Rocky Bushiri sick of Hibs manager pressure grilling as he addresses fan fury protests

Rocky Bushiri admits he's SICK of having to discuss Hibs manager pressure as the players carry the can.

The defender was left "embarrassed" by his side's woeful outing at Easter Road over the weekend as they fell to a dreadful 4-0 defeat at the hands of Aberdeen. It was a result which left a bitter taste in the mouth of punters who staged a protest at full-time with boss Nick Montgomery bearing the brunt.

Bushiri understands the hierarchy in football but he's also honest enough to insist it's not just the gaffer's fault for their failures this season. And he acknowledged a need to do better as he cannot keep answering the same questions about his bosses.

"I have been here two seasons and all the time it's manager, manager, manager," he said. "The responsibility is shared. It's also on us, it is on everybody. Everybody included in the club. I hate finger pointing. That's not up to me to speak about the manager. Let me focus on me and the boys, the team.

"If you've made Europe last season and you didn't this season, of course you went backwards. But how do you analyse the game? There's also a question, how does the club analyse the game? How do we want to progress? Because now we've gone on a project. It's about performance, of course, but there is a new style of play, there are lots of new things. Do you accept moments like this?”

Bushiri was left perplexed by the result and the performance against the Dons and struggled to pinpoint exactly what happened.

But he questioned if he and his teammates did enough of the simple things.

“Everyone is on the same page. It's not about 'are the players behind the manager' because you can't say every time they lose 'ah they've let the manager down'.

“No. You run until the end, you look at yourself, go in front of the mirror. Did I give everything? I am a professional player. I play for Hibs, I have responsibilities. Have I done enough? “It's not about manager this, that. I've had enough of this, to be honest. Can't change managers, do this, this, that.

“I’ve said it in difficult moments when it's on me, I hold my hands up - 'guys, I've made a mistake'.

“It was bad, embarrassing. Losing 4-0 at home, there are no other words. It's not good at all. We are all heartbroken as we have let so many people down now.

“Especially after not making top six, there's a feeling like we deserve to be up there. But when you perform like that you know it is not good enough. Everybody should reflect on themselves.”

The fans were livid on the final whistle and, again, Rocky accepted blame.

"I don't blame the fans. They are there all of the time. They have travelled last week, we've not performed. I understand their anger. You need to give them something and they will give it back to you.

“I want to apologise, but I also feel apologising is ... we've tried, we've not given. But of course we need to apologise because they were there.”