Report: Bulls could have to pay to get off Zach LaVine’s contract

As the Chicago Bulls get ready to tackle the trade deadline, they’ll have some interesting decisions to make. Should they trade DeMar DeRozan? Will they hold on to Andre Drummond, Jevon Carter, and Torrey Craig? Is selling high on Alex Caruso the right decision, or should they keep him around to help them compete for the Play-In Tournament?

But perhaps the most important choice the Bulls will have to make is whether or not to push for a Zach LaVine trade. Interest around the league has been iffy, and if the Bulls want to move the star guard, they likely won’t end up getting the return they want.

According to KC Johnson of NBC Sports Chicago, the Bulls might have to add other assets to LaVine’s contract just to trade him.

“There’s a growing feeling among rival executives that the Bulls may have to attach another asset to move LaVine, something sources said the Bulls have been hesitant to do to this point,” Johnson wrote.”An alternative could be to merely move LaVine as a salary dump for expiring contracts, although NBC Sports Chicago has previously reported that the Bulls weren’t at that stage yet. Plus, of course, it would take another team willing to do that.”

LaVine is under contract through the 2026-27 season, making just under $50 million in his final year. Add in his injury issues and subpar play on the defensive side of the ball, and it makes sense why some teams around the league would be hesitant to make a move for him, let alone give up significant assets to get him.

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire