Sam Houston Statue unveils new Texans uniforms

Apr. 23—After two years of redesigning, the Houston Texans unveiled a new year uniform, with the help of a Huntsville legend.

The Texans released four new uniforms at 10 a.m. April 23rd, 2024, with the reveal of the color rush uniforms, which was highlighted with the highly anticipated "H-Town Blue" color.

With the approval of David Adickes, the statue sculptor, the 67-foot Sam Houston Statue donned the new color-rush uniform, with H-Town Blue accents, to help promote the release of the new uniform as you drive down Interstate 45 through Huntsville.

The Texans released three other uniforms next to the color rush, all with a different theme behind them. A new and improved version of the original jersey revamped the deep-steel blue color with an updated font for text on the jerseys.

A new road-white uniform keeps a similar style to the original uniforms, but adds a bullhorn on the front to pay homage to the bull in the original logo.

In a similar look to the road whites, a new battle red uniform was released with the same pattern as the white jerseys. But with the NFL allowing a third helmet, the Texans added a battle red scheme with a red facemask to complete the battle red theme.

The Sam Houston Statue will wear the new design until May 7th.