Sidney girls, Bainbridge-Guilford boys triumph at MAC track finals

May 16—The Sidney girls and Bainbridge-Guilford boys track and field teams were victorious at the Midstate Athletic Conference Championships in Sidney on Wednesday.

B-G and Unadilla Valley rounded out the girls top three while Oxford and Sidney placed second and third, respectively, in the boys meet.

Dejah Taylor and Alex Neubert each had two victories for the Sidney girls, with Taylor winning the 100 and 400 meter runs and Neubert taking first in the high jump and triple jump.

Isabelle Briggs won the long jump and was second in the triple jump, Elaina Neubert took first in the 400 hurdles and third in the 100 hurdles and Camille Bagley won the shot put.

Elsewhere for the Lady Sabers, Abdeliz Laboy-Diaz was second in the 100 hurdles, Naya Miley was second in the high jump and Bri Taylor placed third in the discus.

Ethne Degan was a triple winner for B-G, taking first in the 800, 1500 and 3000 meter runs. Lalaenia Baldwin joined her on the winners podium in the steeplechase.

Keelan Ammon (pole vault, 100), Maddie Ingham (800, 400) and Emily Sprow (high jump, triple jump) each had a second and a third for the Lady Bobcats, while Vanessa Brazee was third in the steeplechase.

B-G also won the 3200 relay.

Jaiden Schrag had three podium finishes for UV, winning the 100 hurdles and placing second in both the 400 hurdles and long jump.

Gracie Gorrell won the 200 and was second in the 400 and Madison Dix (800) and Kalie Fernandez-Naughton (long jump) earned a third-place finish apiece.

The Lady Storm won both the 400 and 1600 relay races.

Zaphire Foster of Unatego had a pair of runner-up finishes in the 100 and 200 while Tessia Brown was second in the 3000 and third in the 1500.

Gretel Hilson-Schneider (1500) and Jazlyn Kelly (pole vault) each placed second for Delhi while Meghan Hadley (200) and Eleanor Wagner (400 hurdles) finished third in their events.

For Walton, Eve Foster (discus) and Grace Walley (shot put) were both runners-up while Isabella Yetto was third in the 3000.

Oxford's Lyla Biefeldt won the discus and was third in the shot put.

Collin Dicks was the star of the meet for B-G with four individual victories in the 100, 200, long jump and triple jump. Harpo Hardt placed second in the triple jump and third in the 110 hurdles for the Bobcats while Kevin Lang added a second in the 200.

Gordon Smith led Oxford with a victory in the 3200 and runner-up finishes in the 800 and 1600.

Keegan Waltz had three podium finishes, placing second in the 400 hurdles and third in both the high jump and long jump. Anthony Bourn was second in both the 3200 and steeplechase and Lazarus Ludolph was third in the 400.

The Blackhawks were also the winners of the 1600 and 3200 relays.

Jalen Reardon and Michael Morrissey each won two events for Sidney: Reardon took first in the 110 hurdles and high jump, while also placing second in the long jump, and Morrissey won both the shot put and discus.

Aidan Moodley added a third-place finish in the triple jump for the Sabers.

Nelson VanMaaren won both the 800 and 1600 for Delhi while Latham Gielskie (steeplechase) and Eric Blackman (pole vault) were also winners for the Bulldogs.

Noah Dungan (100) had a second and Brennan Walsh (3200) and Benjamin Hadley (steeplechase) were each third.

For Unadilla Valley, Jacob Prentice won the 400, was second in the pole vault and placed third in the 200. Haywood Edwards won the 400 hurdles and Tucker Cattanach was second in the high jump.

UV notched a victory in the 400 relay as well.

Walton received a second-place finish from Anthony Soto (shot put) and third-place finishes from Gavin Harrington (1600, pole vault), JR Allen (100), Nate Harrington (400 hurdles) and Max Dutcher (discus).

Thomas Joyce was second in the 400 for Harpursville/Afton and Ashton Gore (800) and Derek Jordan (shot put) both placed third for Unatego.

The Oneonta track and field teams were in Johnson City on Wednesday for the Southern Tier Athletic Conference Championships.

The OHS girls and boys each finished third in their respective meets.

Keiyra Morton led the Oneonta girls with a second-place finish in the triple jump while Madeleine Seguin (100), Claire Seguin (200) and Alex Broodie (100 hurdles) each had a third-place finish.

OHS also placed second in the 400 relay.

On the boys side, Darren Rose finished second in the triple jump while James Erickson and Logan Temming placed third in the 400 and pole vault, respectively.

The Yellowjacket boys won the 3200 relay and were third in the 1600 relay.


1. Sidney 143, 2. Bainbridge-Guilford 122, 3. Unadilla Valley 103, 4. Unatego 49, 5. Delhi 44, 6. Walton 42, 7. Deposit-Hancock 29, 8. Oxford 18

100: 1. Dejah Taylor (Sid) 13.24, 2. Z. Foster (Una), 3. K. Ammon (B-G); 200: 1. Gracie Gorrell (UV) 27.34, 2. Z. Foster (Una), 3. M. Hadley (DA); 400: 1. Dejah Taylor (Sid) 1:00.13, 2. G. Gorrell (UV), 3. M. Ingham (B-G); 800: 1. Ethne Degan (B-G) 2:19.57, 2. M. Ingham (B-G), 3. M. Dix (UV); 1500: 1. Ethne Degan (B-G) 5:07.30, 2. G. Hilson-Schneider (DA), 3. T. Brown (Una); 3000: 1. Ethne Degan (B-G) 12:08.01, 2. T. Brown (Una), 3. I. Yetto (Walt); 100 hurdles: 1. Jaiden Schrag (UV) 15.92, 2. A. Laboy-Diaz (Sid), 3. E. Neubert (Sid); 400 hurdles: 1. Elaina Neubert (Sid) 1:08.17, 2. J. Schrag (UV), 3. E. Wagner (Una); 2000 steeplechase: 1. Lalaenia Baldwin (B-G) 8:41.50, 2. A. Dawson (D-H), 3. V. Brazee (B-G); 400 relay: 1. Unadilla Valley 51.81, 2. Sidney, 3. Walton; 1600 relay: 1. Unadilla Valley 4:24.80, 2. Sidney, 3. Walton; 3200 relay: 1. Bainbridge-Guilford 10:34.92, 2. Unadilla Valley, 3. Delhi; High jump: 1. Alex Neubert (Sid) 5-01, 2. E. Sprow (B-G), 2. N. Miley (Sid); Pole vault: 1. Darby deGraw (D-H) 7-06, 2. J. Kelly (DA), 3. K. Ammon (B-G); Long jump: 1. Isabelle Briggs (Sid) 16-03.75, 2. J. Schrag (UV), 3. K. Fernandez-Naughton (UV); Triple jump: 1. Alex Neubert (Sid) 36-03.25, 2. I. Briggs (Sid), 3. E. Sprow (B-G); Shot put: 1. Camille Bagley (Sid) 34-02.5, 2. G. Walley (Walt), 3. L. Biefeldt (Ox); Discus: 1. Lyla Biefeldt (Ox) 109-09, 2. E. Foster (Walt), 3. B. Taylor (Sid)


1. Bainbridge-Guilford 111.5, 2. Oxford 100, 3. Sidney 88, 4. Delhi 79, 5. Unadilla Valley 58, 6. Walton 56, 7. Deposit-Hancock 31.5, 8. Harpursville/Afton 21, 9. Unatego 12

100: 1. Collin Dicks (B-G) 11.56, 2. N. Dungan (DA), 3. J. Allen (Walt); 200: 1. Collin Dicks (B-G) 23.37, 2. K. Lang (B-G), 3. J. Prentice (UV); 400: 1. Jacob Prentice (UV) 42.38, 2. T. Joyce (H/A), 3. L. Ludolph (Ox); 800: 1. Nelson VanMaaren (DA) 2:06.39, 2. G. Smith (Ox), 3. A. Gore (Una); 1600: 1. Nelson VanMaaren (DA) 4:39.53, 2. G. Smith (Ox), 3. G. Harrington (Walt); 3200: 1. Gordon Smith (Ox) 11:08.96, 2. A. Bourn (Ox), 3. B. Walsh (DA); 110 hurdles: 1. Jalen Reardon (Sid) 16.26, 2. Z. Russell (D-H), 3. H. Hardt (B-G); 400 hurdles: 1. Haywood Edwards (UV) 1:00.54, 2. K. Waltz (Ox), 3. N. Harrington (Walt); 3000 steeplechase: 1. Latham Gielskie (DA) 11:18.59, 2. A. Bourn (Ox), 3. B. Hadley (DA); 400 relay: 1. Unadilla Valley 46.78, 2. Sidney, 3. Oxford; 1600 relay: 1. Oxford 3:43.25, 2. Bainbridge-Guilford, 3. Walton; 3200 relay: 1. Oxford 9:00.47, 2. Delhi, 3. Bainbridge-Guilford; High jump: 1. Jalen Reardon (Sid) 5-08, 2. T. Cattanach (UV), 3. K. Waltz (Ox); Pole vault: 1. Eric Blackman (DA) 11-00, 2. J. Prentice (UV), 3. G. Harrington (Walt); Long jump: 1. Collin Dicks (B-G) 20-06.5, 2. J. Reardon (Sid), 3. K. Waltz (Ox); Triple jump: 1. Collin Dicks (B-G) 40-03, 2. H. Hardt (B-G), 3. A. Moodley (Sid); Shot put: 1. Michael Morrissey (Sid) 50-02.25, 2. A. Soto (Walt), 3. D. Jordan (Una); Discus: 1. Michael Morrissey (Sid) 139-01, 2. Z. Russell (D-H), 3. M. Dutcher (Walt)