South boys, Northview girls take Big Four track titles

May 2—Terre Haute South's boys and Northview's girls were winners Thursday night in the Big Four high school track and field meets at Northview.

Individual stars were distance runners Ethan Aidoo of South, who won everything he entered, and Ellia Hayes of Northview, who won three times and had one second-place finish that was actually decisive in the girls meet.

Each of the teams has one more competition before sectionals begin in less than two weeks, so there were some feeling-out processes in place to evaluate postseason chances.

The surest betes? Northview girls in distance races, South boys in sprints.

The best rivalries? Aidoo and Northview's Jcim Grant in the long races, North's Emma Martin and Northview Karsyn Buck in hurdles and high jump.

Possible interlopers? North's unheralded senior Cali Wuestefeld, who inserted herself into the 100-meter hurdles picture while also winning pole vault, and South's Shalane Blakey, who won the 100-meter dash ahead of West Vigo sprint veterans Kyarra DeGroote and Dusty Welker.

And times and distances were affected, particularly in the distance events, by the hottest day of the spring so far, which had runners regularly collapsing at the finish line.

Hayes, for example, said she was "not really" happy with her performances.

"I wasn't going all out on the 4x8 [relay]," she admitted. "We had a really hard week [of practice] this week."

Hayes outsprinted an exhausted DeGroote in the last 100 meters of the 4x400 relay, however, gaining second place for the Knights and making a two-point difference in a meet her team won by 1.5 points.

"[The heat] definitely started to take a toll," Hayes said, "but the sectional, the conference, the regional and state will all be hot."


Team scores — Northview 81, Terre Haute South 79.5, Terre Haute North 49, West Vigo 34.

100 — Shalane Blakey (S) 12.31, Dusty Welker (WV) 12.53, Kyarra DeGroote (WV) 12.62, Hallie Vitz (Nv) 12.88, Courtney Powell (S) 13.09.

200 — DeGroote (WV) 25.87, Powell (S) 27.01, Elsie Aidoo (S) 27.17, Vitz (Nv) 27.59, Mackenzie Heaton (Nv) 28.39.

400 — Demme Hancewicz (S) 1:02.62, Reagin White (Nv) 1:06.41, Mallory Rich (S) 106.71, Myla Webster (S) 1:07.45, Katy Snow (S) 1:08.13.

800 — Ellia Hayes (Nv) 2:26.53, Hancewicz (S) 2:33.58, Cassie Roush (WV) 2:35.48, Cammi VanGilder (N) 2:38.19, Bella Spelman (N) 2:39.42.

1,600 — Hayes (Nv) 5:22.35, Gnister Grant (Nv) 5:40.23, Izzy Miklozek (S) 5:46.70, Cas.Roush (WV) 5:47.39, Addy Miklozek (S) 6:06.48.

3,200 — G.Grant (Nv) 13:03.51, Ava Ham (S) 13:26.86, Kennidy Dillion (S) 13:33.08, Hannah Gadberry (N) 13:34.52, Leah Nevill (Nv) 13:51.44.

100H — Cali Wuestefeld (N) 16.17, Karsyn Buck (Nv) 16.30, Lilly Merk (S) 16.39, Emma Martin (N) 16.71, Te'Rah Cooley (S) 18.06.

300H — Martin (N) 48.50, Buck (Nv) 49.40, LaNiceon Holman (S) 50.37, Cooley (S) 51.19, Sophie Stallcop (Nv) 52.67.

4x100 — South (Cooley, El.Aidoo, Powell, Blakey) 50.09, Northview (Brenna Stallcop, Vitz, Heaton, Rekelle Terrell) 50.56, West Vigo (Emily McKinney, Welker, Masyn Fisk, DeGroote) 51.34.

4x400 — South (Blakey, El.Aidoo, Powell, Hancewicz) 4:13.92, Northview (Hannah Harrison, Aubrey Miller, G.Grant, Hayes) 4:23.70, West Vigo (Welker, Gwen Garman, Cas.Roush, DeGroote) 4:23.80.

4.800 — Northview (White, Harrison, G.Grant, Hayes) 10:31.83, South (Madison Beaumont, Ham, Dillion, Hancewicz) 10:54.02, North (VanGilder, Addie Brashier, Alyse Thompson, Spelman) 11:01.87.

HJ — Buck (Nv) 5-4, Martin (N) 5-2, Merk (S) 5-0, Gracie Pritchard (Nv) 4-10, Jocelyn Beaumont (S) 4-8.

PV — C.Wuestefeld (N) 9-6, Fisk (WV) 9-0, M.Wuestefeld (N) and Abby Clark (S) 8-6, S.Stallcop (Nv) 8-6.

LJ — B.Stallcop (Nv) 16-4, Blakey (S) 16-0, Vitz (Nv) 15-11.5, C.Wuestefeld (N) 15-9.75, Terrell (Nv) 15-0.5.

SP — Kaetlyn Bell (N) 34-6, Indi Nichols (S) 34-2.5, Varzidy Batchelor (Nv) 32-6.5, Chloe VanGilder (WV) 31-4, Alex Barrett (N) 30-11.25.

D — Ch.VanGilder (WV) 99-10, Ava Follett (N) 93-3, Batchelor (Nv) 91-3, Bell (N) 88-1, Nichols (S) 87-7.


Team scores — South 117, Northview 75.5, North 28.5, West Vigo 23.

100 — Joseph Vaughn (S) 11.32, Colton Bath (Nv) 11.34, A.J. Watkins (S) 11.35, Zy'eiar White (S) 11.42, Tanner Hayes (Nv) 11.56.

200 — Bath (Nv) 23.15, Stephen Markle (S) 23.19, Mayson Lewis (S) 23.26, Watkins (S) 23.54, Jake Price (S) 23.81.

400 — Markle (S) 51.86, J.Price (S) 53.38, Zach Abel (N) 53.81, Camden Parkey (Nv) 54.04, Alex McKinney (WV) 54.87.

800 — Ethan Aidoo (S) 1:54.57, Jcim Grant (Nv) 1:57.92, Jaxson Kyrouac (WV) 2:03.00, Braeden Chastain (S) 2:06.31, Noah Price (S) 2:07.94.

1,600 — Et.Aidoo (S) 4:22.40, J.Grant (Nv) 4:27.05, Oliven Lee (N) 4:41.89, Tyreese Brannon (S) 4:42.70, Owen Frazier (S)4:43.04.

3,200 — Clint Mager (Nv) 10:13.09, Aiden Miller (S) 10:16.62, Braden Fears (S) 10:18.43, Owen Auman (N) 10:19.28, Camden Johnson (Nv) 10:29.31.

HH — Josh Morgan (S) 15.62, Mason Sutherland (Nv) 16.51, James Belmar (N) 16.86, Preston Heiliger (Nv) 17.18, Bryer McCluskey (Nv) 18.51.

IH — Heiliger (Nv) 41.82, Morgan (S) 43.27, Belmar (N) 45.50, Sutherland (Nv) 46.70, McCluskey (Nv) 47.93.

4x100 — Northview (Bobby Styck, Bath, Jace Deakins, Hayes) 43.90, South (White, Preston Johnson, Watkins, Vaughn) 44.17, West Vigo (Hunter Davis, Tyler Lindsay, Freddy Kuhn, Caleb Winkler) 49.44.

4x400 — South (Markle, J.Price, N.Price, Et.Aidoo) 3:28.42, Northview (J.Grant, Peyton McCollum, Heiliger, Parkey) 3:36.72, North (Abel, Filippo Fini, Cam Bacon, Daniel Vicino) 3:41.30.

4x800 — South (N.Price, Frazier, Bacon, Et.Aidoo) 8:17.76, Northview (Douglas Dillman, Mager, Connor Propst, J.Grant) 8:38.72, North (Bacon, Ronan Hayes, Mason Pearson, Christopher Park) 9:08.03.

HJ — Jaylen Wells (S) 6-0, Lewis (S) 5-10, Tyler Hutson (N) 5-10, Cameron Umphries (WV) 5-8, McKinney (WV) and Camden Clarke (Nv) 5-6.

LJ — Tyree Cuffle (S) 20-3.5, Styck (Nv) 19 3, Watkins (S) 19-0, Tristen Chatman (N) 18-7.25, Elijah Shouse (S) 18-3.5.

SP — Ryan Hescher (S) 47-4.5, Brandon Brewer (Nv) 44-2, Paul Chalos (S) 42-6.25, Parker Pruett (WV) 42-6, Slade Fell (Nv) 41-8.

D — Hescher (S) 126-7, Fell (Nv) 126-6, Ben Shook (WV) 112-7, Chalos (S) 108-9, Gabriel Landin (N) 105-8.

PV —Jaston Wyke (S) 12-6, Jordan Krause (WV) 11-0, Noah Reed (N) and James Haymaker (WV) 10-0, Harman Singh (Nv) 9-0.

Next — North hosts its Senior Night on Monday in a meet against Danville and Greencastle. South cmpetes Tuesday at the Bloomngton North Invitational. West Vigo and Northview compete in the Western Indiana Conference meets, the girls Tuesday at Edgewood and the boys Thursday at Northview.