Sean Dyche won’t get distracted by Everton’s financial issues

Everton manager Sean Dyche insists news the club is facing an investigation over alleged financial irregularities will not affect him.

The Premier League has referred the Toffees to an independent commission for an alleged breach of its financial fair play rules.

Everton have denied wrongdoing and said they will “robustly defend” their position.

Dyche said: “There is no situation at the moment. The club’s statement covers everything. I’m happy to go along with that. I’m more focused on what’s going on on the pitch, quite obviously.”

Everton, who face Tottenham on Monday, are battling for survival in the Premier League and Dyche says he is fully focused on that task.

He said: “The club have assured me the statement is correct and the rest of it will come down to the powers that be to do what they have to do.

“At the minute we are really focusing on what is going on now. Of course there are background views on the future but I’m working with the squad now, working to get more points and to make sure we get what we all want, which is to be in the Premier League.”