursday, and will be looking to make a statement against their conference brethren.