Simon Jordan told to 'shut the f**k up' with views on Scottish football as Celtic daft rocker Rod Stewart explodes

Rod Stewart has passionately defended Scottish football and told Simon Jordan to "shut the f**k up" with his opinions on it.

The crooner is Celtic-daft and re-emphasised his commitment to his beloved Hoops by flying in from rehearsals in Antwerp to take in last weekend's derby win over Rangers before jetting back out to Belgium for his show. He loves to back the team whenever he can and that was just his latest show of support.

And that doesn't just stop there as Sir Rod is a also a fan of the product of the Scottish game as a whole. He has ordered talkSPORT pundit Jordan to back down with his forthright views on Scottish football as while it might not have the quality of other leagues, it's well supported and loved by people in Scotland.

Writing on social media, he said: "I'm absolutely sick and tired of constant deriding and disrespect of Scottish Football shown down south. Especially by one Mr Simon 'motor mouth' Jordan [who I'm sure has had elocution lessons in the past].

"It's our game, we know it's not the EPL or La Liga but it's our game and I love it. So back off Mr Jordan, and by the way, what did you achieve at Crystal Palace? With all due respect to Palace of course.

"One thing Graeme Souness quite rightly pointed out the other day on talkSPORT was if Celtic or Rangers were in the Championship with the money that's dished out by Sky etc it would only be a couple of years and we would be able to compete, no doubt about that. So shut the f*** up Jordan, and leave Scottish Football alone."