PSG vs Newcastle LIVE: Champions League result and reaction as Kylian Mbappe cancels out Alexander Isak’s goal

PSG vs Newcastle LIVE: Champions League result and reaction as Kylian Mbappe cancels out Alexander Isak’s goal

Newcastle were left heartbroken in Paris after a stoppage penalty saw them draw with PSG in a critical Champions League group stage tie. The Magpies needed to avoid defeat to remain in the competition but three points would have left destiny in their hands.

The hosts were the more dominant side throughout though. They started the match in rapid fashion working the ball out to Kylian Mbappe and whipping crosses into the box. Newcastle’s defence, led by Jamaal Lascelles, was solid though and repelled the early onslaught before the attackers settled into the match.

Miguel Almiron’s effort from the right side of the box was palmed away by Gianluigi Donnarumma who only managed to tip it into the path of Alexander Isak. The forward poking home to send the visitors in front.

Things stayed that way, despite increasing pressure from the home side, until stoppage time. VAR judging that Tino Livramento had handled the ball inside the penalty area before Mbappe calmly slotting home the spot kick.

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PSG vs Newcastle

  • VAR the villain as late penalty call denies Newcastle rearguard win in Paris

  • Paris Saint-Germain draw with Newcastle in the Champions League

  • Kylian Mbappe scores late penalty to level the match after Alexander Isak’s opener

  • 90+8’ GOAL! - Mbappe slots home the penalty (PSG 1-1 NEW)

  • 90+6’ PENALTY! - VAR judges Livramento to have handled the ball inside the box (PSG 0-1 NEW)

  • 67’ SAVE! - Pope’s right hand palms Barcola’s shot away from goal (PSG 0-1 NEW)

  • 57’ CHANCE! - Dembele is charged down by Pope (PSG 0-1 NEW)

  • 31’ SAVE! - Pope palms away Dembele’s effort (PSG 0-1 NEW)

  • 24’ GOAL! - Isak pokes the visitors into the lead (PSG 0-1 NEW)

  • 12’ CHANCE! - Isak smokes one over the top (PSG 0-0 NEW)

  • 9’ SAVE! - Pope denies Mbappe after Newcastle’s defence caught napping (PSG 0-0 NEW)

Paris Saint-Germain FC 1 - 1 Newcastle United FC

VAR the villain as late penalty call denies Newcastle rearguard win in Paris

22:21 , Mike Jones

Football you cruel, wicked thing.

For so long, it looked as though, as sure as the rain, a frustrated Paris Saint-Germain were set for a seventh defeat in nine against English opponents to leave their hopes of reaching the Champions League knockout stages in Newcastle’s hands.

PSG threw everything at a bruised and battered Newcastle, but no matter how much they huffed and puffed they couldn’t break their curse. Their Champions League tale of woe was about to gain another chastening chapter.

But sometimes battle-weary sides don’t always get what they deserve, as a Kylian Mbappe stoppage time penalty denied an injury-ravaged Newcastle a crucial victory in the cruellest fashion, with the help of the relentless villain of the piece – VAR.

VAR the villain as late penalty call denies Newcastle rearguard win in Paris

Newcastle manager Eddie Howe to TNT Sports:

22:42 , Mike Jones

“I’m still coming to terms with it. I feel really flat but at the same time really pleased with what the players gave today. Their commitment, execution... We rode our luck. We ran out of luck at the end. I didn’t think it was a penalty.

“What you don’t take into account with those replays is how quick the ball goes. It hits his chest first. If it hits his hands first, well it’s still not a penalty because he’s so close. But you can make more of a case.

“It’s not a penalty when it hits his chest first and then hits his hand which is low. I’m not allowed to sum it up. I can’t say my inner thoughts obviously [I’d get in trouble].

“I thought the referee was having a good game up until this moment. He had been strong.”

Paris St-Germain goalscorer Kylian Mbappe on TNT Sports:

22:28 , Mike Jones

“It’s hard when you see the game. What happened was we had so many chances to win. In football you can be so much better but don’t win.

“I try to be at my best level every night. I think I could have done more for my team. I had many chances and didn’t score more goals.

“Too many chances. You watch many games and in the Champions League you have to score when you have the opportunity.”

Newcastle striker Alexander Isak on TNT Sports:

22:18 , Mike Jones

“Unfortunate for us to get a goal against us so late. I think we started defending our goal a bit too early. It’s never nice to concede a goal that late.

“My first reaction was it wasn’t [a penalty]. It seemed cheap. I haven’t seen a replay. Hopefully it was a penalty. We have to trust the referees.

“We are very proud of the team. It’s not an easy place to come. They haven’t lost for some time here.

“We almost got the win. It is unfortunate. We always want to win, but this point will be important. We have it all to play for.”

Full-time! PSG 1-1 Newcastle

22:01 , Mike Jones

90+9 mins: The whistle goes in Paris and Newcastle will be heartbroken. They did everything but get over the line and they’ve been undone by the referee’s decision.

Newcastle are still in the Champions League but PSG keep themselves second in the table.

GOAL! PSG 1-1 Newcastle (Mbappe, 90+8’)⚽️

21:58 , Mike Jones

90+8 mins: PSG have been rescued by a dodgy decision. Kylian Mbappe is ice cool and slots the ball into the top corner leaving Nick Pope no chance to keep it out.

Penalty to PSG!

21:57 , Mike Jones

PSG 0-1 Newcastle

90+6 mins: Disaster for Newcastle. The referee is sent over to the pitchside monitor to take a look at the replays. It shows the ball hit Tino Livramento in the chest, bounce up and hit him on the elbow.

PSG have their reprieve.

PSG 0-1 Newcastle

21:55 , Mike Jones

90+5 mins: Nick Pope has been shown a yellow card for time wasting on the restarts. It’s a sacrifice the Newcastle goalkeeper will be pleased to take.

Newcastle are pinned in their own half now. PSG are piling on the pressure. There’s a shout for handball against Newcastle in the penalty area.

The PSG players swarm the referee and VAR is looking at this...

PSG 0-1 Newcastle

21:52 , Mike Jones

90+2 mins: Barcola has a huge chance to equalise after the ball is whipped into the box from the right wing. It drops over the top of Kylian Mbappe’s head and comes to Barcola who volleys his effort over to the top of goal!

PSG 0-1 Newcastle

21:51 , Mike Jones

90 mins: There’s eight minutes of added time to play! Eight!

PSG 0-1 Newcastle

21:47 , Mike Jones

87 mins: Marco Asensio curls a tantilising ball into the box but none of his teammates get a touch to the ball. It drops safely and gets swept up by Nick Pope.

These are nervous times now for Newcastle. Three minutes plus stoppage time to play.

PSG 0-1 Newcastle

21:44 , Mike Jones

84 mins: Kylian Mbappe is trying his best to thread dainty balls into the box. He plays on to Lucas Hernandez who fizzes a low effort into the near post.

Ousmane Dembele gets his foot to the ball but pushes it wide of the target!

Eddie Howe gives new instructions to Alexander Isak as Miguel Almiron is down receiving some treatment.

PSG 0-1 Newcastle

21:41 , Mike Jones

81 mins: The toll of the game will be starting to hit the Newcastle players. They’ll likely play the entire length of the match and need to hold out for just under 10 minutes.

PSG have a regular supply of impressive substitutes but the complexion of the game hasn’t changed. Plenty of time to play though.

PSG 0-1 Newcastle

21:39 , Mike Jones

78 mins: Achraf Hakimi comes down the right side and sends the ball into the box. Fabian Schar is there to clear the ball but Newcastle are defending in greater numbers and deeper into their own half.

PSG 0-1 Newcastle

21:34 , Mike Jones

75 mins: PSG are losing their heads here. The ball hits Lewis Miley on the hand inside the Newcastle box but there’s nowhere he could go and his arms are by his sides.

The PSG players want a penalty and scream at the referee who lets play go on. Gianluigi Donnarumma comes flying out of his box to have a go at the official who pulls out a yellow card for dissent.

VAR looks at the incident and doesn’t give a penalty either.

PSG 0-1 Newcastle

21:32 , Mike Jones

72 mins: Over in the other Group F match tonight, Borussia Dortmund are comfortably ahead now with a 3-1 cushion over AC Milan.

That means the German side are going through to the next round with a game to spare.

PSG 0-1 Newcastle

21:30 , Mike Jones

69 mins: Nervy moments.

Anthony Gordon and Achraf Hakimi come together inside the Newcastle penalty area and the defender goes to ground. There’s a VAR review to see whether there should be a penalty awarded but nothing comes from it.

PSG 0-1 Newcastle

21:28 , Mike Jones

67 mins: Save! How’s he kept that out?!

Tremendous work from Kylian Mbappe on the right side of the pitch sees him glide into pace and pick out substitute Bradley Barcola inside the six-yard area.

Barcola turns the ball towards goal but a reactionary hand from Nick Pope manages to push the ball wide of the far post.

PSG 0-1 Newcastle

21:25 , Mike Jones

66 mins: Lewis Miley helps out the forward line and brings an aerial ball down on his chest. He prods it over to Miguel Almiron who shoots and skews his volley wide of the far post.

These moments for Newcastle mean that PSG can’t throw too many men forward. They’re still vulnerable at the back.

PSG 0-1 Newcastle

21:23 , Mike Jones

63 mins: Trippier hits the wall!

The ball deflects out for a corner though and the next set piece is swung into the middle of the box. Trippier is booed for taking a while before crossing the ball.

It’s floated into the middle but there’s a foul on a PSG defender and the referee awards them a free kick.

PSG 0-1 Newcastle

21:20 , Mike Jones

60 mins: Ousmane Dembele and Milan Skriniar are both booked in quick succession as Newcastle start to impose themselves on the game again.

Gordon is the man brought down by Skriniar which leaves Newcastle with a free kick high up the pitch. Kieran Trippier is lining it up...

PSG 0-1 Newcastle

21:17 , Mike Jones

57 mins: Scrappy!

Nick Pope comes to the rescue again. A threaded pass from Lee comes into the box and is flicked on by Kolo Muani. It comes into space for Dembele who shoots but is quickly charged down by the Newcastle goalkeeper.

Pope stops the ball with his body but it loops into the air and falls to Mbappe whose attempted volley is scuffed away.

PSG 0-1 Newcastle

21:16 , Mike Jones

54 mins: PSG, lacking a bit of creativity at the minute, try to switch the play with a cross field pass over to Ousmane Dembele on the right wing.

Dembele is beaten to the ball by Tino Livramento who brings it down and releases the ball before he’s tackled. Newcastle are playing well here.

PSG 0-1 Newcastle

21:11 , Mike Jones

51 mins: Kieran Trippier is given the ball by Nick Pope and he slips it into midfield for Joelinton. The midfielder then turns and spies Miguel Almiron making a run down the right wing.

The ball is chipped over the top but Danilo comes sweeping across to cover for the hosts and comes away with the ball.

PSG 0-1 Newcastle

21:08 , Mike Jones

48 mins: Joelinton chips a lovely ball over to the top and gets it up to Alexander Isak. He carries the ball into the penalty area and comes up against Danilo.

The defender keeps him at bay and stops the goalscorer getting a shot away. Instead his rolls it back to Lewis Miley who tries to feed a quick pass over to Miguel Almiron but puts it too wide of the forward and PSG recover the ball.

Second half! PSG 0-1 Newcastle

21:06 , Mike Jones

Newcastle get the ball rolling for the second half in Paris. Can Eddie Howe’s men go on to win this game?

No changes made from either manager.

HT PSG 0-1 Newcastle

21:01 , Mike Jones

It’s half-time in the two games in Group F with AC Milan drawing 1-1 with Borussia Dortmund.

As it stands, Newcastle sit second in the group, a point behind Dortmund.

PSG slip to third, level on points with AC Milan.

HT PSG 0-1 Newcastle

20:57 , Mike Jones

Paris Saint-Germain have dominated possession during the first half, controlling 61% of the ball. They’ve created 14 chances but only three of them have been on target.

In contrast Newcastle have had three attempts with two on target and one goal scored.

HT PSG 0-1 Newcastle

20:53 , Mike Jones


Half-time! PSG 0-1 Newcastle

20:49 , Mike Jones

45+3 mins: Oh close! Alexander Isak almost gets in behind Milan Skriniar who lunges for the ball right on the edge of the box. The defender comes away with possession but that was a risky move.

A second Newcastle goal could kill the game off.

The whistle goes for half-time. Newcastle are almost there. 45 minutes left to play.

PSG 0-1 Newcastle

20:47 , Mike Jones

45 mins: Three minutes of added time to play before the break.

PSG 0-1 Newcastle

20:46 , Mike Jones

43 mins: Newcastle’s main objective here is to hold on to their lead but they are trying to create opportunities in the attacking side of the pitch.

Anthony Gordon and Miguel Almiron just can’t combine and get in behind the PSG line.

PSG 0-1 Newcastle

20:40 , Mike Jones

40 mins: AC Milan have equalised against Borussia Dortmund meaning as things stand there are just two points separating all four teams.

What a group this one is. Five minutes to go until half-time.

PSG 0-1 Newcastle

20:38 , Mike Jones

37 mins: PSG have created 10 efforts already but they haven’t been able to break through Newcastle’s defence. There’s been a few nervous moments for the visitors though.

This game has the feel of one that if PSG get one, they’ll go on to get a couple more.

PSG 0-1 Newcastle

20:36 , Mike Jones

34 mins: PSG have perhaps lost a bit of zip in their play. They won’t be happy right now. If they lose this game there is an unbelievable amount of pressure on them for the final gameweek.

The hosts are still on top though despite the scoreline.

PSG 0-1 Newcastle

20:34 , Mike Jones

31 mins: One of the potential downsides for Eddie Howe is the lack of depth on the bench. With all Newcastle’s injuries the starting XI may need to see out the remainder of this game.

Save! PSG turn the ball over in midfield and fly forward. Kolo Muani touches it up towards the box before Dembele takes over. He rolls the ball onto his left foot then shoots and forces Nick Pope into a low stop down to his right.

PSG 0-1 Newcastle

20:32 , Mike Jones

28 mins: Newcastle need to hold their nerve now. It’s a huge goal from Isak and sends Newcastle up to second in the group.

PSG try to respond. They sweep down the right side and and flick the ball into the box for Ousmane Dembele. He chests it down to Randal Kolo Muani who backheels it back to Dembele.

Dembele slides the ball over to Lee Kang-In on the left but his effort is blocked by Lewis Miley.

GOAL! PSG 0-1 Newcastle (Isak, 24’)⚽️

20:28 , Mike Jones

24 mins: Poached!

Newcastle score a massive goal in this Champions League campaign. Tino Livramento comes forward on the left wing and receives the ball from Anthony Gordon. The left-back weaves and wills his way to the edge of the box and cuts across the front of goal.

He passes it over to Miguel Almiron who checks inside. Lewis Miley darts in front of him and draws away the nearest defender providing Almiron the opportunity to shoot.

Almiron whips his effort towards the target but Gianluigi Donnarumma drops low and palms it away. Alexander Isak is the first to react and pokes it past the sprawled goalkeeper to send the visitors ahead.

PSG 0-0 Newcastle

20:24 , Mike Jones

21 mins: A PSG free kick over on the left side of the pitch is flicked into the box by Kang-In Lee and he dobs the ball into the middle in behind Newcastle’s line.

It bobbles over to the back post where Ousmane Dembele lets fly on a shot and slices it wide of the target.

PSG 0-0 Newcastle

20:20 , Mike Jones

18 mins: After a rapid start, PSG have started to slow the tempo down and are probing at the Newcastle defence trying to figure out the weak points.

Joelinton recovers the ball in midfield but his forward pass is intercepted by Milan Skriniar and the host regain possession. Newcastle are going to have to be patient and they need to take their chances when they come.

PSG 0-0 Newcastle

20:17 , Mike Jones

15 mins: Quarter of an hour played now and Newcastle are seemingly relaxing into the game. Over in the other Group F fixture of the night, Borussia Dortmund have taken the lead against AC Milan meaning they are now third in the table as it stands.

PSG don’t like playing English teams in this competition. There is hope for Eddie Howe’s men.

PSG 0-0 Newcastle

20:14 , Mike Jones

12 mins: Newcastle are allowing PSG to dictate play. Hakimi is getting free roam over on the right wing when he comes forward and the Magpies aren’t closing down quickly enough to cut out the cross.

Miguel Almiron wins the ball back high up the pitch. He slots a pass into the box for Alexander Isak who takes his shot first time. He has to score but lifts the effort over the crossbar!

PSG 0-0 Newcastle

20:11 , Mike Jones

9 mins: Save!

Newcastle are undone as the ball comes up to Randal Kolo Muani. He flicks the ball back to Achraf Hakimi who bombs it forward on the right wing.

He easily nips around Tino Livramento then curls a low pass into the middle of the box. Kylian Mbappe arrives through the middle of the Newcastle defence, meets the ball and backheels it towards goal only for Nick Pope to make a great save with his feet!

PSG 0-0 Newcastle

20:09 , Mike Jones

8 mins: Kieran Trippier has his first test of the night as Kylian Mbappe flies at him one-on-one. Miguel Almiron is too far away to get back and double up but Trippier doesn’t need him.

He sticks a leg in on the edge of the box and pokes the ball away from the flying winger.

PSG 0-0 Newcastle

20:07 , Mike Jones

6 mins: Newcastle haven’t been able to get much possession of the ball but come forward down the right when they do turn over possession.

Miguel Almiron collects it on the wing before slipping a fine pass into the box as Lewis Miley darts inside. Manuel Ugarte is ahead of the teenager, holds him off and guides the ball out for the goal kick before the attack can develop any further.

PSG 0-0 Newcastle

20:05 , Mike Jones

3 mins: Newcastle marshall the ball out of play and Nick Pope smokes it long from the resultant goal kick. Alexander Isak is the target in the middle but Danilo comes sprinting past him and is fouled by the forward.

At the other end of the pitch, PSG work the ball into the box from the left. It bounces high and drops for the arriving Fabian Ruiz who volleys a tricky effort over the crossbar.

Kick off! PSG 0-0 Newcastle

20:02 , Mike Jones

The home side get the game underwaya and send the ball into the backline. It’s pumped long and cleared away from Newcastle’s defence before PSG recover the ball and flick it over to Kylian Mbappe on the left wing.

He collects the ball and drives forward getting the crowd excited in the process. A cross comes into the box but Jamaal Lascelles is on hand to nod it away.

PSG vs Newcastle

19:58 , Mike Jones

The players make their way out onto the pitch at the Parc des Princes. Newcastle must win to stay in the competition and leapfrog PSG in group F.

Can they do it?

Nick Pope on tonight’s match

19:55 , Mike Jones

“It’s a tough game but a good challenge.” Newcastle’s goalkeeper Nick Pope said.

“We’ve spoken as a group about what we’d have given to be here when we were chasing Champions League football. We were ruthless against Paris in the first game, and we don’t want any excuses this time.”

Eddie Howe on PSG

19:50 , Mike Jones

“It’s difficult to talk about Paris’ players.,” said Eddie Howe at his pre-match press conference yesterday, “They have quality everywhere.

“They’ve been scoring goals for fun. But our structure and resilience has been good, and we’re going to need to be as good as we know we can be.

“This is the defining moment of our Champions League campaign and we’ll give everything.”

Pre-match thoughts from Eddie Howe

19:45 , Mike Jones

Newcastle’s coach Eddie Howe spoke ahead of the game saying: “The mood of the group is good. It was a pivotal moment [the Chelsea win] - it would have been very easy to feel sorry for ourselves.

“The lads did well to play at such a high level. But we are not in the position we want to be in in the Champions League, and it is imperative we do not lose tomorrow.”

Newcastle face defining Champions League clash as Eddie Howe demands team ‘play on the edge’

19:40 , Mike Jones

Newcastle United manager Eddie Howe acknowledged his team are below their own expectations in their Champions League group this term and said it was “imperative” they managed to avoid defeat ahead of a trip to Paris Saint-Germain.

The Magpies sit bottom of a tight Group F, with four points accumulated putting them behind Borussia Dortmund (seven), PSG (six) and AC Milan (five).

Howe’s team must take a minimum of four points from their remaining two matches, realistically, though even that might not be enough depending on points elsewhere - but a smashing 4-1 victory over Chelsea at the weekend has raised spirits in the camp and the boss wants his team to harness the emotions and energy seen at St. James’ Park this season for this match on away soil.

Newcastle face defining clash as Howe demands team ‘play on the edge’

PSG vs Newcastle

19:38 , Mike Jones

Newcastle manager Eddie Howe speaking to TNT Sports: “I think for every game we take it independently. This is a totally different game to the home match. We have planned for that.

“Every game is different, they have a different line-up. But it won’t be too different from our principles.

“Jamaal Lascelles’ really stepped up. He hadn’t had a lot of football before coming into the team. He’s led by example, scored a massive goal the other day to help us beat Chelsea. His performances have been really strong.

“To be us. We have to show our qualities. When I look back to Dortmund we were disappointed we didn’t execute our plan. Today we have to be us, we have to execute what we need to do much better than those last two games.

“We’re going to have to manage the early part of the game well.

“I’ve got no issues with the team tonight. Yes we have a lot of players missing, but the balance of the team is right. We don’t have the strength and reserve we want, but the starting XI is strong.”

Will they attempt to address the situation in January?

19:35 , Mike Jones

They were always likely to bolster their squad during the winter transfer window, but Tonali’s unexpected absence has made that imperative. However, they also remain short in central defence and attacking roles and all three areas are likely to be focuses.

The club was close to its Financial Fair Play limit at the end of its summer spending spree and sporting director Dan Ashworth has indicated a “creative” approach may be needed, and that could mean loan deals with options to buy.

What lies ahead for Newcastle

19:30 , Mike Jones

If the opening three months of the season have been gruelling, the final two months of 2023 promise to be no less taxing.

The Magpies head for Paris St Germain on November 28 and entertain AC Milan on December 13 knowing they may have to win both games to keep alive their first Champions League campaign for 20 years, and having accounted for both Manchester clubs in the Carabao Cup, now travel to Chelsea in the quarter-finals next month.

In addition, they face league clashes with improving Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham before they head for Liverpool on New Year’s Day as they attempt to fight their way to another top-four finish.

How much toll have Newcastle’s injuries taken on the pitch?

19:25 , Mike Jones

Until last week, very little, but chickens have started to come home to roost. Howe, who favours a high-pressing game, gambled on leaving Almiron and the in-form Anthony Gordon out of his starting line-up for Tuesday night’s Champions League trip to Borussia Dortmund in the hope they would be able to come off the bench and affect the game late on.

In the event, he was forced to introduce them at half-time with Dortmund already leading, and his side was unable to stave off a 2-0 defeat.

So depleted were Newcastle’s resources on the south coast four days later that 17-year-old midfielder Lewis Miley was handed a first Premier League start, while 18-year-old striker Ben Parkinson was used as a substitute and Alex Murphy, 19, and Amadou Diallo, 20, were also named on the bench.

However, tired legs and minds contributed to a second successive 2-0 loss.

How extensive are Newcastle’s selection problems?

19:20 , Mike Jones

Very. Head coach Eddie Howe was unable to call upon Dan Burn, Sven Botman, Matt Targett, Javier Manquillo, Elliot Anderson, Harvey Barnes, Jacob Murphy, Alexander Isak and Callum Wilson through injury, as well as suspended duo Sandro Tonali and Bruno Guimaraes, at the Vitality Stadium.

The Magpies then saw Miguel Almiron added to the list when he limped off after just 31 minutes. Burn, Barnes and Anderson are facing months on the sidelines, while £55m summer signing Tonali will not be able to play again until August next year after admitting breaches of betting regulations.

PSG vs Newcastle

19:15 , Mike Jones

Newcastle midfielder, Joelinton, spoke about how the team is feeling ahead of tonight’s big Champions League tie saying: “We’ve always had belief inside the dressing room.

“Everyone’s positive. Of course, it gives more confidence to the team if they beat a big club [like Chelsea].”

Group F permutations

19:10 , Mike Jones

Borussia Dortmund will be confirmed in the last 16 if they beat AC Milan tonight. They will also be confirmed as group winners if they beat Milan and Newcastle beat PSG.

PSG, meanwhile, will go through to the round of 16 if they beat Newcastle and Milan do not beat Dortmund.

For their part, Milan will be unable to finish in the top two if they lose to Dortmund and PSG beat Newcastle.

Newcastle will be unable to finish in the top two if they lose to PSG. Newcastle will be confirmed in fourth place if they lose and Milan beat Dortmund.

PSG vs Newcastle

19:05 , Mike Jones

PSG’s chief revenue officer, Marc Armstrong, believes that the club are not diminished by their failure to lift the Champions League trophy and that they are building success in other ways.

“You don’t have to win the Champions League to be a successful football club,” he said, “Would we love to win it? Yes.

“In the past four seasons, we have been in a final and a semi-final. We are one of only three teams to be in the knockout stage every season since 2012/13, along with Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.

“We are number four in the Uefa coefficient but the chairman was quite forthright this summer with the new sporting strategy - that [Champions League] is not an obsession.”

Eddie Howe has made huge Newcastle improvements – yet even more is needed for his biggest test yet

19:00 , Mike Jones

As the Saudi money rolled in, some might have thought Eddie Howe’s days were numbered. With big-money, marquee player signings coming through the door, an elite, high-profile coach would surely not be too far behind.

At the start of this season, it appeared Howe had reached his limitations. Three defeats in Newcastle United’s opening four league games gave credence to claims all that was missing from the PIF Toon revolution was a new figurehead.

However, despite having to work with a squad so injury-ravaged, Howe has Newcastle buzzing again. His lack of willingness to be drawn on Newcastle’s Middle Eastern overlords does not make him universally popular, but what Howe is doing with his team, a threadbare one at that, is nothing short of remarkable.

Howe has made huge improvements - yet more is needed for Newcastle’s biggest test

Are PSG a successful Champions League team?

18:55 , Mike Jones

Paris St-Germain could reach the Champions League last-16 for the 12th season in a row if they beat Newcastle tonight yet they are seen by many as serial chokers in this competition and not one of the favourites to win the trophy.


The French champions have reached just one final - they were beaten by Bayern Munich in 2020 - and a solitary semi-final, which they lost to Manchester City the following season.

PSG have spent lots of money and had some of the biggest names in the sport play for them including Kylian Mbappe, Neymar, Lionel Messi, Edinson Cavani, Thiago Silva, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Yet, they have no silverware to show for it and at the end of the day that is was matters to fans.

Newcastle’s team changes

18:51 , Mike Jones

Eddie Howe makes no changes to the team that defeated Chelsea 4-1 at the weekend meaning that teenager Lewis Miley makes his first Champions League start.

Miley had come on as a substitute in the last match against Borussia Dortmund but will feature in midfield from the first whistle tonight.

Newcastle’s forward line is strong with Miguel Almiron, Alexander Isak and Anthony Gordon providing the goal threat.

Newcastle line-up

18:47 , Mike Jones

PSG XI: Donnarumma; Hakimi, Skriniar, Danilo, L. Hernandez; Fabian, Ugarte, Lee Kang-In; Dembele, Kolo Muani, Mbappe

Newcastle XI: Pope; Trippier, Lascelles, Schar, Livramento; Guimaraes, Miley, Joelinton; Almiron, Gordon; Isak.

PSG vs Newcastle

18:40 , Mike Jones

Newcastle made it seven wins in eight home matches with an impressive 4-1 victory over Chelsea on Saturday. Anthony Gordon was key to the victory, supplying the assist for the hosts’ second before rounding off the scoring himself.

Can he replicate that form on the big stage tonight?

PSG vs Newcastle

18:35 , Mike Jones

The encounter at St. James’ Park was the teams’ first meeting and it proved a memorable one for Newcastle.

First-half goals from Miguel Almirón and Dan Burn set them into the break with a lead before Sean Longstaff and Fabian Schär doubled the tally either side of a Lucas Hernández’s strike which had reduced the Paris deficit.

Can the Magpies repeat that success tonight?

PSG vs Newcastle

18:30 , Mike Jones

Paris Saint-Germain aim to turn the tables on Newcastle as they meet at Parc des Princes in the penultimate round of Champions League games in a finely-balanced Group F.

The French champions have six points having won both home matches and lost both away – including a 4-1 defeat at St. James’ Park on Matchday 2 – and are one point behind leaders Borussia Dortmund.

Newcastle’s four points puts them in fourth place although only three points behind Dortmund.

Newcastle fans attacked in Paris before Champions League match

18:25 , Mike Jones

Newcastle fans have been reportedly attacked in a bar in Paris ahead of their match against Paris Saint Germain on Wednesday.

There was footage on social media of a group of Newcastle fans in a bar being attacked with fireworks and flares as well as chairs being thrown.

More than 2,000 fans have travelled from the UK for Newcastle’s final away group game of their first Champions League campaign for two decades.

Newcastle fans attacked in Paris before Champions League match

PSG vs Newcastle prediction

18:20 , Mike Jones

Newcastle’s victory over PSG at St. James’ Park has been the highlight of their Champions League campaign so far and Eddie Howe will be keen to relive the feeling of defeating the French champions again.

However, Paris Saint-Germain will claim that was an off night and with the backing of their home supporters a win should take PSG closer to qualification.

PSG 3-1 Newcastle.

PSG vs Newcastle predicted line-ups

18:15 , Mike Jones

PSG XI: Donnarumma; Hakimi, Skriniar, Hernandez, Mukiele; Ruiz, Ugarte, Vitinha; Dembele, Mbappe; Ramos.

Newcastle XI: Pope; Trippier, Lascelles, Schar, Hall; Longstaff, Guimaraes, Joelinton; Almiron, Gordon; Isak.

Early team news

18:10 , Mike Jones

PSG are without a number of key individuals, with teenager Warren Zaire-Emery injured on international duty after a maiden call-up to the senior France squad. Marco Asensio, Marquinhos and Presnel Kimpembe also remain out.

Newcastle’s long injury list includes Sven Botman, Callum Wilson and Harvey Barnes, but Lewis Hall is available after being unable to play against Chelsea. Sean Longstaff could also overcome an ankle issue and feature in midfield in the absence of Sandro Tonali, who is serving a long-term suspension.

How to watch PSG vs Newcastle

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PSG vs Newcastle is due to kick off at 8pm GMT on Tuesday 28 November at the Parc des Princes in Paris.

Viewers in the United Kingdom can watch the match live on TNT Sports 2, with coverage on the channel from 7pm GMT. Subscribers can stream the action via discovery+.

If you’re travelling abroad and want to watch the event, you might need a VPN to unblock your streaming app. Our VPN round-up is here to help and includes deals on VPNs in the market. Viewers using a VPN need to make sure that they comply with any local regulations where they are, and also with the terms of their service provider.

PSG vs Newcastle

18:00 , Mike Jones

Good evening and welcome to The Independent’s coverage of tonight’s Champions League action as Paris Saint-Germain host Newcastle.

It’s a big game for Eddie Howe’s men as defeat would almost certainly see them knocked out of the competition while victory would propel them above their hosts in Group F.

Despite the loss of some key players, Eddie Howe will be confident about the task at hand having defeated PSG 4-1 in the reverse fixture at St. James’ Park. Tonight’s clash promises to be a wholly different affair though and the Magpies will need to be at their best to get through it.

We’ll have all the action, team news and updates throughout the night so stick with us as we build up to kick off at 8pm.