Rangers vs Kilmarnock VAR incident branded 'shambles' as Philippe Clement pulled up for comments

Referee David Dickinson being asked to check for a penalty for a 'handball' against Kilmarnock's Corrie Ndaba was a "shambles."

That's the view of Michael Stewart who reckoned it was plainly obvious straight away that the incident during Rangers' win wasn't punishable by the laws of the game and that VAR Steven Kirkland should not have had to ask the man in the middle to take a second look at it.

Dickinson stuck to his guns and ignored the invitation by the VAR to award a penalty and the pundit agrees with his call. One person who didn't was Gers boss Philippe Clement who thought it was an odd outcome, but Stewart insists it's the Belgian's comments which are in fact strange.

It was one of a number of incidents VAT got involved with early on in the game which resulted in it becoming very stop-start.

Speaking on BBC Scotland's Sportscene: "I've got to say that great credit needs to be given to David Dickinson the referee. It's shambolic from the VAR officials to slow the game down as much as they did.

"Everyone that's involved in football could see within seconds it's not a penalty kick. Yes there is almost a feeling that when the referee goes over it's going to be given.

"But I find Philippe Clement's comments a little bit strange. That's not a penalty kick and I think everyone that's associated with football would feel the same. If that's given against you, you would be tearing your hair out."

Asked for his take, Cammy Bell added: "Correct call, yeah. I agree with Mikey, he shouldn't have been called over. I think VAR should be looking at that once and it's not a penalty. If you know anything about football that shouldn't be discussed as a penalty.

"It's two players coming together. Yes the ball brushes his arm but there is no intent at all, it doesn't change anything in the action of the play.

"I was amazed when he was sent over. And as Mikey says, you've got to credit the referee for sticking by his decision."