Pomellato Leans on Innovation With Pom Pom Dot Collection

Pomellato has options with its Pom Pom Dot collection, a whimsical new range of double-sided jewels. Centered on the Italian brand’s heritage, designs are based on a button, a motif that refers back to Pomellato’s gold necklace from 1974.

“I recently returned from Seoul where we unveiled the new Pom Pom Dot collection for the first time,” said Pomellato chief executive officer Sabina Belli. “It was an instant success, primarily because the collection connects with our emotional side as “Pom Pom” mimics the sounds of a heartbeat. The stones of Pom Pom Dot offer a sense of protection, while the craftsmanship of the double-sided pieces reflect the innovation of Pomellato.”

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The range includes nine pieces, both necklaces and bracelets, which are reversible with each side featuring a different hard stone — green malachite and mother-of-pearl, white diamonds and mother-of-pearl, and gray mother-of-pearl and white mother-of-pearl. A gold thread runs through the buttons with one side set in rose gold and the other embellished with white diamonds. The assortment, priced from $2,300 to $5,650, includes three pairs of earrings, an easy compliment the playful necklaces and bracelets.

Pomellato’s new Pom Pom collection campaign.

According to the Milan-based brand, every stone in the collection is associated with a powerful, positive force, symbolizing Pomellato’s joyful spirit. Malachite emanates a harmonious energy that promotes inner peace and hope. Diamonds bring courage and strength. White mother-of-pearl is associated with well-being and protection while gray mother-of-pearll reflects qualities of wisdom and patience.

“Pom Pom Dot simply represents Pomellato’s essence, joyfully and elegantly Milanese,” Belli said. “With its colorful gemstones and diamonds, these precious talismans provide a young, fresh and easy-to-wear look.”

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