Sarina Wiegman takes Lionesses positives from controversial Italy goal

 (The FA via Getty Images)
(The FA via Getty Images)

Sarina Wiegman took positives from Italy’s controversial equaliser against the Lionesses, saying it offered “good learning” for her team ahead of the World Cup.

Rachel Daly scored twice as England beat Italy 2-1 in the Arnold Clark Cup on Sunday.

But in between those goals Sofia Cantore equalised despite the ball appearing off the pitch when it was crossed – and her header appearing not to have crossed the line.

“I haven’t seen the footage back but it’s not really important,” Wiegman said when asked whether she felt Italy’s equaliser was a legitimate goal.

“You just have to keep on playing. The decision has been made, so we have to move on and try to score a second goal. I think we could have kept the ball a little better and that’s where it came from.

“Maybe the ball was out of bounds, but we don’t have VAR now so you know when a decision is made you have to keep going.”

Wiegman added: “I think it’s good learning because they equalised while we controlled the game. In that moment we lost a little bit of control of the game. You have to stick with the game plan, and then we scored this very good second goal.

“I’m very happy with this game, Of course happy with the win. We always play to win. To learn was very good, but of course you don’t want to concede a goal.”