Somerset Christian tennis achieves success throughout regular season

May 8—Varsity tennis at Somerset Christian has gone about the same way as many others, wet. Despite many rain-outs this season, the Cougars have still managed to get a majority of their matches rescheduled and played. The boys team has put together a 10-4 season with losses only to PC, West Jessamine, Southwestern and Boyle, all top programs within the region. Cougar men's tennis was able to achieve a win against Casey County this season, which was the highlight of the year. Casey County has always had an impressive program. The Cougars didn't have their full starting lineup until late in the season. Kyler "Big Dance" Johnson was out with a patellar tendon strain until after spring break, while various other commitments kept kids away. Kyler was able to rejoin partner Nikas Thannoli for the last half of the season. Juniors Alex Hancock and Jackson Phelps stepped up to help cover their absences. Caleb Taylor and Kaden Johnson took some hard hits in singles play with both having several tie-break losses. For those non-tennis fans reading this, that's like losing on a buzzer-beater. The doubles pair of Isaac Edens and Jacob Grippe posted several in the W column helping the Cougars clinch some victories. The team was rounded out by middle school students Bryson Taylor, Bryson Decker and Nicholas Hancock, who all got some great experience in JV play.

The ladies team sits at 9-6 this season, with the region tournament on the horizon. A winning season with two seventh graders in the starting lineup is admirable to say the least. The 2024 season is the first season the Lady Cougars have been able to field a full six every match in their history. The duo of Rae Sobieck and Hayden Webb are looking for one of the top seeds in this year's region tournament in Danville. Seventh grader Chloe Brown had a tremendous season in singles, as well as in doubles with partner Mayah Edens. The pair could be counted on to most always get a win for the ladies. They really were "make or break" for the ladies team this season. The leadership of junior Mia Dobbertin was invaluable to this season. Though she plays the #4 spot, she is the oldest on the girls' team. Her consistently good attitude kept a true camaraderie among the younger players. Newcomers Madison Haynes and Zea Smalley added to the team this season allowing the Cougar to have a full roster. Though softball players Grace Kiteck and Presley Davis were on the roster, they weren't able to get much in due to the sports conflicting schedules as well as a surgery for Davis.

The Cougars coaches, Allison and Chuck Sobieck opted out of the team tournament that is being played this week in order to focus on preparing their team for the individual region tournament coming up May 13th. Lots of good work from these student athletes this season.