Shot-by-shot: Recap every stroke from Tiger Woods’ 1-under 71 third round of the 2023 Hero World Challenge

After opening with a 3-over 75 on Thursday in the Bahamas, Tiger Woods rebounded with a second-round 2-under 70 on Friday at the Hero World Challenge at Albany — an event hosted by his TGR Foundation — and sat 1 over and solo 15th heading into the weekend.

The 15-time major champion and five-time winner of the Hero played with back-to-back defending champion Viktor Hovland for the field’s third trip around the Ernie Els-designed track.

Woods signed for a 1-under 71 Saturday, one stroke worse than Friday, after missing a short par putt on 18.

If you were unable to watch third-round action, read the recap Woods’ round shot-by-shot below, including some highlights from his day.

Hole 1 - Par 4

Shot 1: Teeing off first, Tiger hit a great tee shot — 286 yards — into the fairway for the third day in a row. Off and running.

Shot 2: With 162 yards left into the pin, Tiger came over the top and yanked it left. The ball came to rest in the sandy area around the green. Probably his worst iron shot of the week.

Shot 3: His third was tricky from the sand, and he left it way short. Going to need a nice putt to save par.

Shot 4: From 27 feet, Tiger left it a good 3 feet short.

Shot 5: Opening bogey.

SCORE: 1 over through 1

Hole 2 - Par 3

Shot 1: From 203 yards, Tiger pulled it left again. Back-to-back poor iron shots. Will be another tricky up and down.

Shot 2: From a front-left bunker, Tiger hit a great bunker shot but it rolled out a bit. Gonna need a nice putt to save par.

Shot 3: Missed it, short right.

Shot 4: Another bogey.

SCORE: 2 over through 2

Hole 3 - Par 5

Shot 1: Not a great strike, but it’s in the fairway! It doesn’t look like he’s getting through the ball as well today. Something to keep an eye on.

Shot 2: With 258 yards into the par 5, Tiger caught it a little heavy but it finds the green. He’ll have a look for eagle.

Shot 3: From 50 feet, he left it a few feet short.

Shot 4: Birdie!

SCORE: 1 over through 3

Hole 4 - Par 4

Shot 1: Now that’s a good swing. Money. A fairway found.

Shot 2: From 193, Tiger lost it a bit to the right, but he’s putting.

Shot 3: Birdie putt from 45 feet nearly goes in! Great stroke.

Shot 4: Par.

SCORE: 1 over through 4

Hole 5 - Par 3

Shot 1: 6-iron in hand from 183, Tiger flew the green. Should be a straightforward up and down.

Shot 2: Yup. Put it to a foot.

Shot 3: Par.

SCORE: 1 over through 5

Hole 6 - Par 5

Shot 1: Great scoring opportunity at 6. Tiger. Jeez. Another BOMB. Another fairway.

Shot 2: 239 all the way to the pin. Tiger finds the back of the green. Another eagle look coming up from 40 feet.

Shot 3: His eagle bid came up a foot or so short.

Shot 4: Another birdie!

SCORE: Even through 6

Hole 7 - Par 4

Shot 1: Another great scoring opportunity at the short par 4. Tiger, with driver, is short right of the green. A great spot to get up and down.

Shot 2: An OK chip shot, really grabbed and spun. He’ll have 16 feet for birdie.

Shot 3: Wide right. Never on line.

Shot 4: Par

SCORE: Even through 7


Hole 8 - Par 3

Shot 1: Oh, now we’re talking, baby. From 190, Tiger put it to four feet.

Shot 2: Bang.

SCORE: 1 under through 8 

Hole 9 - Par 5

Shot 1: Another great drive from Tiger. 334 right in the fairway. Scoring opportunity coming up.

Shot 2: Great strike with a 3-wood from 292, but he’s short-sided in a bunker. Gonna be a tough up and down for birdie.

Shot 3: Really, really nice shot. Fantastic. 3 feet for birdie.

Shot 4: Another birdie.

SCORE: 2 under through 9


Hole 10 - Par 4

Shot 1: Tee shot finishes in the left rough. Might be a tricky stance from there.

Shot 2: With the ball way above his feet, he finds the front of the green. Great shot.

Shot 3: From 40 feet, Tiger’s birdie bid comes up a few feet short.

Shot 4: Par.

SCORE: 2 under through 10


Hole 11 - Par 5

Shot 1: Another good swing, but the ball rolls into the rough. Probably gonna be a three-shot hole today.

Shot 2: Lay up finds the fairway.

Shot 3: From 98 yards, Tiger flew the green. Bad shot, huge mistake.

Shot 4: Tough chip, but he runs it way by. He’ll have 30 feet for par. Mistake was made with the third.

Shot 5: Comes up a foot short.

Shot 6: Bogey

SCORE: 1 under through 11

Hole 12 - Par 3

Shot 1: Just off the right side of the green, but should be an easy place to make a par from.

Shot 2: Way short. Think it hopped on him

Shot 3: Makes the 7-footer. Nice. putt.

SCORE: 1 under through 12

Hole 13 - Par 4

Shot 1: Misses his tee shot left into the sandy area. Hoping for a good lie.

Shot 2: From 156 in the native area, Tiger’s ball hits into the green’s false-front and rolls back a bit. Another up and down needed.

Shot 3: From just off the green, Tiger almost made it! Just a few inches short.

Shot 4: Great par at the hardest hole on the course.

SCORE: 1 under through 13

Hole 14 - Par 4

Shot 1: On the drivable par 4, Tiger finds the left green side bunker. Should be a straightforward up and down.

Shot 2: That’s nicely done. Few feet for birdie.

Shot 3: Yes, sir. Birdie.

SCORE: 2 under through 14

Hole 15 - Par 5

Shot 1: Piped tee shot. That’s a bomb.

Shot 2: After a 364-yard drive, Tiger found the left greenside bunker from 194. Short sided. Another tough miss.

Shot 3: Another great bunker shot. Three or four feet left for birdie.

Shot 4: Missed it.

Shot 5: Disappointing par.

SCORE: 2 under through 15

Hole 16 - Par 4

Shot 1: Good drive into the fairway, but he’ll have over 200 yards into the green.

Shot 2: With 3-iron, Tiger pulled it left over the green. Maybe in the sandy area? Doesn’t look like a great spot.

Shot 3: Decent shot, will have 6-8 feet left for par.

Shot 4: It’s in!

SCORE: 2 under through 16

Hole 17 - Par 3

Shot 1: His tee shot into the par 3 landed pin high but rolled off the back. Should be a good spot to get up and down.

Shot 2: Well done. Few feet for par.

Shot 3: Par is in.

SCORE: 2 under through 17

Hole 18 - Par 4

Shot 1: Great strike, but the ball runs out into the rough. The ball will be a bit above his feet for his second.

Shot 2: Woah, that’s way over the green, it jumped on him. Tough up and down coming.

Shot 3: Great effort from over the back. He’ll have another mid-range par putt.

Shot 4: Missed it

Shot 5: Bogey

SCORE: 1 under

Story originally appeared on GolfWeek